18 Jul 2005

Graffiti Design

DailyCandy: All the nights spent scaling buildings, tagging bridges, scribing walls with your crew. Maybe you wanted to mark your territory. Maybe you wanted fame. Too bad you’ve been busted. Sucka! While under house arrest, ditch the
17 Jul 2005

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

we make money not art: Through the looking glass is a system that allows a person to play a game with her/himself in a mirror. A full-body-action pong game can be played with the current installation, which
17 Jul 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 20

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 20: 04/07/05 – 17/07/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: FOOD & BEVERAGE Functional Sweets Sweet news for the sweet tooth – “functional confectionery” is taking some of the guilt out of guilty
15 Jul 2005

Alarm Pills

Iconoculture: As technology lets us monitor more aspects of our lives, it can mean safer medicating and better health for forgetful patients. Time for a pill? The SIMpill bottle takes the guesswork out of medicine schedules, using
14 Jul 2005

Temp Models for Hire

Springwise.com: Beautiful people have always had it easier, but in today’s appearance-obsessed society it really pays to be one of the Beautiful Ones. As no event, party, night out, shopping spree or fancy dinner is complete without
14 Jul 2005

Workouts in the City

Iconoculture: Gyms can be intimidating, not to mention crowded and confining – especially for people who spend enough of their waking hours indoors. These workouts set them free. Park benches aren’t just for sitting. Fitness buffs use
12 Jul 2005

Happy Hours

Entrepreneur.com: For people who long to party like P. Diddy, but don’t have quite the celeb status needed to bypass the velvet ropes, PartyBuddys is a lifesaver and, according to co-founder James King, “like a traveling VIP
12 Jul 2005

CNN on my Nokia

Tech Digest: NTL and O2 today revealed what those lucky punters who are trialling digital TV to mobile phones in Oxford are going to be watching. And if they were expecting live football or blockbuster movies on

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12 Jul 2005

Mobile Phone Spying

Textually.org: Apparently, French distributor Spy-Phone is offering two Nokia Spy Phones, normal mobile phones that can be called and it silently activate themselves. The caller can then surreptitiously hear what happens in the vicinity of the phone.
9 Jul 2005


NewsReleaseWire.com: TJ Walker, a professional speaker and media trainer, has developed a new throat spray, TJ’s VoiceSave, for executives, sales people, political leaders and talk show hosts. The spray simulates natural lubricants in the vocal apparatus in
9 Jul 2005

Knitting – A New Generation

EastBayRI.com: Knitting has become the new trend, and all of a sudden, the crazy stares are gone. The popularity of the age-old pastime has soared in recent years, and even clebrities like Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz
8 Jul 2005


NetImperative: Search marketing agency Greenlight has launched a Pay-Per-Call service aimed at UK advertisers. Pay-per-call is billed as an alternative to traditional pay-per-click search advertising. The advertiser is only required to pay for the adverts that result