14 Jan 2007

Meals And Wheels

Iconoculture: Victor and Elvia Galindo first started selling chips and sodas to keep tire-shop customers out of the way. In 2004, Elvia turned that into a full-time restaurant. While Victor specializes in hubcaps and shiny custom wheels,
13 Jan 2007

3D Laser Crystal

Vitro Laser GmbH: Our developments revolutionize the marking of different materials by laser technology. Conventional methods are limited to the marking of the materials’ surface. With our laser subsurface engraving method the surface remains untouched. The desired
12 Jan 2007

H3 Campack

ProductDose: So, say your on your way down the side of a mountain on a snowboard when you realize that that you completely forgot about a conference call you had to be in. Out of luck? Not
12 Jan 2007

Biodegradable Plates

Popgadget: It’s true, I don’t host many brunches or entertain a lot from home, but if I did, I would definitely get these biodegradable dinnerware sets, not just because they are attractive (call me boring, but I
11 Jan 2007

Your Own Bag

FreshTrend: Pimp your bag with Timbuk2’s Build Your Own service. You can design your own messenger bag for your laptop or textbooks. Choose the size, material, colors and accessories that best suit you. Or if you’re looking
10 Jan 2007

Personalize Your Electronic Devices

eMediaWire: Just days ago, millions of people around the world were gifted at least one of the “big 10” electronic devices boosting in store and online sales in 2006 including Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3 and PSP, ipod
9 Jan 2007

Marketing Air Fresheners

New York Times: College stinks. Just ask Emily Watson, a sophomore at Dartmouth, who sprays her dorm room once a week and her clothes two to three times a week with fresheners, usually in citrus or other
8 Jan 2007

Smoothie Does It

Bradford.co.uk: If you’re looking to be energised, want a boost for your love life or just a hangover cure, crushed fruit, yoghurt and milk may just hold the answer. According to a new report by consumer analysts

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7 Jan 2007

Ping Pong Not Doubles Anymore

FreshTrend: Inventor Secil Boyd’s latest creation may just take the game of ping pong to a new level. Boyd has successfully prototyped a new three player version of ping pong, cleverly named TriPong, that uses plexiglass “nets”
6 Jan 2007

Celery Straws

Iconoculture: Duda Farm Fresh Foods in Florida has engineered celery stalks with hollow centers. These “celery straws” can flavor Bloody Marys through sipping or hold a hidden cream cheese or peanut butter surprise. Watch for the edible
5 Jan 2007

Mobile Spa

TrendBlog: Some people won’t be able to travel, due to either lack of time or of money. Therefore Arizona Mobile Spa provides services directly to clients at home, at the office, or in a hotel suite. Arizona
4 Jan 2007

My Love Song

TailoredMusic.com is a group of professional musicians dedicated to helping you to create the ultimate romantic gift—the gift of custom-tailored music. Have you ever wished that you could write your own love song for that special someone