19 Jul 2006

Replay That Smell

New Scientist: Imagine being able to record a smell and play it back later, just as you can with sounds or images. Engineers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan are building an odour recorder capable
19 Jul 2006

Headband + Headphones + Headset

Popgadget: For most of us who use headphones while commuting, jogging or otherwise, it generally seems like a hard task to look stylish and wear headphones at the same time. But what if you could do both?
17 Jul 2006

Intelligent Fitting Room

SFLORG.com: Researchers from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)’s Institute of Textiles and Clothing have recently developed “An intelligent Simulator for Cross-selling & Up-selling using Smart Fitting Room & Smart Dressing Mirror”. It is envisaged to help
16 Jul 2006

Canine Cafe

Iconoculture: If the Chicago City Council passes an ordinance letting dogs dine alongside their owners at outdoor cafés, chef Didier Durand of Cyrano’s Bistrot will serve a $5 prix fixe canine menu to his patrons’ pets. Chef
16 Jul 2006

Yearbook Dot Com

Wired: John Shin refuses to buy a copy of his high school yearbook. Instead, he’s turning to the internet to preserve and share memories of his sophomore year. The 15-year-old has posted a collection of school-related photos
15 Jul 2006

Power On The Go

Iconoculture: Fun in the sun gets a jolt of power with Solio, a solar-powered battery charger for iPods, GPS, cellphones and even digital cameras, that folds up into a 4-in.-by-2-in. teardrop. Road warriors running low on juice
15 Jul 2006

No Noise Headphones

Yenra: The Quiet Comfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones from Bose offer the audio performance, noise reduction, and comfortable fit of the second model in an on-ear design. To reduce size without compromising performance, Bose engineers relied
14 Jul 2006

Hose Nose

Strange New Products: Why couldn’t they’ve had stuff like this when I was a kid? “Hose Nose” is a new offering from San Diego, CA-based Kandy Kastle. The nose is filled with “Candy Slime”. It appears to

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13 Jul 2006

Neat Nets

Orlando Sentinel: Forget those plain-Jane plastic bags for storing your child’s toys. Now, there’s an easy and practical way to store everything from building blocks to action figures. Neat Nets by Parents of Invention are colorful, mesh
12 Jul 2006

Ice Rocks

Cool Hunting: Ice Rocks are prepackaged, ready-to-freeze individual ice cubes made from French spring water. Geared primarily toward the (upscale) tourism market, they assure worried travelers that the ice is safe to use. Scotch Rocks, a version
12 Jul 2006

Floating Bed

Stuff Magazine: Back in our formative years we were mighty impressed by the levitating pens in the Science Museum shop, and now somebody’s taken the concept to exciting new heights by making a floating bed. You can
11 Jul 2006

Easy Power Strip

Engadget: As we all know, the biggest problem with conventional power strips are the unconventional plugs with whom the ol’ girl mates. These boys come in all sizes and shapes resulting in at least one or two