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28 Aug 2014

Vintage Desk

I quite like this slim and minimal desk by Nathan Yong. Inspired by mid-century design, the piece looks modern and vintage at the same time, a difficult fit to pull. The desk is compact, the work surface is big
25 Aug 2014

Lantern Chandelier

Think Fabricate expands their lighting collection to include Lantern Helix, a massive chandelier made up of fourteen Think Lanterns in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and finishes. The lanterns are positioned in a cascading helix form hanging down from
19 Aug 2014

MonBaby Smart Monitor

The MonBaby Smart Baby Monitor is a button-sized baby monitor that gives parents absolute control and awareness over the status of their babies at all times. With the MonBaby, parents can worry less about their baby’s health
18 Aug 2014

FUNNELL Backpack and Jacket

The FUNNELL is a combination of a backpack and a jacket with the waterproof system that can protect you from the rain and can be worn without taking your backpack off your shoulder. A backpack with a quick
4 Aug 2014

Reshape How You Shoot With Your GoPro

GoRigIt is a revolutionary new case that connects your GoPro to your iPhone, enabling you to get the right shot the first time. Ever been out filming with your GoPro just to get home and find that
9 Jul 2014


If you can’t spear any space for sound equipment, consider this – Playbulb, a light bulb and a bluetooth speaker in one. It’s an LED lamp in a shape of a traditional Edison’s bulb paired with a
13 Jun 2014

Flavoured Gourmet Toothpick

PhoodStation is launching its new product via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Welcome Castor, the double flavored gourmet toothpick. “Not only are we completely reinventing the toothpick giving it a new design and a perfect pocket-sized packaging, but
11 Jun 2014

Sprayable Energy

Sprayable Energy is a revolutionary caffeine based product that is sprayed on the skin (not in the mouth) to get the energy you would from energy drinks – but without the calories, sugars, chemicals, or crash. Sprayable is a
5 Jun 2014

Minimalist Tape Dispenser

Oftentimes tape dispensers are clunky and take up tons of space, so Dutch designer Derk Reilink decided to redesign the traditional tape dispenser and create a minimalist one that was based on the dimensions of a single
23 May 2014

Aromatic Awakening

I love design and I love coffee. But I don’t like waking up in the morning. However, the NESCAFÉ® Alarm Cap might make it a little easier to get up and out of bed… It’s a limited
6 May 2014

Mini Opener

This invention is a propeller shaped bottle opener that opens mini liquor bottles, beer bottles and aluminum can tabs. The Mini Opener is the very first bottle opener invented to open mini liquor bottles but its also
21 Apr 2014

Water-Resistant PaddlePak for Kids

PaddlePak is a water-resistant backpack for children ages 2+. It prevents damp items from leaking through after trips to the pool or beach, or keeps contents inside dry throughout the trips. Made from lightweight and durable material,