8 Jan 2007

Smoothie Does It

Bradford.co.uk: If you’re looking to be energised, want a boost for your love life or just a hangover cure, crushed fruit, yoghurt and milk may just hold the answer. According to a new report by consumer analysts
7 Jan 2007

Ping Pong Not Doubles Anymore

FreshTrend: Inventor Secil Boyd’s latest creation may just take the game of ping pong to a new level. Boyd has successfully prototyped a new three player version of ping pong, cleverly named TriPong, that uses plexiglass “nets”
6 Jan 2007

Celery Straws

Iconoculture: Duda Farm Fresh Foods in Florida has engineered celery stalks with hollow centers. These “celery straws” can flavor Bloody Marys through sipping or hold a hidden cream cheese or peanut butter surprise. Watch for the edible
5 Jan 2007

Mobile Spa

TrendBlog: Some people won’t be able to travel, due to either lack of time or of money. Therefore Arizona Mobile Spa provides services directly to clients at home, at the office, or in a hotel suite. Arizona
4 Jan 2007

My Love Song

TailoredMusic.com is a group of professional musicians dedicated to helping you to create the ultimate romantic gift—the gift of custom-tailored music. Have you ever wished that you could write your own love song for that special someone
2 Jan 2007

Spiritual Retreats

International Herald Tribune: In its many forms, spiritual tourism is the “oldest and now one of the fastest- growing segments in the travel industry,” said Dallen Timothy, an associate professor at Arizona State University and a co-editor
2 Jan 2007

Selling Time

Entrepreneurial Michigan College student Peter Sauer has devised an intriguing way to earn money to pay his college expenses. Sauer created a promotional Web site named www.OneYearForSale.com, which offers exactly what it says: a year’s worth of
1 Jan 2007

Doodad Couture

Everything Alabama: Many women covet a $6,000 Hermes Birkin bag. But for Amanda Miller, who carries one to work, the appeal lies not in the exclusive bag but what’s on it. Hanging from her Birkin are unusual

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1 Jan 2007

360 Degree Attention

Adrants: Here’s something we don’t get to report every day. Massachusetts company Alt Terrain LLC unleashes an actual new media platform. We were like, is that possible? The patent-pending 360 Degree Mobile Video Billboard delivers ad content
30 Dec 2006

Rise of the Jetrosexuals

Fast Company: A few years ago, a new sexual classification emerged on the scene. As funny as I thought it was when I first heard the term “metrosexual,” I think it’s even funnier that it stuck around.
29 Dec 2006

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 35

New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: TRENDS & INSIGHTS Smoothies War The new fast food fight is on a rather healthier battlefield. Warnings about obesity and increased awareness of the importance of eating five fruit a
29 Dec 2006

Buddy Shop

E-commerce Guide: A new e-commerce site called Buddy Shopping that lets consumers peruse products online simultaneously with friends launched today with the promise to offer a viable new channel for Web shop owners. Though there are features