1 Dec 2008

The Smiling Robot

The copycat robotic head, ‘Jules’ shows you what you look like when you make a face. Designed by roboticist David Hanson, it copies facial expressions captured by a video camera. Software translates the expressions to small electric
30 Nov 2008

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 76

Navigating Through Change And Landing On Your Feet If you’re facing (or anticipating) one change of several changes, these tips will help you navigate through transition and help you land on your feet: 1. Acknowledge what’s happening.
30 Nov 2008

Live Music – My Way

The idea behind livemusicmyway.com is to bring the power of live music back to the consumer, and with the help of a community of online fans create unique, intimate live music events with a strong emphasis on
29 Nov 2008

Etre Touchy Gloves

Etre Touchy gloves are a fun way to keep your hands warm and dry while using mobile phones, portable games systems, music players and other electronic devices. Their missing thumb and index fingertips allow you to touch,

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29 Nov 2008

Designers & Supermodel Trashbins for Charity

Designers have gone beyond simply creating eco-items that won’t harm our environment. They have begun to express their ecological & social protests through their products. Their creations are scornful reactions to the destructive environmental acts of the
27 Nov 2008

Stitch Humdifier

Popgadget: I never tire of humidifiers in the shapes of animals and characters – why not bring a little whimsy to an otherwise mundane product? Runa Net will soon launch the Stitch Humidifier (in the shape of
26 Nov 2008

2009 Ford Flex Tuning Car

Born Rich: For those of you who were yearning for an inside tour of the tricked-out 2009 Ford Flex by Kal Koncepts/Air Syndicate Inc. displayed at SEMA 2008 in LasVegas, here is the treat. This customized version
25 Nov 2008

Frustration Free Packaging

Inhabitat: Just in time for the overly packaged holiday season, we are thrilled to see that Amazon is debuting a new eco-friendly idea called ‘Frustration Free Packaging’. If you’ve ever tried to open a plastic package twice
24 Nov 2008

Screening Out Prank Calls

Iconoculture: Forget the doors and windows; the easiest way into most homes is through the telephone. Now two U.K. inventors have created a device that automatically screens out telemarketers, prank callers and phone scammers. TrueCall blocks telemarketers’
22 Nov 2008

Everything Mintpad

Popgadget: If you are a digger for gizmos with small form factors, this first brainchild from the Korean company MintPass will most likely leave you lusting shamelessly for one – the WiFi-enabled multimedia device called the MintPad.