22 Dec 2008

Roadway Energy

Inhabitat: Engineers at Innowattech in Israel recently created a new type of road that generates electricity as vehicles pass over it! The supercharged surface is embedded with piezoelectric crystals, which transform kinetic energy from passing vehicles into
20 Dec 2008

Bike Power Charger

Inhabitat: Imagine never having to plug your cellphone into the wall again! Now you can just plug it into your bike with Oscar L’Hermitte’s “Watts Maker” cell phone charger. The system consists of a small kinetic generator
19 Dec 2008

Speed-dating For Babysitters

Iconoculture: Finding a reliable babysitter can be tough. Sitter Soirees in Portland, Oregon, streamline the process with “speed-dating” sessions that bring parents and sitters together at informal gatherings held in family-friendly boutiques. Soiree founder Jen Fererro recruits
18 Dec 2008

GAMEROX Gaming Chair

Slash Gear: If your kids aren’t interested in a Wii but you’d still like them to get some exercise benefit out of their console, the GAMEROX gaming chair might be the solution. Resembling a couple of mudflaps,

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17 Dec 2008

Eco Lingerie

Eco-Boudoir.com: Eco-Boudoir conforms to the most uncompromising ethical standards and all business and production processes are conducted with complete transparency. It is our aim to supply you with beautiful, eco-friendly lingerie and bedroom accessories. Jenny White, founder
15 Dec 2008

Green Christmas Ornaments

NBC Philadelphia: Green gifts are red-hot this season! Who doesn’t love a unique ornament on their tree? How about a recycled Rudolf? This set of ornaments is made from recycled soda cans. They are hand-crafted by Kenyan
14 Dec 2008

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 77

The Smiling Robot The copycat robotic head, ‘Jules’ shows you what you look like when you make a face. Designed by roboticist David Hanson, it copies facial expressions captured by a video camera. Software translates the expressions
14 Dec 2008

Show Some Shticks

TrendCentral: For those of you who constantly feel the need to say what’s on your mind no matter how inappropriate, whether it’s when you are cut off by a jerk driver on the road or stuck on
12 Dec 2008

I Feel London Maps

Springwise: Guidebooks and recommendations are all very well, but there’s very little point in discovering a new activity, restaurant or shop if you’re not in the right headspace to enjoy it. Enter I Feel London (or Toronto,
11 Dec 2008

FreeGreen Home Designs

TrendWatching.com: FreeGreen offers free, downloadable green house plans. Free Green’s team of engineers and designers works with industry-leading product manufacturers to create home designs that incorporate different combinations of products, materials and vendors. It also provides 3D