14 Apr 2005

Why I Bank With Umpqua

FastCompany: The residents of northern California got their first taste of Umpqua Bank last July when the ice-cream trucks rolled in. Only days earlier, the little-known Oregon community bank with the weird name had made headlines when
13 Apr 2005


Yahoo! Finance: Move aside, dull, ordinary light bulbs — Mood-lites, http://www.mood-lites.com, the ultimate lighting to enhance the spa lifestyle, dubbed a “must have” by The New York Daily News, has arrived to brighten your world! Kathryn Goetzke
13 Apr 2005

High-Tech Threads

New York Times: A knitted bag holds a weakened heart, helping it pump blood. Electricity flows through the threads of a battery-powered fleece jacket, keeping the wearer warm. Carbon fibers are braided into structures that look like
13 Apr 2005

Hooah! Energy Bar

Iconoculture: “Heard. Understood. Acknowledged.” That’s “Hooah!” – a military term, sure, but also an energy bar that has been officially fueling American soldiers in Iraq. Now available to civilians, too, the bar was developed by the Department
11 Apr 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 13

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 13: 27/03/05 – 09/04/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: TRENDS & INSIGHTS Celebrity Smiles The latest celebrity-channeling accessory is a set of prosthetic choppers modeled after Hollywood’s most Chiclet smiles! FURNITURE New
10 Apr 2005

Local Shopping on the Internet

NewsTarget.com: According to a study conducted by market researchers Constat Inc. and The Kelsey Group, 70 percent of American households now find local businesses using the Internet. A poll conducted in October 2003 found the figure to
10 Apr 2005

Kleenex Moist Cloth

Kimberly-Clark: Kimberly-Clark Corporation has announced the North American launch of Kleenex Moist Cloths, the latest innovation from the company’s global Kleenex brand. Kleenex Moist Cloths are thick, soft, disposable hand and face cloths created for use around
8 Apr 2005

Sensitive Vehicles To Help Drivers

we make money not art: Toyota is working with Stanford University and Affective Media for a few years to create a car that can read your feelings. The Pod concept car has headlights that fade from bright

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8 Apr 2005

Fake Designer Bags For Real

PSFK: You see some pretty girls pulling their designer-label bags down the plane’s aisle these days and you just assume that they must be a fake. The bags, not the girls. Probably. The world is flooded with
7 Apr 2005

Starburst’s Aggressive Marketing

Clickz: Starburst launched an aggressive U.S.-based mobile marketing promo on Friday as part of a new integrated campaign. Grey Interactive and mobile marketing partner ipsh! are behind the cross-carrier effort, which follows a relaunch of the MasterFoods
7 Apr 2005

Catering to Each Strand

Retail Merchandiser.com: With constant innovation in products, ingredients and formulations, mass market hair care vendors continue to raise the bar, effectively blurring the line between mass and prestige products. These products target an ever-widening range of hairstyle
7 Apr 2005


Trendwatching: Mass advertising is dying. Experienced consumers couldn’t care less about commercials, ads, banners and other fancy wording and imagery that is forced upon them, so let’s move on to more interesting ways of igniting conversations between