11 Dec 2006

Fly PenTop Education

The StarPhoenix: The Fly PenTop Computer is the latest LeapFrog Enterprises product for 8 -13 year-olds. This is the same company that brought us the Leapster hand-held gaming and learning tool. However, this is no simple pen
10 Dec 2006

Tosh Souvenirs

Tosh is about the souvenirs you always wished you could find. In the words of the founders: “We founded tosh in 2004. Having travelled to almost a hundred cities in over 40 countries, we’ve always found it
9 Dec 2006


Williamsport Sun-Gadget: The minty-fresh smell of Planet Dog’s Orbee-TUFF balls may just send anyone (even the dog) into the holiday season. I think it’s more the shape than the smell that is special about these toys. My
9 Dec 2006

Dog Scooter

Gizmag: This new concept in near zero emission transportation could be just what you’re looking for, though we suspect that parking might be a problem. Seriously though folks, if you have a big dog that often takes
8 Dec 2006

Growing Clothes For Growing Kids

Iconoculture: Adjustable-waist pants solve fit issues width-wise, but Mom’s only recourse against growth upspurts and dryer-induced shrinkage used to be cuffs or cut-offs. Ziprips represent yet another practical solution from mompreneurs. Ziprips are a line of stylish
7 Dec 2006

Rapping Paper

Cool Hunting: Though not quite in production yet, Si Hill Design has been getting a lot of praise for his clever (w)rapping paper that features the instantly recognizable lyrics to popular rap songs. The pun of the
7 Dec 2006

Dental Hygiene

Dental Economics: Zenith Dental introduces Kolorz, a new hygiene line that includes a Topical Anesthetic Gel, Prophylaxis Paste, and Foam and Gel Fluoride. To develop this new product, Zenith went to gourmet food industry experts to develop
7 Dec 2006

What’s the Deal?

Personalized comparison shopping site, DealMine.com announces the launch of its wireless application for consumers to access their membership deals on the road. With thousands of discounts, miles, points and cash back rewards from credit cards, frequent flier

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6 Dec 2006

Scented Bus Stops

Strange New Products: Arcade Marketing Inc., in tandem with the California Milk Processor Board, is putting up a new type of advertisement at bus stops that emit the smell of chocolate chip cookies. The ad, which will
4 Dec 2006

Eco- Pots

Springwise: EcoForm pots are made from by-products of renewable and sustainable crops, namely grain husks and natural binding agents. Under average use and conditions, they’ll last five years and are freeze and thaw resistant. Once discarded into
2 Dec 2006

Inflatable Steam Sauna

Uber-Review: The Inflatable Steam Sauna is a sauna for the poor man. In 5 minutes you can be up and sweating in 160 degree Fahrenheit steam with the included pump and some water. The sauna does not
1 Dec 2006

Play iPod from Backpack

Popgadet: Nike has introduced the C.O.R.E. Backpack iD, a new customizable backpack that features integrated iPod controls. No more digging for that iPod. The backpack’s keypad, located on the right shoulder strap, has controls for volume, tracks