7 Apr 2005

Starburst’s Aggressive Marketing

Clickz: Starburst launched an aggressive U.S.-based mobile marketing promo on Friday as part of a new integrated campaign. Grey Interactive and mobile marketing partner ipsh! are behind the cross-carrier effort, which follows a relaunch of the MasterFoods
7 Apr 2005

Catering to Each Strand

Retail Merchandiser.com: With constant innovation in products, ingredients and formulations, mass market hair care vendors continue to raise the bar, effectively blurring the line between mass and prestige products. These products target an ever-widening range of hairstyle
7 Apr 2005


Trendwatching: Mass advertising is dying. Experienced consumers couldn’t care less about commercials, ads, banners and other fancy wording and imagery that is forced upon them, so let’s move on to more interesting ways of igniting conversations between
5 Apr 2005

Now They’re Cooking

Entrepreneur.com: After Helane Cohen lost her mother in 2000, the time she spent alone helped her identify the two things she loved most: children and cooking. It was then that this tech executive decided to leave behind
5 Apr 2005

A Game Investigating The Rhetoric Of Fear Culture

we make money not art: Blowhard is a game, created by Ryan Schoelerman and Sky Frostenson, in which two players compete by breathing into a CPR mask, where a breath sensor translates cumulative respiration into the player’s
5 Apr 2005

Free Handphone Charging, Anybody?

Rediff.com: All you need to charge your mobile is — air! Students at the Department of Industrial Design at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi have attached a turbine with a mobile phone that helps charge it even
5 Apr 2005

Tempting Downloads

Wired News: College junior Kyle Taylor is downloading hundreds of songs by No Doubt, Bruce Springsteen and others onto the Compaq laptop in his cramped dormitory room. With a few more clicks of his mouse, Taylor is
3 Apr 2005

Turning Your Wall Into a Work of Art

STLtoday.com: It’s easy enough to hang artwork on your wall, but have you ever considered turning your wall into a work of art? Beyond faux finishes, crown molding, chair rails, wainscoting and baseboards, new decorating techniques and

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3 Apr 2005

Kabbalah and Energy Drinks

mcall.com: Combine medieval Jewish mysticism, a fizzy strawberry-flavored drink loaded with vitamins and a splash of holy water and you have the perfect fusion of two of the hottest fads sweeping the country: Kabbalah and energy drinks.
2 Apr 2005

Scientists’ Use of 3G

Mobile Digest: Orange tells us that its 3G Mobile Office card is being put to unusual use by scientists in the UK. Researchers over here are using the cards to let them access and control one of
1 Apr 2005

Puppy/Polar Bear Children’s Fridge

Gizmodo: A fridge so adorable that you could just eat it up is really the last thing you want when struggling with your diet [You actually wrote that? —ed.], but for the skinny crowd, Fujitronic makes a
1 Apr 2005

Hello Kitty Invades The Xbox

Engadget: Yes, it’s true. It was only a matter of time until Hello Kitty worked her evil magic upon this particular gadget, as she has on oh so many others. The Hello Kitty Crystal Xbox Console takes