15 Mar 2005

Open Wide and Smile!

Washington Post: Manufacturers are out to invent a better mouth trap, and shelves are overflowing with the results. The flood of new pastes, gels, sprays, strips, brushes, flosses, washes, pills and picks, each guaranteed to whiten, brighten,
15 Mar 2005

A Great Dinner Together

Sayrelyns.com: Just like you, Sharon found herself frequently frustrated by the difficulties she faced in simply sitting down for a good dinner with her family. Even though Sharon is a trained chef who loves to cook, she
15 Mar 2005

Church Branding

Brandchannel.com: We’ve heard of bible thumping, but brand thumping? That can’t be kosher. “There’s not a church in the world that doesn’t market itself,” says Richard Reising. “Some do it well, some do it badly. But when
15 Mar 2005

Japanese Influence

GlobeGazette.com: Transported half a world away via a digital connection, best friends Emily Coovert and Simone Boissonneault drift into their own head-bobbing universe of sound as they watch a Japanese stadium show, a furious mix of hard
13 Mar 2005

How To Take Advantage of the Latest Trend

The Sunday Times – Business: Experience shows that if you can spot a trend in the market and get your products out there quickly, the rewards can be immense. And the good news is that small- or
13 Mar 2005

Apparel Market

INVESTORS.com: Colorful shirts, pretty prints and sharp men’s suits brought a new look to the apparel industry in 2004. The industry’s finances were brighter as well. Apparel sellers took a beating when the economy went into recession
13 Mar 2005

Sugar Free Biscuits

di-ve.com: Last week, Consolidated Biscuit Co. Ltd saw Devon’s first totally sugar free biscuits coming off its production lines. The first sugar free biscuit is being launched under the Healthline trademark. This is good news for people
11 Mar 2005

Growing Online Sales

AP via Yahoo! News: Consumer spending on online content such as music, dating sites and business and investment information grew 14 percent last year to $1.8 billion, an organization of online publishers reported Thursday. The Online Publishers

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11 Mar 2005

FR? FL? D? Fitness

Iconoculture: A few leaps on the treadmill? The FR? FL? D? fitness program blends break-dancing and skateboarding moves with athletic footwork on a customized moving treadmill called the Launchpad. With its martial arts–like twists, inventor/fitness guru Kappel
10 Mar 2005

Skateboarding: The 25 Year Old Passing Trend

PSFK: Skateboarding was just a fad back in the early 80′s but 25 years on and it is a multi-million dollar industry that continues to grow. A recent website to promote the book ‘Built to Grind’ captures
9 Mar 2005

Laugh All the Way to the Bank

Businessweek Online: In the sales world, one of the most common stumbling blocks is price objection. A potential deal may be moving ahead smoothly, but when numbers enter the conversation, eager customers can suddenly turn and flee.
9 Mar 2005

Tenants’ Mobile Solution

icSouthlondon: A text message service telling council tenants about housing repairs could be introduced. Under the scheme tenants’ representatives will get an alert about “one-off jobs” on things such as communal lighting and stairwells. But recipients will