AI Powered Stethoscope

M3DICINE, a Brisbane, Australia firm, just launched an “AI enabled” electronic stethoscope called Stethee. The device, which we originally profiled a few years ago while it was still a Kickstarter project, can be used like a traditional stethoscope to auscultate patients, but to also amplify, filter, and record sounds, as well as to analyze the sounds with an accompanying smartphone app. It comes in three varieties, specifically indicated for clinical use, veterinary applications, and for medical education and research use.

M3DICINE touts its “Aida” artificial intelligence software that powers the Stethee app, which is capable of providing insights about the recorded sounds and to even create a “biometric signature” based on the gathered data. In addition to the sounds, the app also stores the location and weather data along with each reading. This can help correlate the presence of pollen, for example, to something heard using the device, whether it be for research studies or for a cardiologist’s own curiosity.

Because recordings can be shared with other healthcare professionals, the Stethee has great potential for clinicians working in remote areas and far away from their colleagues.

Stethee, an AI Powered Electronic Stethoscope, Now Available [Medgadget]

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