BRIXO, The Electric Building Blocks


BRIXO, electric blocks that bring high-tech functionality to low tech toys, is announcing its partnership with Young Engineers, a company that provides STEM education programs for children, to create the BRIXO Education Division. This initiative will develop electric engineering programs using the BRIXO blocks for children and will reach four million students in 27 countries, mostly in Africa, within the next five years.

With BRIXO, kids can create simple electrical circuits using bricks to better understand how electrical connectivity works. Imagine young kids all over the world being able to bring their LEGO™ creations to life through light, sound and proximity sensors. They can create moveable cranes, or even more creative designs such as a nightlight that can be turned on/off with sound.

This is exactly what BRIXO’s electric blocks are capable of. Integrating with standard sized building blocks, such as LEGO™, BRIXO safely conducts electricity through its chrome coated blocks and connects to devices such as smartphones to add a modern element of interactive awesomeness – no wires or prior engineering knowledge is needed. Since BRIXO is intuitive, builders learn how circuits work as they continue to build.