15 Aug 2006

Outdoor Fridge

BornRich: Keep your beer cool in this Weber Chill Refrigerator that can be rolled indoors or outdoors according to your needs. The ultimate big-party cooler features a huge 1.6 cubic feet capacity, and can store 72 ice-cold
14 Aug 2006

e- Real Estates

Entrepreneur.com: Steve Weber always wanted to be part of something big, but he repeatedly saw opportunities, like the fax and PC markets, pass him by. “I told myself, ‘I’m going to get on the front end of
13 Aug 2006

Webcast My Wedding

Springwise: Springwise loves forward-looking ventures that manage to stick around until their time has truly come. Like webcastmywedding.net, which broadcasts weddings to a couple’s friends and family unable to come over from (or to) far flung places.
9 Aug 2006

Various Fuels on Car

Iconoculture: But will it run on empty? In June 2006, Volvo showcased its Multi-Fuel, a vehicle prototype capable of running on gasoline, ethanol, methane, natural gas and Hythane (a trademarked hydrogen-methane blend). The Multi-Fuel earned a gold
8 Aug 2006

Kids Soap

Strange New Product: A new product called, “SquidSoap” is designed to teach kids good habits in washing their hands thoroughly. When you push down on SquidSoap’s dispenser, it shoots a small amount of black ink with the
7 Aug 2006

Trash Without Pest

Entrepreneur.com: Terry Feinberg was seeing red. “I can’t [count] how many times I went outside and found my garbage ripped apart in the street,” Feinberg says. He was tired of having pests and animals snooping around his
5 Aug 2006

Healthy Meals

Iconoculture: Time to outsource those bleary-eyed mornings of sandwich making. Bay Area parents of pre-K to eighth-graders can sign up for Kid Chow to really pack it in – lunchboxes, that is. Here’s how this independent (not
3 Aug 2006

Tracking Time

DailyCandy: You don’t smoke. You avoid the sun. Your bathroom cabinet is heaving with all sorts of antiaging creams. You’re waging a war against time. And it shows. But when it comes to the contents of your

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2 Aug 2006

Jam Sells

Ladies/Girls’ Accessories are now available for sale on a LJ site! All kinds of items to suit everyone from FRUiTS fans and decora girls to the classy and hip ladies who want a bit of spice. All
2 Aug 2006

Cocktail Kick

PR Web: The next big thing to hit the Cocktail Kingdom is a retro-modern shaker full of fun from Phoenix, Arizona-based Sweet’s Brand, Inc. The company is proud to introduce Cocktail Kick — a new product that
1 Aug 2006

Travel Entertainment

Springwise: Launched yesterday at Schiphol Airport, Fuel for Travel lets consumers download travel guides, music, audio books, tv shows and movies to their MP3 players and other digital devices. The Fuel for Travel features listening and viewing
1 Aug 2006

Cool Vest

Dayton Daily News: Just in time for the hot dogs of summer — the Cool Vest. Originally marketed in Japan, the Cool Vest is now being sold in the United States to keep dogs cool in hot