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13 May 2015

Ideal Fitting Glasses

Chances are if you wear glasses that you know how frustrating it is to walk into a glasses store where you have to try on a million pairs that just don’t seem to be the right size
17 Apr 2015

A Clock that Tells Both Time and Treasured Moments

monom and IMG SRC have joined together to create a new clock that not only tells time, but also shows your most valuable memories. Shaped like a little house, the center of the clock displays a slideshow of photos
12 Mar 2015

Trunki Ride-On Suitcase for Kids

Trunki Inc is ready to roll out a brand new line of Trunki ride-on suitcases direct to the US. The new designs have great ‘wild west’ appeal with Bronco & Bluebell, pony inspired cases to get any
24 Feb 2015

Multi Purpose Dining Table

Duotable is a new creation of Michael Hilgers, the man who gave the world this beautiful space-saving desk. The new table is a hybrid, made specifically for us, shoebox dwellers. It can be used as a 4-person dinner
11 Feb 2015

Brevite Camera Backpack for Photographers

Brevite Camera Backpack has taken the classic backpack design and created an ergonomic camera bag from it. The Brevite Camera Backpack not only looks great, but also allows for the wearer to not look like they are carrying
29 Jan 2015

Concrete Jewelry

Concrete is a pretty amazing material. Form Matters explores the dual nature of concrete — of how it can be used to create architectural masterpieces meant to last hundreds of years to wearable, everyday accessories. It examines the overlapping
22 Jan 2015

SMFX Smart LED Light Bulb

Smfx’s app-enabled Bluetooth LED Bulb lets you control the lights from your phone, without EVER having to get up. The bulb has up to 16 million different colors to match the mood.The Smart LED Light Bulb fits
15 Jan 2015

Strainer Bowl

I am a kitchen gadgeteer, and this item by studio Caveman Factory, made me reach for my wallet like nothing else. Anton Strainer Bowl is a very cool idea. It sits on your counter without mixing with
9 Jan 2015

HeadgeHog Multi-functional Comb

If you’ve ever carried a comb in your back pocket or cut one in half to fit it in your wallet before, this is the comb for you. If you’ve ever opened a beer, this is the
3 Dec 2014

Kids Wearable Phone

Self-described as the “world’s smallest mobile phone”, the device looks much like a wristwatch, except that it has no display. Instead, it comes equipped with a mic, speaker and SIM card slot, as well as a small
1 Dec 2014

Night Cable

I am a big fan of Native Union‘s innovative designs. But my favorite, by far, is this charging solution, called Night Cable. The piece is a clever response to two problems we’ve all encountered with charging cables
25 Nov 2014

Heated Insoles for the Winter

Heated insoles are made of high-tech EVA material, it is waterproof, flexible and it has a wireless charger. Inside the insoles there is a heating element and built-in accumulator. The insoles start working when you put on