23 Jul 2005

Male Business

Springwise.com: More beauty-based ideas, of the Metrosexual kind no less (ah — how 2004), as male beautification continues its waxed & plucked victory march. Male grooming salons and spas are seeing brisk business (as Springwise reported before).
23 Jul 2005

Scrolling Belt Buckles

Independentcollegian.com: A new accessory has wrapped its way around the waists of New York City’s trendsetters. Scrolling LED belt buckles in vibrant colors allow hipsters to display personalized messages in rhinestone-studded frames. The battery-powered buckles hold six
21 Jul 2005

More Than Just A Pear

The New York Times: A pear is just a pear, except when it is also a laser-coded information delivery system with advanced security clearance. And that is what pears–not to mention organic apples, waxy cucumbers and delicate
21 Jul 2005

Get Me A Cave

Iconoculture: Consumers find a release for their primal passions, as well as their sense of unusual style, in retreats that are affordable, energy-efficient, and oh so cool. Batman isn’t the only guy with a cool cave, OK?
19 Jul 2005

Only I Have it

BizReport: Nike.com sells nearly 200 styles of sneakers for men and women — which, for some footwear fiends, apparently isn’t choice enough. In fact, the convenience of being able to shop online isn’t enough. Enter NikeID.com, the
18 Jul 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 21

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 21: 18/07/05 – 31/07/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: GAMES Mirror Mirror On The Walls Through the looking glass is a system that allows a person to play a game with her/himself
18 Jul 2005

Wannado It?

NEXT by Ramla: The blurb says: At Wannado City, kids can be whatever they want to be – right now. From paleontologist to news reporter, to everything in between, kids try out tons of grown-up jobs in
18 Jul 2005

Graffiti Design

DailyCandy: All the nights spent scaling buildings, tagging bridges, scribing walls with your crew. Maybe you wanted to mark your territory. Maybe you wanted fame. Too bad you’ve been busted. Sucka! While under house arrest, ditch the

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17 Jul 2005

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

we make money not art: Through the looking glass is a system that allows a person to play a game with her/himself in a mirror. A full-body-action pong game can be played with the current installation, which
17 Jul 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 20

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 20: 04/07/05 – 17/07/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: FOOD & BEVERAGE Functional Sweets Sweet news for the sweet tooth – “functional confectionery” is taking some of the guilt out of guilty
15 Jul 2005

Alarm Pills

Iconoculture: As technology lets us monitor more aspects of our lives, it can mean safer medicating and better health for forgetful patients. Time for a pill? The SIMpill bottle takes the guesswork out of medicine schedules, using
14 Jul 2005

Temp Models for Hire

Springwise.com: Beautiful people have always had it easier, but in today’s appearance-obsessed society it really pays to be one of the Beautiful Ones. As no event, party, night out, shopping spree or fancy dinner is complete without