11 Mar 2005

FR? FL? D? Fitness

Iconoculture: A few leaps on the treadmill? The FR? FL? D? fitness program blends break-dancing and skateboarding moves with athletic footwork on a customized moving treadmill called the Launchpad. With its martial arts–like twists, inventor/fitness guru Kappel
10 Mar 2005

Skateboarding: The 25 Year Old Passing Trend

PSFK: Skateboarding was just a fad back in the early 80′s but 25 years on and it is a multi-million dollar industry that continues to grow. A recent website to promote the book ‘Built to Grind’ captures
9 Mar 2005

Laugh All the Way to the Bank

Businessweek Online: In the sales world, one of the most common stumbling blocks is price objection. A potential deal may be moving ahead smoothly, but when numbers enter the conversation, eager customers can suddenly turn and flee.
9 Mar 2005

Tenants’ Mobile Solution

icSouthlondon: A text message service telling council tenants about housing repairs could be introduced. Under the scheme tenants’ representatives will get an alert about “one-off jobs” on things such as communal lighting and stairwells. But recipients will
9 Mar 2005

BMW’s Move

BBC News: BMW is preparing to enter the market for car-style people carriers, the firm’s chief has told BBC News. Speaking at a BMW event ahead of the Geneva motor show, Helmut Panke predicted demand for such
7 Mar 2005

Ants Collective Intelligence Inspires Technology

we make money not art: Scientists are studying ants behaviour to help solve technical problems. An ant can work out the quickest way from A to B more efficiently than a boffin with a computer. It bases
6 Mar 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 11

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 11: 14/02/05 – 06/03/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: GADGETS Microsoft Child Surveillance Toy The idea behind this plush toy is that it will be able to follow the movement of the
4 Mar 2005

Microsoft Child Surveillance Toy

Shiny Shiny: How to give your child a lifelong uneasy feeling that it’s being watched: sit this ugly stuffed toy into the corner of its room. This Teddy Bear is something Microsoft’s been showing off recently. It’s

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4 Mar 2005

Trash With Solar-Powered Compactor

we make money not art: New York is testing a trash can that uses solar power to sense when it is full and automatically compact the garbage inside. When the can is full, a red indicator light
4 Mar 2005

Racing Fishes

Popgadget: Feeling guilty for keeping your goldfish in a little tiny bowl? The Goldfish Racetrack has an “infinity shape” so your goldfish (said to have a memory of 7 seconds) will think they are exploring the seven
4 Mar 2005

Easy Driving

Technology Review: A car that swerves back into lanes on its own and a video system that makes parking a breeze were part of technological features on display by the Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Co. The technology
2 Mar 2005

Super Trainer Bicycle Treadmill

Gizmodo: My brain goes all crunchy with potential Jetsons-type disaster of the Super Trainer Bicycle Treadmill. At about twelve feet long, three feet wide, and something like twenty-five hundred pounds, the Super Trainer simulates a patch of