Bonjour, the IoT Alarm with Personality, Brings AI Instincts To a Re-Imagined Morning Routine

Imagine a world where your alarm clock didn’t just annoyingly beep at you in the mornings. What if your alarm clock knew your favorite taste in music to wake you up in with good vibes, and also knew to wake you up a few minutes earlier because traffic on your route to work is heavier than usual? With Bonjour this is now a reality!

Bonjour is a new AI driven alarm clock that taps into IoT, all your apps and services, combining modern design, vocal interaction and visual messaging to bring you a reimagined morning experience. The device is fully compatible with your Amazon Echo, Nest, Spotify and more.

What does an alarm clock with AI and IoT do? Well, a lot.  Bonjour will:

  • Wake you earlier if the traffic on your morning commute is heavier than usual (or vice versa)
  • Play your “Happy Weekend” Spotify playlist every Friday morning and “Feeling Fresh AF” every Monday morning
  • Show you who is at the door through your Nest Doorbell Camera
  • And even more as Bonjour adds new IoT integrations

Bonjour doesn’t stop at connectivity. Through its AI algorithms, Bonjour learns your preferences – from weather to music to traffic, and anticipates your needs far beyond what other connected devices or smartphone apps can.