13 May 2005

Expert Marketing

Trendwatching: Marketing and advertising sure is fun, but true CUSTOMER-MADE involves co-created goods, co-created services, co-created experiences! So, waking up to the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of experts, innovators, inventors and so on outside
12 May 2005

Daddy’s Shorts

Iconoculture: “Have bottle, will travel!” That’s the modern parent’s bottle, er, battle cry. But where’s a dad to stash the immediate gotta-haves, like bottle, binkie, and wipes? Hook and Tackle figured out a manly way to make
11 May 2005

Marriage Business

USAToday: When Dane and Nancy Bryant were married two years ago, the guests gave them silverware, wine glasses, a picnic set and a business idea that dramatically changed their lives. Dane, a Web site developer, had decided
11 May 2005

Skin Networking

Technology Review: This month, NTT Labs, the research and development wing of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, plans to start conducting field trials for a radical new “human area networking” technology called RedTactont that uses the naturally-occurring
11 May 2005


Yenra: An innovative cell phone service offers live interpretation, concierge assistance, and help services with one touch of a keypad. 1TouchConnect is the first international telecommunications provider to combine convenient local and international calling with traveler assistance.
10 May 2005

Relax To Play

Popgadget: Here is a game I will never be able to win. If, like me, you are also chronically unable to relax, then “Relax to Win” could either finally make you achieve this long awaited goal, or
10 May 2005


We Make Money Not Art: SpotScents, developed by Yasuyuki Yanagida at the Media Information Science Laboratories in Japan, uses scent projectors to deliver localized odors to a human’s nose through the air without requiring users to wear
7 May 2005

Online T-Shirts Seller

Startup Journal: Dan Mowry thought he knew just how to turn his family entertainment newsletter into a successful online business. Two years ago, he designed an attractive site and loaded it up with features to entice readers

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7 May 2005

Bookmarking Retailers

RFID in Japan: A Tokyo-based company TechFirm is launching a service that connects consumers and small retailers using RFID. Consumers having RFID-chipped phones can “bookmark” their “favorite” stores by showing their phones to RFID readers installed in
7 May 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 15

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 15: 24/04/05 – 07/05/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: MARKETING Star Wars In Action Star Wars is one of the all-time moneymaking franchises. Consumers are being flooded with Star Wars-themed goods. TRENDS
5 May 2005

T-shirts Made Fresh Daily

Springwise: Three great examples underlining that retail formats and shopping habits continue to blend, turning everything into easy-to-ogle, easy-to-customize and easy-to-buy: At The T-Shirt Deli in Chicago, unadorned shirts are selected from a deli counter and then
4 May 2005

PSP: The Next iPod

Red Herring Blog: At the risk of future embarrassment, I’m convinced that Sony’s PSP portable PlayStation is the harbinger of things digital to come. The current model of the PSP may not be the version that blows