Monthly Archive:: June 2006

20 Jun 2006

Luxury Bed + TV

PORTALINO: What could be better than watching TV in bed? How about watching TV in bed on a TV that’s built into the bed? Using a wireless remote, you can activate the TV that rises out of
20 Jun 2006

30 Million Solar Water Heaters

Reuters: Dusty Dezhou was relegated to the footnotes of Chinese history for centuries, known mainly as the place where a Filipino king died. Now, Huang Ming hopes hot water will help put it on the map. His
19 Jun 2006

Washroom Fun

Uber-Review: It’s official, Sudoku has jumped the shark. Why read the newspaper during your washroom visit, when you can challenge your brain with Sudoku. As the site puts it, “if you make a mistake no-one need know,
18 Jun 2006

Repellent Ringtone When it came out in Britain in December, the Mosquito sound system was supposed to be the sonic equivalent of a “no loitering” sign. Its annoying, high-pitched sound — which many adults can’t hear but most
18 Jun 2006

Soccer Anywhere

BornRich: If you love to play soccer then now you dont need to content yourself with just soccer games meant for desktop table! You can actually play in your own soccer pitch anytime anywhere with Subbuteo Giant
17 Jun 2006

MySpace for Cars

TechCrunch: We have social networks for just about everything these days. If there’s one for dogs and cats, why not for cars? Berkeley, California based Boompa is just that – a new web startup focused on car
17 Jun 2006

Beans in Toast

The Daily Telegraph: FOR those who find baked beans on toast just too messy to put together, help is on the way. Heinz has devised a frozen baked bean sandwich which simply needs to be heated in
16 Jun 2006

Triple Scoop

JS Online: It’s summertime, and the livin’ is . . . way too hot to be easy. Fortunately, manufacturers keep churning out delicious new ways to feed these seasonal cravings. Can’t agree on an ice cream flavor?
16 Jun 2006

Fusion Fitness

TrendCentral: These fusion workouts combine the intimacy of personal training with the challenge of boot camp-style conditioning in private, class-like settings. Each session targets the five key elements of a complete fitness program—strength & endurance training, flexibility,
15 Jun 2006

Liquid Mag

Iconoculture: Step into liquid. Imbibe magazine covers everything from cocktails to wine to beer to juice to coffee to tea. The motto: All that’s fit to drink. The premiere issue of the bimonthly publication features hot chocolate
12 Jun 2006

The Nail Tattoo

TrendCentral: For London women tired of manicures every week or expensive and time consuming nail regimens, the latest and greatest is the nail tattoo. Using a super fine needle, the tattoo artist goes through the first few
11 Jun 2006

Quirky Nights Under French Skies You can stay in France in anything from a Yurt to an Airstream caravan. Ann Noon offers a guide. Yurts Squatting at the top of the Ardèche river gorge, overlooking some of the most rugged scenery