25 Apr 2007

SMS Happy Hour

Webware: How many times have you been IMing with a friend or co-worker across the country, placed a bet (“If that Sanjaya guy gets the boot tonight, you owe me a beer!”), completed said bet, but had
25 Apr 2007


Popgadget: My girlfriend told me that toothbrushes harbor more germs than a toilet bowl. Yeeewwwww! That was enough to get me looking for a solution, and fortunately for my sanity, VIOlight has already come up with a
23 Apr 2007

Wedding Cake Trend

YumSugar: The first trend on the list is personalized cakes. Edith Meyer said that “Cakes for 2007 seem to be much more personal and less I-saw-this-in-a-magazine.” She’s even had clients bring in handpainted heirloom china to create
23 Apr 2007

SMS Shopping

The New York Times: Impulse shoppers, watch out. Your cellphone might soon get you into trouble. A company called ShopText has introduced a system that lets people buy products instantly using text messages, a process that eliminates
22 Apr 2007

Strange Eatery

CherryFlava: Ok so there’s that restaurant in Thailand called Bed where you eat dinner in…well…a big bed. And now – this place, WDuck…where you sit on a toilet during your meal. It’s perhaps a little extreme for
21 Apr 2007

Local Cakes

CakeAmerica is a website that is dedicated to help web users find cakes and other baked products in their localities and empower the local cake businesses to promote and advertise their cakes on the web. The heart
20 Apr 2007

Shiny and Sparkling

BornRich: Philips and Swarovski have teamed-up to bling the tech goodies with their ‘Active Crystals’ collection that features I GB flashy USB memory keys studded with swarovski. The collection includes four different designs: Heart Ware, Heart Beat,
19 Apr 2007

Mobio Mobile

MobileCrunch: Mobio, which we’ve covered previously, is launching the public beta of its mobile application platform today. They’re pitching themselves as a “lifestyle platform” to consumers, where you can access all kinds of data on the go,

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18 Apr 2007

Scent Selling

Business 2.0: It’s not enough to have your customers’ eyes and ears–now you need to attract their noses too. This month, 100 gas stations in California will be trying technology that wafts coffee aroma at the pump
16 Apr 2007

Box Wine

Detroit Free Press: There is a growing group of wine drinkers who are turning to the box rather than the bottle. With better wine varieties now available in boxes, wineries are attempting to give the category a
16 Apr 2007

Solar Bag

Cherryflava: Soon to be released in August 2007, the Picard Solar Bag picks up where Eskom left off by charging your gadget essentials like laptops and iPods. The solar panels on the flap are set to give
15 Apr 2007

Book Lovers’ Chair

TrendCentral: For those who love to read, and show off their personal library, Italian company nobody&co has a fabulous looking seat for you. Literally covered in five meters worth (around 16 feet) of shelving area, the Bibliochaise