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22 Nov 2017

Sustainable Stockings

Sustainable fashion is having a moment. After years of fast fashion dominating the scene and subsequently polluting the environment, small designers and big companies alike are turning to more sustainable methods to produce everything from sneakers to jeans to T-shirts. And
21 Nov 2017

OMI Bottle with Hidden Pill Dispenser

OMI is a premium and stylish reusable water bottle with a hidden pill dispenser designed to keep you healthy and hydrated in style. OMI Bottle’s beautiful metallic color options and unique design makes it the perfect accessory to
15 Nov 2017

Hybrid Chair

The Hybrid Chair is currently Kickstarting by Rotterdam based Studio Lorier. A desk chair by day and a lounger by night (or during breaks), the piece is the ultimate small space staple. The frame, made of locally sourced solid oak wood,
15 Oct 2017

Turn your Laptop into a Portable Whiteboard

Sketchcase unveiled the perfect laptop whiteboard skin for creatives that transforms any laptop into a portable whiteboard. On the surface, Sketchcase uses a combination of anti-graffiti and scratch resistant materials to create the perfect whiteboard. Underneath is
9 Oct 2017

Geometric Hanging Planters

From his workshop in Bend, Oregon, Justin, a former Marine Officer and Wildland Firefighter, has created a collection of modern wood hanging planters, made from solid pieces of real wood. Under the name of Fernweh Woodworking, Justin
13 Sep 2017

Zero Waste Shop

You don’t have to worry about 5p carrier bags – as customers are expected to take their own pots, jars and sandwich bags in order to carry anything home. The shop opened earlier this year in Totnes,
5 Sep 2017

AirLink Makes Any Audio Device Wireless

AirLink adds Bluetooth connectivity to any audio device with 24bit Hi-Fi sound. It simplifies volume control, calls answering, virtual assistant control and picture taking. You can also sync and share the audio with your friends. Wanna to
4 Sep 2017

SEQUENT: The world’s first self-charging smartwatch

Based on a traditional Swiss automatic watch movement, SEQUENT has developed and patented the world’s first kinetic self-charging battery system, transforming kinetic energy into electrical energy to power the Sequent smart watch. Therefore, the great news is
10 Jul 2017

Flexible Standing Desks

Standing desks are all the rage these days and this clever contribution to the trend by Humble Works is worth a mention. I love the flexibility of this design. Thanks to the multiple slots, anyone can find
29 Jun 2017

Algae Shoe

A bucket of pond water might not seem like a performance enhancer. But that could change this year with VIVOBAREFOOT’s latest shoe. The VIVOBAREFOOT x Bloom running shoes will be the first made entirely of algae-EVA foam. They