4 Sep 2005

Car Shoes

The Spoof!: The latest invention from down under has just rolled off the production line! Car shoes, yes you read right. And Car Shoes are proving to be more than just a ‘fad’. The shoes developed by
2 Sep 2005

My Home Outside

The Cool Hunter: It had to happen. As practically everything we use in the home – from TV sets to cell phones, ipods and computers – have shrunk in size and increased in efficiency, it was only
1 Sep 2005

Monkey Business

BusinessWeek: It’s not safe coaching third base — or any base, for that matter — when the ZOOperstars are in town. Just ask the countless coaches who have been swallowed whole by 10-foot-tall Clammy Sosa, one of
1 Sep 2005

Tech Toys

Tech Digest: For many of us, realising man’s dream of flight extends only as far as miniature bags of peanuts and complementary booze, but at lest there are a wide variety of gadgets that will bring the
31 Aug 2005

Bitter Chocolate Toothpaste

Iconoculture: Minty fresh gone stale? Tired taste buds get a breath of fresh air with Breath Palette toothpastes. The polishes for pearly whites come in 32 unexpected flavors like Bitter Chocolate, Indian Curry, Sweet Salt, and Pumpkin
31 Aug 2005

Super Pen

TrendCentral: This fancy pen does way more than just write. Packed with a tiny computer, camera, speaker and ink cartridge, the FLY allows users to do math, make music, play games, and schedule activities. When the user
30 Aug 2005

Porridge – the New Fast Food

Scotsman.com: OATS have traditionally never enjoyed the sexiest image. But today even the most stylish and faddish foodie will happily admit to starting the day with a bowl of porridge. In an age when we are more
30 Aug 2005

Digital Fabrication

We Make Money Not Art: Ben Pell’s Walldrobe Wearpaper is a series of thin leather panels that you hang on your wall as you would artwork. When you’re ready to get dressed, you take down your chosen

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29 Aug 2005

At Your Service

PSFK: Genuardi’s.com launched their home-delivery service today in some of regions of Philadelphia. Customers get to specify how ripe they want their fruits and how thick they want their steaks. Customers get free delivery on their first
29 Aug 2005


Entrepreneur: Betty Hung and Teresa Williams want their customers to throw their product away. To be more specific, the minds behind OneDerWear disposable underwear would just like customers to wear it and toss it. The two friends
28 Aug 2005

Facial Health Water

Ubercool: In case you haven’t noticed, water is everywhere, particularly the bottled kind. It’s such a hot commodity it has created a $46 billion market. In some countries, bottled water has even eclipsed beer consumption, and it
28 Aug 2005

Mobile Comics

Tech Digest: In a move aimed at putting Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. at the top of the growing mobile comic market, the company has announced plans to roughly triple the amount of comics made available for Japanese