29 Aug 2006

Armed Ladies

LuxuryLaunches.com: A unique artistic fusion of two genders – feminine embellishments to the masculine weapons! Antonio Riello has spruced up of real military weapons into fashion items for ladies. Ladies Weapons are born from the most outstanding
28 Aug 2006

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 29

New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: LIFESTYLE & LUXURY Media Immersion In the world’s most media-saturated city, people take a break by checking themselves into media immersion pods: warrens cluttered with computers, TV’s, video games and
28 Aug 2006

Keep Cool

Digital Chosunilbo: The Chosun Ilbo lists some unique products whose fun concepts and designs can help you cool down the last hot summer days. The summer’s biggest hit is a small and handily designed USB fan that
27 Aug 2006

Plastic Cool, for Gals

DailyCandy: Going for office sophisticate? Look the part in a sensible pantsuit and pumps. But lose the fake glasses and bun. (That’s more porn librarian.) If you really want to work it like Career Woman Barbie, you’ll
26 Aug 2006

Smart WiFi Bunny

ThinkGeek: So you are probably wondering if a rabbit can really be “smart”? Well this bunny can teach you tai chi, read your e-mail, report the weather or stock market, pull RSS feeds and tell you the
25 Aug 2006

Media Immersion

The New York Times: All cities takes a toll, and at times all city dwellers have to take their leave. When life in Istanbul gets too stressful, people can head to the baths. In Rio there’s the
24 Aug 2006

Smart Shopping Cart

CNN: It looks almost like any other shopping cart, except sensors let it follow the shopper around the supermarket and slow down when needed so items can be placed in it. And it never crashes into anyone’s
23 Aug 2006

USB Massager

Digital Chosunilbo: Idea Shop’s (www.1300k.com) super-small massager (W3,500) has drawn the admiration of workers struggling through the day and students who want to loosen up during long hours of test preparation. Hot Gadgets to Help you Stay

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23 Aug 2006

Car Broke Down?

Cool Tools: Mechanics here in Boston call this a “jump kit.” It’s a briefcase-sized, 20lb, 12V battery with built-in 12v/120v charger, and with built-in jumper cables attached. The Jump-N-Carry is a much easier way to jump a
22 Aug 2006

Mobile Dentist

IHT: Samantha Taube stepped out of the MGM Grand hotel and casino into the bright sun to walk to the parking lot. After a short distance, she approached a trailer, entered, sat in a dentist’s chair and
21 Aug 2006

Delivering Baggage

StartupJournal: This week, thousands of kids will be returning home from summer camp — without suitcases, duffel bags, tennis rackets, or even their dirty clothes. Much of the baggage will be delivered back to their homes by
20 Aug 2006

Windsave Saves You Money

TRENDWATCHING.COM: Continuing concerns about climate change and skyrocketing energy prices are fuelling interest in alternative sources of energy. One of consumers’ major complaints though is the lack of making a real impact: separating bottles and papers only