3 Jul 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 19

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 19: 20/06/05 – 03/07/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: MOBILE Simple Phones Vodafone is getting back to basics – big screens and large buttons. O-Synchronized O-Sync interplays between the Web and your
3 Jul 2005

Half The Price

Entrepreneur.com: Gift certificates have always been ideal for gift giving, but now they’re becoming even better for self-indulgence–at half the price. Eric Diamond, 33, spent a decade working tech-related jobs before figuring out a way to combine
2 Jul 2005

eMall Commerce

NYTimes.com: A new shopping complex in Ohio will try to combine the convenience of online stores with the hands-on experience of browsing at a mall. Sometime near the end of 2006, the complex, called Epicenter, is scheduled
2 Jul 2005

Pizza, Anyone?

Springwise: Invented in Italy (where else), cone shaped pizzas — think pizza slice meets ice cream cone — are the latest fast food craze. Kono Pizza offers the convenience of eating on the move without making a
1 Jul 2005

Social Searching

TechnologyReview.com: Google’s personalized search uses an individual’s search history to help tweak search results. For instance, if a person has looked for cars extensively in the past, a search for “Jaguar” will return car sites rather than
1 Jul 2005

Personalization Business

TrendBlog: It probably started in high school. You did not want to look like everybody else anymore. You colored your hair and decorated your jeans jacket. And now you can even customize your own sneakers on certain
1 Jul 2005

More Than Plain Gray

TheDailyTimes.com: Homeowners who want something other than plain gray curbing in their landscape now have a myriad of options thanks to a new Blount County business. Johnny Bishop, owner of Curb Appeal, said, “We mainly do decorative
30 Jun 2005

Differentiated Cap Tabs

Yenra: Ball Corporation is launching a new advertising medium that allows beverage can tabs and ends to carry customized messaging. The laser-incised beverage can tab is a solid, colored tab that provides space for a small billboard

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30 Jun 2005

Spice Up Your Life

Iconoculture: Advanced palates require complex and compelling flavors, and striking new presentations of age-old ingredients will inspire many cooks to try new dishes. Velissa Van Scoyoc doesn’t think zesty spices belong in boring jars. Her Gusto! Spice
28 Jun 2005

Casual Gaming

NYTimes.com: Far from the bloody streets of “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” and light years from the deep space, run-and-gun menace of “Halo 2,” lives Flo. She is the cartoon-cute stockbroker who chucked it all to operate
28 Jun 2005

Little Boutiques

StartupJournal: On a recent trip to the local mall, Suzy Lee ran her usual errands, shopping for her two children at Gymboree and buying makeup and a few basics at Neiman Marcus. But before leaving, she made
25 Jun 2005


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