16 May 2004

Eat It Ripe And Right

Having to spend almost 15 minutes just to select a couple of ripe and still-in-perfect-shape pears may soon be a thing of the past. A world-first, clever label that indicates ripeness of fruit has been developed by
16 May 2004

Innovation + Style = Lots of Customers

2 interesting business ideas in the F&B industry were reported in the Straits Times recently: High-tech Dimsum – Dimsum lovers can dine in a totally unique local restaurant (iDimsum: Parco Bugis Junction, #02-53) that serves piping hot
16 May 2004

Instant Delivery – Or Almost So

Have you ever wished that the sofa or cupboard which you’ve ordered after a painstaking search in a Courts showroom can be delivered right away to your house? A furniture store almost accomplishes that – you order
16 May 2004

Look At Those Walking Ads!

Don’t be surprised to see models walking around London’s streets wearing small jackets that display light LCD screens prominently to understandably amused passer-bys. This brand-new “out of home, mobile, interactive media platform” called Adwalker is but the

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1 Apr 2004

Blogging About Cool New Business Ideas…

All the while we’ve been informing you about interesting business ideas around the world with our CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter. Now, we’ve taken another big step forward – not only are we going to continue to inspire you with