11 Feb 2009

JetBoil Stove

Cool Tools: It’s the quickest, handiest, most efficient hot water maker yet. It takes the piezo-ignited butane trail stove to maybe a 50% overall improvement—worth converting for many. The main tricks are: fin-like heat exchanger (“FluxRing”) where
10 Feb 2009

Necco has a Change of Heart

Daily Herald: After 162 years, the New England Confectionery Co. wants to be more than your Valentine. The maker of Sweethearts — the tiny heart-shaped candies inscribed with messages like “I Love You” and “Kiss Me” —
9 Feb 2009

Your Sex Life Online

Springwise: Bedpost is an entirely personal application, password-protected from the prying eyes of others, and stresses that it offers absolutely no social networking features. Rather, it is a way for consumers to keep track of the sexual
8 Feb 2009

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 80

Vegawatt: The Green Voltage Going green is all the rage now, and what better way to help power a restaurant than using grease from the very same kitchen? Vegawatt was developed by the Owl Power Company, a

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8 Feb 2009

Digital Love

TrendCentral: A project launched by Paperwhite studio to assess how people measure their love, this blog allows anyone to contribute a dedication to their sweetheart for all the world to see. While the candy-colored hearts holding the
7 Feb 2009

Heat up your Decor

The Boston Globe: When it comes to your home’s interior, few things are as aesthetically offensive as radiators. Radiators clash with decor schemes and, if they’re old enough, they hiss and clang to boot, especially these days
6 Feb 2009

Green Leafy Building

Inhabitat: Lately we’ve seen some incredible projects that make great use of the insulating and air-purifying benefits of green walls. The latest to strike our eye is this clean-lined office surrounded by the rolling Bío Bío hills
4 Feb 2009

Wine Bottles Dipped in Chocolate

PR Web: With the economic climate tight this year, consumers are witnessing retailers going the extra mile to get their business this Valentine’s Day. One wine retailer, Cellar360, approached nine international winemakers and one sports legend to
3 Feb 2009

Urban Bike-Sharing

Springwise: Urban bike-sharing is coming to North America in the form of Bixi, the new high-tech public bike system developed for the city of Montreal. Bixi follows the standard bike sharing principles: users take a bike from
2 Feb 2009

Home stylists

Iconoculture: 2009 style and trim trend: Go stealth? As consumers go to great lengths to stretch their dollars, home hair-cutting parties are an accessible option. Private coif parties aren’t new, but a struggling economy has caught stylists