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17 Dec 2004

Desktop Mobile

Burnside Telecom, a developer of innovative landline and cellular communications equipment, today confirmed that its Desktop Mobile would be ‘ideal’ for business users who have signed up for mobile phone tariffs such as Vodafone Sharetime, a service
17 Dec 2004

Personal E-tailers

BusinessWeek: Remember when the ultimate in personalizing a gift was adding a monogram? Today inscribing initials on luggage or towels seems quaintly old-fashioned compared to what’s available on the Web. Thanks to improvements in software that display
16 Dec 2004


Netimperative: As its name implies, people have to be outside their homes in order to be exposed to posters, tube ads and other outdoor media, whereas – mostly – online consumption and interactivity takes place behind closed
16 Dec 2004

Counting the Calories

Wired News: The most popular dieting brands are now weighing in with calorie counters and nutritional guides designed for personal digital assistants and combination PDA-mobile phones. Just in time for the season of bountiful temptation. Weight Watchers
14 Dec 2004

Broadband Helping E-commerce

The New York Times: Thanks to the breakneck growth of residential cable modem and D.S.L. services, this is the first year when most Internet users do not have to rely on their workplace for high-speed connections. Instead
13 Dec 2004

Dogs Live A Luxurious Life…

The Independent: They are dressed in designer outfits, spend their days working out on the treadmill and take holidays in luxury accommodation. It’s a dog’s life in the 21st century, it seems. While pet pampering may once
13 Dec 2004

Bug Me Not

Duluth News Tribune: Rolf Reifgies always got in trouble at the airport security checkpoint because of his suspenders. Whenever the Wisconsin businessman flew out of Minneapolis, Milwaukee or Madison, the metal in his suspenders set off the
13 Dec 2004

Second-hand = Cool and Trendy!

The Indianapolis Star: Bargain hunters such as Harmon are making resale stores one of the fastest-growing segments in retailing, according to the National Association of Resale & Thrift Shops, a trade organization. These stores no longer are
12 Dec 2004

Video Magazines?

Adrants: Acknowledging the decline of people’s intelligence by saying, “People don’t read anymore, and kids in particular don’t read. This gives them content in a 5- to 7-minute package that matches their attention span,” NEWgame Communications CEO
12 Dec 2004

Video Game Ads

PCWorld: You’re deep in an online game, storming through a gritty urban landscape. The enemy? A gang of brawling thugs armed with baseball bats. You battle furiously, take out the last villain, and look up in triumph.