26 Mar 2005

Pogo Airline-Taxi Service

Forbes: It’s time for a revolution in business travel. The commercial airline business is going through another round of bankruptcies, route shakeouts and confrontations with unions. Having fewer airlines will exacerbate the already lousy service that makes
26 Mar 2005

The Green Goat

Wired News: Hybrid cars, trucks and buses have already hit the road. Now, make way for the Green Goat, the world’s biggest hybrid. It’s a 2,000-horsepower locomotive that radically reduces fuel consumption and emissions of pollutants. The
26 Mar 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 12

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 12: 07/03/05 – 26/03/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: ROBOTS Hitachi’s Talking Robot Hitachi has delivered a talkative new robot Emiew, and will be displayed from June 9 at the 2005 World
25 Mar 2005

O2 Plus Kodak

Netimperative: O2 has sealed a deal with Kodak to offer online photo services to the mobile operator’s customers through a jointly branded service. The O2 and Kodak Mobile Service will allow consumers to store, share, print and
25 Mar 2005


PRNewswire: Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the world of marketing, listen up – HALLS Fruit Breezers lets you hear it all too! Tattooing advertisements on body parts is old news, but the newest
24 Mar 2005

A House Powered By Spinach

We Make Money Not Art: Seattle architecture/design firm Mithun won first place in the C2C Home Competition with their design for a house powered by spinach. The house will be built this summer in Roanoke, Virginia, along
23 Mar 2005

Marketers: Use Blogs!

ECommerce-Guide: By now you’ve heard of blogs, or Web logs, and you think: blah, blah, blah. Digeratti diaries, mommy memoirs and political punditry abound. Who cares? You should, because small business owners can use the same inexpensive,
23 Mar 2005

Mini Me

Springwise: It’s definitely a personalized world out there, so how about a miniature version of… yourself? My Twinn lets consumers personalize a 23″ doll to resemble any child aged 3-12, down to every detail. The site offers

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23 Mar 2005

Rex For Patients

Iconoculture: Never fear, Rex the Talking Bottle is here. His mission: Fight prescription dosage mixups by recording and repeating patient instructions. This bit of technical wizardry from MedivoxRx Technologies lets patients, caregivers, or pharmacists record directions into
22 Mar 2005

Dating idea: Don’t Speak

PSFK: The online magazine for dating service Match.com reports on a new dating phenom called Quiet Parties, at which singles aren’t allowed to speak to each other, just pass notes. It’s not surprising that the digital communication
22 Mar 2005

Tasteless Beer Advertising

Businessweek Online: No, this is not about buxom bikini-clad women riding Clydesdales or SpongeBob holding a longneck. It’s about this ad war between Miller and Anheuser-Busch about whether Lite or Bud Light tastes better, or has “more
22 Mar 2005

A Firefly Phone For Your Child

Yenra: The Firefly phone is the first and only mobile phone explicitly designed for tweens that satisfies parents’ concerns about unrestricted mobile phone use and monthly costs. The Firefly phone is a pioneering voice-only phone designed for