21 Jun 2005

Shopping Haven

Trendwatching: Yub.com, a wholly owned subsidiary of Buy.com, calls itself the world’s first shopping social network, with a mission to “provide word-of-mouth on the web, filtered by trusted relationships.” Partnering with the likes of Sony, Apple iTunes,
20 Jun 2005

Simple Phones

Mobile Digest: It might seem odd in an age of 3G handsets offering video calling, music playback and even TV, but Vodafone is getting back to basics. Announced on Friday were the first pair of mobiles in
20 Jun 2005

iPods + Sushi

NetImperative: EMI Music UK has tied with Yo! Sushi to provide music and video content to the conveyor belt restaurant chain. Music content from the record label will be delivered to seven iPods and plasma screens located
19 Jun 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 18

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 18: 06/06/05 – 19/06/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: RETAIL Salvage Retail Whole House Building Supply and Salvage holds 48-hour salvage sales on the site of soon-to-be-demolished homes where DIY enthusiasts can
18 Jun 2005

Innocent’s Juicy Water

Cool Hunting: Because of Cool Hunting’s unusually high alcohol content this week, it seems prudent to balance out our rampant vices with a little virtue. Thus it is my temperate pleasure to introduce a more righteous source
18 Jun 2005

Molecular Gastronomy

Influx Insights: Dismissed by many as a fad, molecular gastronomy has a new found legitimacy, as last week, Britain’s The Fat Duck was named the world’s best restaurant. At The Fat Duck you will find the most
18 Jun 2005

Got Junk?

USAToday: Brian Scudamore keeps proving that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. The 35-year-old businessman has gone from high school dropout to CEO of a fast-growing trash-removal empire that aims to become to the junk world
18 Jun 2005

Salvage Retail

Iconoculture: DIY homebodies looking for the perfect retro pieces like the thrill of the hunt, and this one engages them in the process from start to finish. “Everything must go!” – for real. Whole House Building Supply

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17 Jun 2005

Get Your Adpack!

gizmag: Perth-based advertising agency Breakthrough has released an original and innovative ideas generation tool specifically focussed on advertising. The card-based system is designed to assist in concept generation and media selection and is one of the cleverest
17 Jun 2005

Anti-Wrinkle Cream for Over 60s

Cosmetics design.com: With increasing market research indicating that there is untapped potential in the silver-haired generation, Lancome is hoping to tap into this growing niche with the launch this fall of Platineum, a new anti-aging moisturizer targeting
17 Jun 2005

Stink No More

DailyCandy: Do you smell something? It was there when you got up this morning. There was still a hint of it on your route to work. And even now it lingers. But you can’t quite put your
16 Jun 2005

Weather Targeting

Revolution Magazine: Yell.com is launching a suite of seasonal interactive ad campaigns, which target creative to regional weather conditions. The first wave of creative, running until July, aims to promote Yell.com’s range of services and is based