21 Jan 2009

Phillips New Cinema Widescreen Display. 56″, 21:9 aspect ratio. Glorius.

While most companies are pushing the envelope with the development of OLED screens, Phillips has decided to take a run at a 56? true cinema widescreen. That’s a ratio of 21:9. Using their Ambient RGB back light
21 Jan 2009

Watch The Green Cloud Grow!

Inhabitat: During the week long installation, local residents were asked to consume less, unplug their electrical appliances, and then watch the green cloud grow! HeHe explained; “No other space, network, grid, community could better represent a city
19 Jan 2009

2-in-1 Quattro for Women

Talking Retail: Wilkinson Sword is simplifying the shaving process with the launch of the new revolutionary 2-in-1 Quattro for Women Bikini that combines a bikini trimmer and a high performance razor in one convenient beauty accessory. There
17 Jan 2009

Plug ’N Talk

Inquirer.net: “Whenever we ask OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) what they need during this global financial crisis, the answer is the same: Any little way we can save, we will welcome it,” said Perry V. Bayani, head of

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16 Jan 2009

Birdie Diapers

The Red Ferret: The FlightSuit Bird Diaper has us speechlessed. The idea, of course, is you strap it on and protect your home and loved ones from unsavoury droplets of bird goo, but we can’t get around
15 Jan 2009

ECOIST Handbags

Inhabitat: Talk about trash to treasure! Where the rest of us saw a candy wrapper, Ecoist founders Helen and Jonathan Marcoschamer saw a material that could be re-used to create unique handbags. And they didn’t just stop
14 Jan 2009


Springwise: Zeroing in on paper napkins—USD 200 of which the average kid uses each year—North Carolina-based Happikins recently launched an eye-pleasing line of reusable lunch box napkins. Available in packages of five, Happikins are 12-by-12-inch cotton or
13 Jan 2009


WildCharge.com: WildCharge is changing the way people charge their mobile devices by commercializing – through licensing partnerships – its proven, wire-free power technology. WildCharge’s Technology Licensing Program provides the design and manufacturing guidance, allowing original equipment/design manufacturers
12 Jan 2009

For The Mega Rich

Born Rich: Adding bling to the cars is in fashion these days. The name isn’t popular enough this time though, but after being bejeweled with Swarovski crystals, the car has become an immeasurable treasure. The car is
11 Jan 2009

Targus Keeps You Cool

PRNewswire: Targus(R) Inc., maker of the world’s top-selling laptop computer cases and accessories, today unveiled its new cooling products to protect your lap and laptop. The new products include the Chill Mat, Chill Mat XC, Chill Hub