8 Oct 2005

Compass Boots

we make money not art: The prototype consists of three parts: the shoes with a series of sensors and mechanics, an interface and a computer running a software to analyse the data from the sensors. The Interface
7 Oct 2005

Party Business

Entrepreneur: When Christopher Hughes heard his clients singing ?La Bamba? in anticipation of their Cinco de Mayo party, he knew he was onto something. Hughes, 34, had recently co-founded Day Perks with business partner and friend Leanne
6 Oct 2005

Looking on the Bright Side

BizReport.com: The news menu was stuffed with the dreadful and appalling yesterday. A massive hurricane bearing down on Texas. A bus fire killing 24 elderly people near Dallas. Floods ravaging New Orleans — again. And that was
5 Oct 2005

Gen Wine

TrendCentral: While young drinkers (21 and up, of course) aren’t dropping cheap beer anytime soon, the trend for more “refined” beverages seems to be going more mass lately, with affordable wines being marketed heavily to older Gen
3 Oct 2005

Cool Sleep Wear

fibre2fashion.com: The Spa at the St Julien has thrilled many with their sleeper hit, Cool Sets – night wear apparel that is casually elegant, affordable and incredibly comfortable. The new sleepwear line created in Boulder, Colorado made
3 Oct 2005

Cowboy Cool

calgarysun.com: Someone let out Calgary’s little secret — that Stampede garb can look urban and sexy. Two important fashion shows in Milan this past week featured cowboy hats, wide Western belts, glistening silver and jade accents and
3 Oct 2005


BBC News: An intelligent computer system which can imitate doctors’ decisions about treatment for intensive care patients is being developed by scientists. It will monitor patients’ vital signs and then evaluate and administer drugs – a job
26 Sep 2005

Chariot Racing

Iconoculture: What it lacks in Russell Crowe, it makes up for in authenticity. Visitors to Jerash, Jordan, can watch the Roman Army and Chariot Experience (RACE) – an authentic reenactment of Roman chariot races staged in a

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25 Sep 2005

What’s That Song?

DailyCandy: You’re standing in a crowded record store attempting to hum (over blaring emo-core) the melody of an unidentified song you heard on the radio to a bemohawked salesperson who has a look on his face that,
24 Sep 2005

Hobby Turned Business

Entrepreneur: Trudi McCullough happened to learn about decorative painting and wall finishes while searching the net for fun activities for her children. Inspired, McCullough–once an art major and a former art gallery owner–did more research, took an
23 Sep 2005

Pay Per Call Advertising

Small Business Trends: Pay-per-call is an advertising service that connects online searchers with your business by phone. You place an Internet ad, and Internet surfers who respond to the ad call you on the phone. You pay
22 Sep 2005

Animal Business

Entrepreneur: The saying goes, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. In Patrick Meiering’s case, what’s good for the owner is good for the pet. In 1995, Meiering was out on a four-hour hike