19 Dec 2006

Fashionable Message

TrendCentral: While fashion has always been used as a form of self expression, we’re seeing an increase in the number of clothing labels that go beyond aesthetics to make a statement. COTAM (Clothing of the American Mind)
18 Dec 2006

Facials Good Enough to Eat

East Valley Tribune: It’s the newest trend among Scottsdale spas – pureed perishables used to attract upscale clientele. And local spagoers are eating it up, spending up to $240 for a single treatment. “Right now, I am
17 Dec 2006

Frozen Oganic Baby Food

dBusinessNews: Metro-area parents have a fresh new – and local – choice when feeding those important first morsels to their wee ones. Nice Cubes, maker of frozen organic baby food, is now available in all area New
16 Dec 2006

Hug Shirt

Uber-Review: The Hug Shirt is perfect for people in love that are distant from each other, it basically offers the possibility to recreate a hug feeling and not on a virtual kind of way. The shirt works
15 Dec 2006

Inverted Christmas Trees

The Daily Collegian Online: Hang a shining star upon the lowest bough — the world of Christmas trees is being flipped upside-down. The latest trend in artificial Christmas trees seems to be the “inverted” style, in which
15 Dec 2006

Veeker Video Peeks

TrendCentral: You may soon hear people saying “VM me” rather than “IM me”. Veeker is a free video messaging service that enables a camera phone owner to shoot video and instantly share it with friends. Videos are
14 Dec 2006


PR Web Release: The PUMGO, one of the hottest toys at the 2006 New York Toy Fair, was built for non-stop fun. But does all that fun mask a greater good? The PUMGO is all about the
13 Dec 2006

Erasable Paper?

13WHAM-TV: Photocopier paper that erases itself hours after it’s been used? It’s in the works. Xerox researchers are testing it at a lab near Toronto Canada. The Xerox Research Center of Canada is one of five global

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13 Dec 2006

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 34

New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: CONSUMER GOODS Growing Clothes For Growing Kids Ziprips are a line of stylish adjustable separates that grow up (down, actually) with kids 1 to 6. Each article comes with a
13 Dec 2006

Useful Garbage

Reader Mark Nagurski alerted us to the Ebay of dumped and useless items, Useful Garbage. From the website: “Recycle your unwanted clutter or anything you deem as being useless- excluding your Partner! Visitors can ‘Dump’ anything they
13 Dec 2006

Powder Seat

Cool Hunting: Vitamin Living’s The Powder Seat allows you to use your snowboard as the seat of the bench. The board attaches to the legs of the seat via suckers to keep the board protected. It can
13 Dec 2006

Chewy Birth Controls

Strange New Products: A pharmaceutical company, Warner Chilcott, announced today the availability of a new chewable birth control pill with a refreshing spearmint flavor. The product, called “Femcon Fe”, is billed as the first and only FDA-approved