Monthly Archive:: April 2010

30 Apr 2010

Dream TV Machine

BornRich: Auton, known for its TV Lifts, has been doing well to conceal our plasma and LCD TV screens in cabinets at the touch of a button, but it has grown better in this hide and seek
29 Apr 2010

Build Your Own Personal Radio

Iconoculture: Internet killed the radio station? Not so fast. Michael Robertson, founder of, now offers a next-generation customizable online radio experience with his free-to-use beta site, Built on top of digital music lockers at,
28 Apr 2010

Easy Sonar Ruler

TrendCentral: Available for just 99 cents from iTunes, Laan Labs’ Sonar Ruler may be the answer to our laser measuring dreams. The app emits sound waves, from the iPhone’s speaker, which then bounce off wherever you point
27 Apr 2010

Budweiser Targets New Consumers

MarketingWeek: Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB-Inbev) is to extend the Budweiser brand with a new drink targeting consumers in their early 20s. The drinks maker is hoping Budweiser Brew No. ’66’, a “lightly carbonated lager brewed with a touch
26 Apr 2010

Cool Search Engines

search engine land: Move over Google, Yahoo, and Bing; blended results or not, personalized search, Twitter results and OneBoxes … you guys are just too predictable for this article. There’s a new breed of search engines out
25 Apr 2010

iTrend Addiction

iTrend is a convenient application focused on new global business trends & ideas. Use this handy iPhone app to stay tuned with the new business ideas & trends spotted around the globe. The app features top content
25 Apr 2010

Product Placements in Telenovels

MediaBuyerPlannet: Telemundo is increasingly incorporating products into the plot line of its telenovelas, and its newest deals are being made with manufacturers to develop brand new products for viewers to buy – products which didn’t exist before
25 Apr 2010


Food2Dorm was started by a former college student at the University of Kentucky who saw firsthand how little time students have and how hard it can be for students to shop off campus. There wasn’t a quick,
24 Apr 2010

Luxurious Future Bathrooms

Bornrich: After revolutionizing the modern kitchen, Electrolux has shifted its attention toward bath spaces. In their new endeavor to keep the future bathrooms in tune with their design values of simplicity and purity, Electrolux has presented the
23 Apr 2010

Baby Swing

Babygadget: Oh, Mother Nature, how could you be so cruel? Just as I had found the perfect baby swing, you went all Nor’easter on our back yard and downed the perfect branch for it! The “Filzchaukel” was