20 Mar 2006

Cool Way to Eat Healthy

Yahoo! Finance: As Americans look for easy, everyday solutions to get more fruits and vegetables into their diet, Dole Packaged Foods, LLC introduces DOLE® Frozen Fruit — a new selection of delicious fresh frozen fruit with the
20 Mar 2006

How to Play Cassette Tapes on your PC

DailyCandy: Okay, class, in today’s history lesson, we’ll be learning about primitive forms of technology. You see, before MP3 players or iPods, and even before CDs, back in the ’80s and ’90s, people listened to music on
18 Mar 2006

Pets Hotels

Iconoculture: Ask any canine or kitty: It’s doggone traumatic when owners go away. But Mazzu’s Dog and Cat Hotel in Philadelphia aims to ease things with tony boarding options that include dinners of filet mignon or fresh
18 Mar 2006

Vitamin Beer

Local6.com: A brewer in Dallas has created a beer that promises to be better for you because it is filled with vitamins, according to a Local 6 News report. Stampede beer is enhanced with B vitamin, folic
17 Mar 2006

Emotional Seats

BornRich: Want more furniture like the mood light furniture that changes colors as per your mood, then I bet you will be completely mesmerized with the Animi Causa’s “Feel Seating System” which can change its form according
16 Mar 2006

Devine Color

USATODAY.com: Schauffler, creator of the high-end Devine Color brand of interior house paints, plans to expand her $10 million annual business by introducing a line of custom window coverings she calls corsets: valances that hug the top
16 Mar 2006

Wrigley’s First New Product In Nearly A Century

BRANDWEEK: Known throughout the ad world for its iconic “Doublemint Twins” ads, the Doublemint brand today debuted its first new product in nearly a century, along with an ad campaign that satirizes its own brand. Wrigley’s Doublemint
15 Mar 2006

Playing with Eccky

Springwise: Appealing to the IM-generation, Eccky (created by Media Republic) is a multi-player concept that allows two people to create a virtual baby, add it to their MSN buddy list, and guide it through its childhood and

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15 Mar 2006

Caffeine SpazzStick

DailyCandy: Caffeine, as many a sanctimonious health freak has informed us, is a drug. One you can be very, very addicted to. To which we reply: So call us Pete Doherty and pass the biscotti. Still, the
15 Mar 2006

Almost-New Homes

latimes.com: Speculators, whose robust purchases made 2005 one of the best years for new-home sales, have reined in their buying and started selling amid signs of a housing slowdown. The influx of their almost-new homes is making
14 Mar 2006

Sell What You Say

TechCrunch: The concept of Ether is straightforward, but it has a massive back end infrastructure (thankfully Ingenio already had it built). They call it an “ebay for services”, allowing people to charge for advice over the phone
13 Mar 2006

Auto Dust Pan

Shiny Shiny: Huzzah!, another household appliance that stops people from having to bend over (why yes, I am the laziest housekeeper in the world, thanks for noticing). The SweepEZE Vacuuming Dust Pan replaces the standard dust pan