19 Oct 2009

Private Online Diary

Springwise: It’s been more than a decade since online diaries first appeared, and during that time most have transformed into communications of a much more public sort than the paper counterparts that inspired them. Aiming to restore
18 Oct 2009

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 92

Free 28-pages PDF report (worth $38) – “Cool Business Ideas in 2009” – included with your subscription. Learn more here. Position Yourself As A Leader It’s been said that to be a successful salesperson, not only do
17 Oct 2009

Killspencer Commando Bags

Inhabitat: These slick and super durable Killspencer bags made from recycled military truck tarps and coated cotton canvas. Our very own Mike Chino brought them to our attention, and we love the fact that each bag is
16 Oct 2009

Sustainable Undies

Triplepundit: Google the words “sustainable+underwear” and you’ll find a surprisingly large number of hits–566,000 as of today. That’s probably a good omen for Jason Kibbey and Jeff Denby, who recently launched PACT, an underwear company that is

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15 Oct 2009

Automated Recycling @ ecoATM Kiosk

The ecoATM Kiosk is an automated eCycling station for pricing and buy-back of used consumer electronics and mobile phones for trade-in/trade-up and recycling. To recycle, insert a portable CE device or handset. The used device will be
14 Oct 2009

Talking Dumbbell

Iconoculture: Like a personal trainer without the pecs and fees, Mint Select’s Digital Talking Dumbbells use internal speakers and WiFi to monitor and motivate at-home weight workouts. The smart dumbbells count reps, monitor speed and posture and
13 Oct 2009

Rolltop Laptop

Orkin Design’s Rolltop is a flexible OLED display laptop. The “laptop” has a flexible OLED display that is also capable of multitouch. When rolled out it becomes a 17-inch flat screen but can also be folded into
12 Oct 2009

Gym 24/7

At Jetts Fitness 24/7, you don’t pay for facilities such as steam rooms, pools, crèches and classes that you pay for at other clubs but never get time to use. Memberships start from $17.95 per fortnight for
11 Oct 2009

Tweet and Call from Jajah

Iconoculture: Forget 140-character text-based tweets. Twitter users can now send audio tweets to each other using a third-party service from Internet communication provider Jajah. The service, whose beta name is Jajah@call, gives Twitter users the chance to
10 Oct 2009

Trade Clothes with ThredUP

Springwise: Currently focusing just on shirts, thredUP is free to join. Users begin by setting up a virtual closet to keep track of the clothes they’d like to exchange, using descriptions of the brands, sizes, colours and