23 Jun 2007

Self-repairing Plastic

Futurewire: Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) have developed a nanotechnology polymer that can “heal” itself by filling in cracks and tears automatically. Although self-healing plastic is not an entirely new concept, the UIUC
22 Jun 2007

Moving On

Iconoculture: With this ring, I thee shed — in a miniature casket suitable for display. Wedding Ring Coffins, created by divorce survivor Jill Testa, help the recently unhitched bury dead marriages in style. The tiny mahogany coffins
21 Jun 2007

Healing Waters

Iconoculture: While Coca-Cola is busy trying to come up with the perfect mix of pure and healthy for the anti-corn-syrup crowd, the folks at Aqua Tan think they’ve stumbled on the cure for what ails Coke, and
20 Jun 2007


Springwise: T-shirts have long been conversation starters, letting their wearers express bold political views, support their favourite artist or display their quirky sense of humour. Reactee takes the interaction to another level by harnessing the power of
18 Jun 2007

Reaching Her

SheSpeaks: Do you know women control over $5 trillion in spending nationwide and are responsible for 83% of all consumer purchases? This makes women the world’s largest economy. And you are a part of it. That means
17 Jun 2007

Boys to Men

Boys to Men Gifts: The male gender is always the hardest to find gifts for, this is why we started Boys to Men Gifts. We are here to help you find creative solutions to the problem of
17 Jun 2007

Nature’s Design

Cool Hunting: Eschewing chemical-based fabrics for Japanese organic cotton and Italian linen, Paris-based designers Kaito Hori and Iku Furudate of Commuun believe that “environmental issues can not be ignored when considering the future of fashion and society
16 Jun 2007

Plastic Business

TriplePundit: NPR has a great little piece today about the destiny of the (cue Carl Sagan) billions and billions of plastic water bottles that we go though every year, the majority of which end up in a

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15 Jun 2007

Organic Care

The Cool Hunter: Organic isn’t just a trendy buzzword anymore, savvy consumers demand it, whether we’re talking about apples, chicken, cotton bed sheets and even skincare. Melbourne duo Myke Christoffel and Lara Deutsch have capitalized on the
13 Jun 2007

Popup Nightspot

CoolHunting: We’ve seen the pop-up store, but a pop-up club? Kubrik is a modular open-air club located in Barcelona, Berlin and Lisbon for this summer only. Designed by Modular Beat and Light Life, the club is an
12 Jun 2007

Onscreen Retail

TrendCentral: While websites such as SeenON! have touched on the idea of purchasing show-based product, ICE is different in that it essentially turns any footage, ranging from live TV shows to DVR’d movies and even DVDs and
10 Jun 2007

Media Market Value

Springwise: Think consumers can predict the next big book, CD, television show or movie better than top producers and publishing houses can? Media Predict challenges users to put their virtual money where their mouths are with an