20 Feb 2006

Homes That Rotate

RotatingHome.com: Perfect for entertaining and personal enjoyment a RotatingHome may be just right for you. No longer will you need to decide which rooms will have a great view and which rooms will have minimal view or
20 Feb 2006

Cellphone Responsibility

Iconoculture: Through its Off the Hook program, Cell-Phones-n-Plans offers teens hankering for cellphones a way to show parents they’re serious about cellular responsibilities. The free program includes prewritten e-mails teens can send to parents explaining that they
19 Feb 2006

Mother-to-be Brides

Yenra: Traditional elegant white bridal dress for mother-to-be makes pregnant bride feel beautiful on her special day. Women today are living their lives on their own terms. A Pea in the Pod, Mimi Maternity and Motherhood Maternity
18 Feb 2006

Big Nano Future

Atlanta Business Chronicle: In 2029, people and computers will be “intimately connected” in profound ways, thanks to breakthrough advances in artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and a soon-to-be-acquired knowledge of the human brain. That’s according to futurist Ray Kurzweil,
18 Feb 2006

Newlyweds Bargain

Iconoculture: When wedding guests don’t put out, savvy newlyweds cash in. Retailers are toasting just-marrieds with completion sales – post-honeymoon promotions that let start-up spouses score discounts on un-purchased registry items. Staples like Bloomingdale’s, Williams-Sonoma, Crate &
16 Feb 2006

Puzzling Alarm Clock

DailyCandy: The New York Times Sunday crossword? Sudoku? Rubik’s cube? Pfft. You can solve those suckers in your sleep. Which may explain why you always need just five (okay, twenty) more minutes in bed. If your propensity
13 Feb 2006


Westchester.com: Eighty-nine percent of parents believe that it is important for their child to be involved in hands-on activities outside of the classroom. To help parents meet these needs, The Scholastic Store, located in SoHo and Scarsdale,
13 Feb 2006

Drink in a Tube

eBizAsiaLink.com: Drinks come mostly in cans or bottles, but tubes? No way. Well, tell that to the Wenger Co, which has been making mustard, vinegar, ketchup, etc for more than a century. In 2003, it decided to

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12 Feb 2006

DIY Energy Bars

Triple Pundit: Everyone loves Clif Bar, and recognizes them as one of the more admirable companies out there by just about any measure related to the integrated bottom line. But there’s one problem that Clif bar has
12 Feb 2006

The Flying Carpet

Gizmag: Digital imaging offers the ability to create fantastic images and use them in new ways by creating spaces to transform perceptions and indeed create whole new environments. We now have the ability to put any image
11 Feb 2006

Alfresco TV

Popgadget: If, for you, a relaxing afternoon on the lanai must include an hour with Oprah, you’re in luck. Perfect for patio, gazebo, or cabana, the SunbriteTV is protected from rain, dirt, and excessive temperatures. The flat-panel
11 Feb 2006


All Headline News: The days of baiting hooks with squirmy worms to catch fish may be over. A new product called Fool-a-Fish may make catching fish easier. Fool-a-Fish works like this: spray the product (which contains titanium