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24 Feb 2018

Your Slippers Can Now “Park By Itself”

Nissan is apparently taking a pause from building cars so that they can give the world its first self-parking slippers. The company has taken a small chunk of its automated vehicle smarts and applied it to a
24 Feb 2018

Touchless Hand Dryer

This is the automatic hand dryer that helps reduce cross-contamination in a kitchen or the spread of germs in a bathroom. It can be placed on a counter or mounted to a wall and hygienically dries hands
23 Feb 2018

Charge Your Devices By Placing Them Into This Bag

Charging your devices on the go could be as easy as putting them in your backpack. Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen has conceptualized and created a new pack that incorporates minuscule solar power beads, simplifying the recharging of smartphones tablets
20 Feb 2018

Transforming Old Fish Nets Into Toys

Experts estimate that 8,300 million metric tons of virgin plastic has been created over the years. The problem is that most of that has not been recycled, which is bad news for ocean environments. According to a recent study, roughly
16 Feb 2018

Reusable Pixelated Flame Candles

I just moved into a new decade of life this week, and am feeling a bit long in the tooth – especially after seeing how many candles were on my birthday cake. I suppose I might not
15 Feb 2018

Heating Up Food Without Fire

For years, the military has been using simple chemical-based heating systems as a way to quickly warm prepackaged rations. Now the YABUL Cook translates such systems into a light-weight silicone device that is foldable and easy to
14 Feb 2018

Reduce Eye Strain With This Glasses

Whether we like it or not, we’re living in a digital world. Not literally, of course, but we all probably spend more time staring at a screen than we’d like to admit — or is good for
13 Feb 2018

Ever Slept On Water?- Now You Can

It seems to be human nature that if you’re camping near a lake or pond, you pitch your tent right at the water’s edge. Well, SmithFly’s new Shoal Tent lets you take things a step further. Described
12 Feb 2018

3-In-1 Outdoors Handy Chair

Finding a comfortable place to sit while camping can be a struggle, and carrying a full-on camping chair while hiking to camp isn’t exactly appealing. The PacBack Trio is a pretty clever solution to these problems, transforming
9 Feb 2018

Protecting Your PIN

That person who’s waiting behind you while you’re using an ATM, or who’s nearby when you’re conducting online banking on your smartphone … are they peeking at the keypad as you enter your PIN? Well, even if