28 May 2007

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 44

New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: CULTURE & MUSIC Free Music by We7 A new platform called We7 has developed a system that does just that. Currently in beta, We7 gives brands the chance to communicate
27 May 2007

Timeshare Canine

Iconoculture: Leased cars. Vacation condos. And now, timeshare dogs. FLEXPETZ lets dog lovers who don’t have the time or space to be full-time pet owners make playdates with dogs from breed-rescue shelters. FLEXPETZ members pay $40 a
26 May 2007

Solar Lighter

Gizmodo.com: If you are an adventurous animal then lemme give you some dope on the solar powered lighter. Now if I have set you to wonderland as to why is this a key object for the adventurous,
25 May 2007

Free Music by We7

TrendCentral: While the terms “free” and “legal” aren’t usually used together to describe the business of music downloading, a new platform called We7 has developed a system that does just that. Currently in beta, We7 gives brands
24 May 2007

Providing a Thriving Office

Thriving Office: Want a successful and thriving business environment? Here’s the creative and innovative CD to enhance your working environment. Thriving Office is a CD, filled with office sounds, that home businesses play it in the background
22 May 2007

Hail The iRosary

JoshSpear.com: In today’s fast-paced world, young Catholics are finding it hard to slow down enough to say the rosary. The Catholic staple, wherein “we say fifteen decades or tens of Hail Mary’s with an Our Father between
21 May 2007

Secure ATM

Crave: The way the particles land on a given credit card magnetic stripe are as unique as individual snow flakes or human fingerprints. So says a Magtek, a company that has developed a product, MagnePrint, for recording
20 May 2007

No Poison Spray

Cool Tools: Most pesticides I’ve used are full of toxic chemicals, but this spray doesn’t have anything like that. The active ingredient is natural mint extract, which is a neuro-toxin. It works just as well or better

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19 May 2007

A New Way of Farming

Bigfork Eagle News: Julian Cunningham started Swallow Crest Farm in 1999, a few years after moving his family to this scenic area on LaBrant Road. He taught a preschool for three years before deciding his heart was
18 May 2007

Instant Rice

Popgadget: Instant noodles have been around long enough that we take their 2-minute preparation time for granted. Now Japan brings us Hotto! Raisu – specially packed rice that can be served up as a piping hot meal,
17 May 2007

Grand Opening

The Cool Hunter: Call it the relentless march of capitalism, or the material manifestation of our fickle society, but the high street is in a constant state of flux. Shops change hands at the drop of a
16 May 2007

Bassline Needed

TrendCentral: A social networking site with a musical slant, Indaba Music gives users a place to not only share their own music, but also facilitates public and private sessions through which multiple artists can collaborate on recording