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9 Jul 2014


If you can’t spear any space for sound equipment, consider this – Playbulb, a light bulb and a bluetooth speaker in one. It’s an LED lamp in a shape of a traditional Edison’s bulb paired with a
13 Jun 2014

Flavoured Gourmet Toothpick

PhoodStation is launching its new product via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Welcome Castor, the double flavored gourmet toothpick. “Not only are we completely reinventing the toothpick giving it a new design and a perfect pocket-sized packaging, but
11 Jun 2014

Sprayable Energy

Sprayable Energy is a revolutionary caffeine based product that is sprayed on the skin (not in the mouth) to get the energy you would from energy drinks – but without the calories, sugars, chemicals, or crash. Sprayable is a
5 Jun 2014

Minimalist Tape Dispenser

Oftentimes tape dispensers are clunky and take up tons of space, so Dutch designer Derk Reilink decided to redesign the traditional tape dispenser and create a minimalist one that was based on the dimensions of a single
23 May 2014

Aromatic Awakening

I love design and I love coffee. But I don’t like waking up in the morning. However, the NESCAFÉ® Alarm Cap might make it a little easier to get up and out of bed… It’s a limited
6 May 2014

Mini Opener

This invention is a propeller shaped bottle opener that opens mini liquor bottles, beer bottles and aluminum can tabs. The Mini Opener is the very first bottle opener invented to open mini liquor bottles but its also
21 Apr 2014

Water-Resistant PaddlePak for Kids

PaddlePak is a water-resistant backpack for children ages 2+. It prevents damp items from leaking through after trips to the pool or beach, or keeps contents inside dry throughout the trips. Made from lightweight and durable material,
18 Apr 2014

Solid Cologne

For as long as one can remember perfumers have bottled their concoctions of scent inside ever more elaborate vessels. Some perfume bottles are artful abstractions of fantasy, others literal sculptural representations of the scent container within. American
16 Apr 2014

Assembled With One Allen Wrench

Dan Gestoso Rivers‘ Boske bike is a beautiful wood cycle inspired by the design of IKEA‘s flat-pack kit furniture. The bike’s frame is made from curved laminated wood, and the mechanical pieces (such as the front fork
15 Apr 2014

SlingsHOT Cup

There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea to bring peace and relaxation. There is one minor annoyance though – getting every inch of tasty tea out of that tea bag, and well, getting rid of it.
9 Apr 2014

Vybe Interchangeable Polarized Sunglasses

Vybe Sunglasses are the world’s first pair of interchangeable and customizable sunglasses. The entire body of the sunglasses is interchangeable including the ears, arms, frames, and polarized lenses. Vybe’s have a twelve color palette and eight different lens
8 Apr 2014

Alarm Clock with Modern Look

Are you one of those people that likes a traditional alarm clock/radio but also keeps your phone within hand’s reach? Soundfreaq has launched the brand new Sound Rise, a clock that brings you all the features of