11 Jan 2005

Mobile Aromatherapy

Springwise: Mood swings. Anxieties. Anger. Fatigue. No wonder aromatherapy has become such a massive success. However, until now, it was definitely something that was enjoyed (or should we say applied) in the confinements of consumers’ homes or
10 Jan 2005

The Energy Drinks Battlefield

BusinessWeek: How do you convince teens to buy your highly caffeinated, $2-a-can soft drink, when hundreds of other brands are jockeying for shelf space? Skip normal TV ads, for starters. In a field continually littered with new
10 Jan 2005

Scan your groceries!

New York Daily News: Ready to scan your own groceries as you walk the aisles? How about buying a sweater from a touch screen on a department store shelf, to get a color or size the store
9 Jan 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 9

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 9: 02/01/05 – 09/01/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: WIRELESS Smart Elevators Elevators that do not make people wait for them. Instead, they wait for people. LUXURY These Jeans Cost $1,000 A

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8 Jan 2005

E-Biz Trends

eMarketer: eMarketer’s team of analysts and researchers give their predictions of what to look out for in 2005 in the Internet, e-business and emerging tech arena. 1. Alternative Advertising 2. RSS 3. AOL Changes 4. On-Demand TV
8 Jan 2005

The Digital Lifestyle

AP: Despite suffering technical glitches that prompted jokes and guffaws, Bill Gates promised Wednesday that Microsoft Corp. would help millions of consumers stay seamlessly plugged into a world of digital music, movies, video games and television shows.
8 Jan 2005

Wellness Furniture

The Manila Times: At the forthcoming Philippine International Furniture Show 2005 (organized by the Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines on February 28 to March 3 at the World Trade Center and the Philippine Trade Training
8 Jan 2005

Kraft & South Beach Diet

Business Wire: Kraft Foods, North America’s largest food company, will expand its alliance with The South Beach Diet and its creator, Arthur Agatston, M.D., by launching a broad line of new products under the South Beach Diet
8 Jan 2005

Got An Old PC? Don’t Trash It: Recycle It

USA Today: EBay unfurled an initiative Thursday to lead PC makers and environmental groups in a major push to recycle more of the 400 million electronic products that are trashed annually. EBay plans to promote the program
8 Jan 2005

Robosapien V2 (and Friends!)

Gizmodo: The new Robosapien V2 looks fantastic. For just 200 bucks, the new bot will be able track objects and movements, recognize objects and skin tones—all sorts of crazy stuff. Onrobo (another one of the new robot
7 Jan 2005

Akiba PC Watch’s Weird Items of 2004

Gizmodo: Akiba PC Watch, a division of Japanese tech news giant Impress Watch, has posted the results of their “Weird Items Found in Akihabara” competition. Over 1,000 users submitted a total of 6,305 entries, and exactly 64
7 Jan 2005

iPod Flash Will Have A Screen?

Engadget: Think Secret already had a pretty tight track record for accuracy when it came to Apple rumors, but getting sued by Steve Jobs and co. over a couple of product leaks just gave them some massive