1 Mar 2006

Retro Refrigerators

Gizmodo: If your crib is getting to be a little bit too modern-looking, now it’s time to funk it up a bit with some retro-refrigeration. Oddly-named Brit company Smeg is offering these old-fashioned refrigerators with a large
28 Feb 2006


PRNewswire: AquaCell Media, Inc., a subsidiary of AquaCell Technologies, has tapped into the fast-growing out-of-home advertising segment with their patented self-filling water coolers used as in-store “billboards”. AquaCell installs their unlimited-use water coolers free of charge for
28 Feb 2006


Popgadget: Brookstone has these pillow speakers called (surprise, surprise) iPillow for those of you who like to listen to music in bed. Just plug in your mp3 player into the pillow. The pillow itself looks to be
27 Feb 2006

Room for Writers

Springwise: Paragraph (“providing an affordable and tranquil working environment for writers of all genres”) occupies a 2,500 square foot loft space near Union Square, divided into a writing room and a lounge area. The writing room has
27 Feb 2006

Digg It

TrendCentral: Just about a year ago, we wrote about the Internet trend of tagging. Since then, the practice has really taken off with everyone from bloggers to dating sites such as www.consumating.com using tags to make searching
27 Feb 2006

Wind Workout

Yenra: Windjector from Dosho Design uses air resistance to provide a cardio workout, stretching, and strengthening of the core muscles. The twenty-nine core muscles are crucial for improving athletic performance as well as for performing everyday activities.
26 Feb 2006

Corporate-Consumer Blog

deepikaglobal.com: The consumer-friendly website mouthshut.com is planning to launch a blogging space for the corporates to contact or respond to their consumers directly. This will allow a two-way interaction between customers and corporates about complaints, new products,
26 Feb 2006

Tour Of The Devastation

Iconoculture: Bus tour operator Gray Line New Orleans has been offering visitors a three-hour “Hurricane Katrina – America’s Worst Catastrophe” tour of the devastation. On the first day of touring, demand was so high that the company

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26 Feb 2006

New Fibres

Chicago Tribune: Cotton for sheets is, like, so five minutes ago. Several new fabrics have been warming beds for some time now, and many of them are kind to the Earth too. Try bamboo fiber. It’s new
26 Feb 2006

Best Business Idea Awards 2006

The Best Business Idea in an opportunity for individuals or groups from all over Australia to get their business idea off the ground. Australia is booming with innovative and talented people, Crown and Gleeson Business Finance want
26 Feb 2006

Easy Page Scanning

Atiz Innovation: What if you could digitize any book you want with just the push of a button and without having to go through the tedious process of turning the pages manually? BookDrive® — the world’ s
26 Feb 2006

Virtual Riches

Wired: Jennifer Grinnell, Michigan furniture delivery dispatcher turned fashion designer in cyber space, never imagined that she could make a living in a video game. Grinnell’s shop, Mischief, is in Second Life, a virtual world whose users