18 Jan 2005

Electronic Arts and ESPN Sign 15-Year Deal to Sell Games

The New York Times: Electronic Arts, hoping to shore up its eroding dominance in the sports video game market, said yesterday that it had signed a 15-year deal giving it the exclusive right to use the ESPN
17 Jan 2005

Take a Seat

Entrepreneur.com: Spending an uncomfortable afternoon in an airport inspired Mark Eberhardt, 51, to come up with a relaxing way to wait for a flight—he imagined how nice it would be to sit in one of those fancy
17 Jan 2005

The Battery of our Shirts

Reuters: It may only be a matter of time before we will be using our shirts to charge our cellphones. Researchers at the University of Toronto have invented a flexible plastic solar cell that is said to
17 Jan 2005

My Treehouse

We Make Money Not Art: The HangOut is a 2.9 meters diameter housing module designed — by Vancouver-based Tom Chud — to be suspended from a tree. It comes with a double bed, counter, table, bench seats

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16 Jan 2005

Patients Put on Thinking Caps

Wired News: Any geek worthy of the moniker has dreamed of connecting his or her brain directly to a computer for blissful freedom from keyboard and mouse. For quadriplegics, that ability would give life a whole new
16 Jan 2005

Monster Fueled by Caffeine

Wired News: Delicious Monster is the Mac software company behind the hit Delicious Library, a program for cataloging collections of books, movies and games. The software is selling like hot cakes and has garnered rave reviews and
15 Jan 2005

How To Sell Toys

Influx Insights: Great ideas need to be relevant, yet unexpected. And everywhere the idea lives should feel like the right home. A recent collaboration between Kidrobot and fashion and art publication, Visionaire, is an example of how
15 Jan 2005

I Love My Neighbourhood!

Business 2.0 Blog: Here is a sweet story courtesy of Josh Rubin’s hot products site. Neighborhoodies is the success story of a couple kids running a t-shirt business out of a basement apartment and 2 years later
15 Jan 2005

Wearable Wireless

wirelessIQ.info: Motorola, Inc. and Oakley, Inc. today announced a joint venture to introduce new Bluetooth(TM)-enabled wearable wireless communications devices for innovative hands-free operation of electronic devices. Motorola is collaborating with Oakley — a leader in eyewear design,
14 Jan 2005

Hand Crank Radio Cell-phone Charger

Popgadget: Battery-less radios and flashlights, powered by hand cranking, have been out for a while now but Hisatomi Electric Ind. Co in Japan has put a new twist on these emergency gadgets. Their new flashlight will also
14 Jan 2005

Desktop Dining

Iconoculture: Too swamped to hit the food court? Deskbound diners keep their workspaces clean with Vessel’s workplace dish set, a stylish, professionally minded mess kit that wraps up neatly in a desktop-size placemat. The pert, practical kit
14 Jan 2005

Real Estate Prices On The Go

The Mobile Technology Weblog: SMSeenHuis (“Text a House”) is a Dutch service that allows mobile users to text the Real Estate boards outside residential houses. In response, they get details of asking price, address, number of rooms