21 May 2005

Playing Pacman On The Streets

New Scientist: The classic arcade game PacMan has resurfaced on the streets of Singapore using “augmented reality” technology developed by military-backed scientists at the University of Singapore. While virtual reality immerses a user completely inside a computer-generated
19 May 2005

No More Botox

Iconoculture: Ask Cleopatra. Empowerment through beauty is an ageless desire for both women and men. Bye-bye, Botox? Probably not, but acupuncture facials do offer a drug-free (albeit pricier) alternative: special tiny needles placed in the forehead, chin,
17 May 2005

Connect For Music

We Make Money Not Art: The Haptic Gloves allow their wearers to create musical compositions by linking hands together. Each participants wears the gloves, headphones (through which they can hear their personal music) and a clip-on box
16 May 2005

Home Searching

Wired News: When David Yang recently looked for a new apartment in Chicago, he took an aerial tour of the city. As a 22-year-old on a limited budget, Yang couldn’t afford to hire a helicopter for his
16 May 2005


USATODAY.com: Ferney Zantello uses his cell phone for a lot more than just talking. With his tiny Sanyo SCP-7300 he can surf the Internet, take pictures of his wife and kids, zap them wirelessly back to the
14 May 2005

RSS Marketing

DMNews: MSN is using MessageCast technology to let Fox Sports fans sign up online to receive scores and news from their favorite teams via alerts and RSS feeds. Fans visiting the MSN Fox Sports site at msn.foxsports.com
13 May 2005

‘Hanging’ Strawberry Plant

Haaretz: Tutlui, a strawberry that grows on a bed suspended in midair, is one of the most successful agricultural inventions of the past two years. The innovation is expected to change the way this veteran yet problematic
13 May 2005

Fun With Service

Entrepreneur.com: While typical “Mommy and Me” classes can be great fun, Molly Snyder, 30, decided to give the old format a spin when she started Metropolitan Moms. Instead of classes focusing solely on the children, Snyder’s idea

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13 May 2005

Expert Marketing

Trendwatching: Marketing and advertising sure is fun, but true CUSTOMER-MADE involves co-created goods, co-created services, co-created experiences! So, waking up to the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of experts, innovators, inventors and so on outside
12 May 2005

Daddy’s Shorts

Iconoculture: “Have bottle, will travel!” That’s the modern parent’s bottle, er, battle cry. But where’s a dad to stash the immediate gotta-haves, like bottle, binkie, and wipes? Hook and Tackle figured out a manly way to make
11 May 2005

Marriage Business

USAToday: When Dane and Nancy Bryant were married two years ago, the guests gave them silverware, wine glasses, a picnic set and a business idea that dramatically changed their lives. Dane, a Web site developer, had decided
11 May 2005

Skin Networking

Technology Review: This month, NTT Labs, the research and development wing of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, plans to start conducting field trials for a radical new “human area networking” technology called RedTactont that uses the naturally-occurring