22 Sep 2006

One Stop Cut

Josh Spears: Would you believe me if I were to tell you there was a place where one could get a haircut, a shave, shop and enjoy a cocktail? Well for you Chicagoans, this might just be
21 Sep 2006

Unmanned Store

KioskMarketplace: Calling Get & Go Express an “unmanned c-store” might be a bit misleading. It not only doesn’t have a staff, but the goods are all stocked in machines facing outward. What’s more, it doesn’t have tobacco,
20 Sep 2006

The Invisible Code

Pink Tentacle: On September 13, Fujitsu unveiled a new type of “invisible” barcode, called FP (Fine Picture) code, which allows data to be embedded directly into color print photographs. FP code consists of a series of faint
18 Sep 2006

Fruity Ice Cubes

Iconoculture: Ice Kids are secured ice cubes, colored with natural fruit extracts like blueberry, lemon and strawberry. According to the website, “Children can thus pour spring water over Ice Kids fruit ice cubes and enjoy the same
17 Sep 2006

Virtual World Marketing

Research Magazine: At the end of a hard day’s graft, hundreds of thousands of people now choose to escape reality to spend time in Second Life – a 3D virtual world. However, one man has figured out
16 Sep 2006

Mobile Concert

BusinessWeek: Are you going to miss the Rolling Stones playing Paris on July 28? Well, if you’re a Cingular Wireless subscriber, you don’t have to. Cingular is using innovative new technology that lets its customers dial a
15 Sep 2006

Life Bank

dottocomu: TakaraTomy have come up with another great, wacky product in the Life Bank (Jinsei Ginkou), the riff on the coin bank that the 21st century has been waiting for. The Bank’s screen shows you the life
14 Sep 2006

Workspace Brands

Influx Insights: Companies are increasingly coming to terms with the idea that the workspace, is an under-utilized brand asset. There are a couple of interesting recent examples: Marketing services companies are notoriously bad at marketing themselves and

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13 Sep 2006

Ready Daddy

Babygadget: As a young father, I hate the stereotype you often see on television and commercials of the bumbling dad. Does it take us a touch longer to pick up some skills when it comes to child-rearing?
12 Sep 2006

Game of Faith

USATODAY: The streets of New York have never looked so barren. An occasional taxi or bus motors down a boulevard as people wander aimlessly among eerily vacant buildings. Soon, black helicopters loom overhead and armed soldiers close
11 Sep 2006

Burning Garbage

Wired: A Florida county has grand plans to ditch its dump, generate electricity and help build roads — all by vaporizing garbage at temperatures hotter than parts of the sun. The $425 million facility expected to be
11 Sep 2006

Green Pass

BusinessWeek: Martin Hughes is not your typical hybrid-driving, clean-energy fanatic. Hughes and his wife, both longtime oil-industry veterans, zoom around Houston in no-compromise vehicles. His, a Nissan Xterra SUV. Hers, a zippy Volkswagen Passat. Yet when Hughes