3 Mar 2007

Pee Battery

Gizmodo: Who knew you could use urine to power a battery? The Pee Battery uses the ions in human urine to keep 1.5 volts streaming for 90 minutes, and its makers say it can be tweaked to
2 Mar 2007

Build Your Bed

Iconoculture: Called BuildTheBed, the product caters to DIY boudoir decorators who want to put their personal memories, fantasies or digital art in a place of honor, if not dreamy contemplation. In a choice of sizes and styles,
1 Mar 2007

Cellphone Billboard

The Boston Globe: In an ad-saturated world, the cellphone screen is a nearly pristine canvas. But a number of area companies are helping to transform the device that 220 million people are loath to leave at home
28 Feb 2007

Indoor Grill

BornRich: If the drop in temperature has made the grilled delicacies a thing of the past, then this DeLonghi Healthy Indoor Grill will bring the grilling season again! The all-weather grill cooks with a combination of contact
27 Feb 2007

Halal Baby Friendly

Springwise: Mumtaz Foods Industries offers ten varieties of baby food suitable for infants from 4 to 7+ months old, including Potato, Lamb & Spinach, and Spring Vegetables and Chicken. GEM Food’s Petit Gems comes in culture-spanning flavours,
26 Feb 2007

Ignite the Outdoor Game

Isportsmarketing: SeatSign is an inflatable beer tray that flips over as a cushion. It is the ultimate companion for any outdoor event. It holds 4 standard drinks and can with stand 150kgs. It can be branded in
25 Feb 2007

The Interactive Urinal Communicator

Isoceania: Discover Wizmark, the interactive urinal communicator, its advertising you can’t help but look at. An idea so original, it has everyone talking. Wizmark’s interactive capabilities will get results, providing the perfect guerrilla marketing medium for men
24 Feb 2007

“I’ve lost my keys come home”

IT Sneak: New website TextMeOuttaHere.co.uk will, for a pound, send its users a text message at a prearranged time to help them lie and cheat their way out of an awkward situation. Having seen “over 1000 excuses

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23 Feb 2007

Supermarket Self-checkouts

BurlingtonFreePress.com: There are fewer and fewer people asking, “Paper or plastic?” at supermarket checkout aisles throughout the Burlington area and across the country. At Price Chopper’s Burlington store, eight of 19 checkout lanes are equipped with automated
22 Feb 2007


Springwise: 3.5 billion wire hangers are tossed into landfills every year, and that’s just in the United States. While the hangers are light, inexpensive and sturdy, they’re not exactly bio-degradable. Hanger Network has developed an alternative: a
19 Feb 2007


Shiny Shiny: Do you spend hours worrying about the crust round the top of your toothpaste tube? Do you judge people by whether they squeeze the tube from the end or the middle? Do you think perhaps
18 Feb 2007

Hidden Clue

BBC News: Japanese firm Fujitsu is pushing a technology that can encode data into a picture that is invisible to the human eye but can be decoded by a mobile phone with a camera. The company believes