28 Jan 2007

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 37

New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: MOBILE Mobile Phone Ads Cellular phone carriers like Verizon, Sprint and Cingular, now the new AT&T, are beginning to test and roll out advertising on mobile phone screens and their
28 Jan 2007

Reservation Impossible

Springwise: New York restaurant booking service PrimeTime Tables – “specializing in impossible reservations” – has created a bit of a storm in the NYC/food blogging teacup. The service, touted as a very exclusive dining club, can procure
28 Jan 2007

Create Your Own Fizzy Drinks

Iconoculture: Soda-Club machines let consumers control the flavor and fizz levels of their seltzers and soda pops by making them right at home. The freestanding, no-batteries-required device uses tap water, a carbonator, flavored mixes and reusable/resealable bottles.
27 Jan 2007


TrendCentral: Cleaning products had never exactly excited us until we discovered method. You may be tempted to cheat on your Swiffer with their new ergonomically correct omop that comes with a washable microfiber mop pad (so you
27 Jan 2007

Portable Bar

BornRich: This Portable Bar is designed for those on the move! This portable bar allows you a quick bar set up, anytime anywhere, and has everything you need at your fingertips. The bar is made from a
26 Jan 2007

Baby Planners

The Observer UK: Never have there been so many ways for busy professionals to outsource their lives. Now, perhaps inevitably, it’s the turn of their babies. No need for expectant parents to wade through books or trudge
25 Jan 2007

Mobile Phone Ads

New York Times Online: People often say they do not like advertisements, but that may change if the ads start lowering their cellphone bills. Cellular phone carriers like Verizon, Sprint and Cingular, now the new AT&T, are
24 Jan 2007

Social Retailing

MarketingVox: Interactive services firm IconNicholson has created a new type of in-store experience that combines social networking and shopping, and has come to be known as Social Retailing, according to fashion.psfk. Demonstrated at the National Retail Federation

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22 Jan 2007

Teen Concierge

Delaware Online: Kathleen Cochran, general manager of San Diego’s Loews Coronado Bay Resort & Spa, learned a simple truth from her family about traveling: “When teenagers aren’t happy, no one’s happy.” “It’s just really awful,” said Cochran,
22 Jan 2007

Clinic Dining

The Cool Hunter: With so many dining and nightlife concepts appearing in the world’s most prestigious cities, it can be difficult separating the ‘flash in the pans’ from the genuinely unique establishments that are here to stay.
21 Jan 2007

Social Networking for Kids

Bradenton Herald: Are you concerned that your wanna-be-cool-too preteen might be following their older siblings onto social-networking Web sites such as MySpace.com and Facebook.com? Thankfully, there are several sites that a 9-year-old can explore without alarming their
21 Jan 2007

Bone Wedding Ring

Iconoculture: “With this bone, I thee wed.” Five U.K. couples recently sealed their vows by exchanging rings made from their own bone tissue, grown in the lab from sample cells. Scientists harvested the cells from tiny slivers