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7 Oct 2015

Can You Turn Your Craft Hobby Into a Business?

With the rise of sites like Etsy, more and more people are taking to the internet to try and sell things they have made. Whether it’s homemade, unique jewelry, artwork, or upcycled clothing, there is certainly a
9 Sep 2015

Gaudi Inspired Modular Wine Rack

  GustaVino is a stylish and versatile Gaudi inspired modular wine rack made from renewable materials that can be reproduced in any 3D printer. The light organic form was inspired by the work of Gaudi, in particular
12 Aug 2015

ByeBuy – Pay for Product Usage

German startup ByeBuy offers month-to-month subscriptions for the latest devices and gadgets at a substantially reduced rate compared to the cost of purchasing the items. For example, users can play with the Apple Watch for £40 a
10 Jun 2015

Smart Umbrellas

When you spend a lot on an umbrella, it can be painful when you lose it. Enter Davek Alert. Davek makes high-quality umbrellas—the kind you’d like to have for longer than an unexpected downpour. This weather wonder
9 Jun 2015

Peeple on Your SmartPhone

There are already external door-mounted cameras that stream video of visitors to users’ smartphones, plus there are cameras that fit into existing door peepholes, recording shots of visitors and displaying them on an LCD screen. Peeple, however,
8 Jun 2015

Pot Cradle

Seoul, South Korea’s design studio HEAN designed Pot Cradle, an adjustable case that lets you hang your plants anywhere. Instead of being stuck placing potted plants wherever there’s a flat surface, you can now hang them from a
4 Jun 2015

Self Watering Tableau

Whether or not you have a green thumb, Tableau makes it easy for you to nurture and keep vibrant plants within your home. Created by Pikaplant, Tableau automates the task of watering your house plants. Mimicking the
13 May 2015

Ideal Fitting Glasses

Chances are if you wear glasses that you know how frustrating it is to walk into a glasses store where you have to try on a million pairs that just don’t seem to be the right size
17 Apr 2015

A Clock that Tells Both Time and Treasured Moments

monom and IMG SRC have joined together to create a new clock that not only tells time, but also shows your most valuable memories. Shaped like a little house, the center of the clock displays a slideshow of photos
12 Mar 2015

Trunki Ride-On Suitcase for Kids

Trunki Inc is ready to roll out a brand new line of Trunki ride-on suitcases direct to the US. The new designs have great ‘wild west’ appeal with Bronco & Bluebell, pony inspired cases to get any
24 Feb 2015

Multi Purpose Dining Table

Duotable is a new creation of Michael Hilgers, the man who gave the world this beautiful space-saving desk. The new table is a hybrid, made specifically for us, shoebox dwellers. It can be used as a 4-person dinner
11 Feb 2015

Brevite Camera Backpack for Photographers

Brevite Camera Backpack has taken the classic backpack design and created an ergonomic camera bag from it. The Brevite Camera Backpack not only looks great, but also allows for the wearer to not look like they are carrying