23 Sep 2005

Pay Per Call Advertising

Small Business Trends: Pay-per-call is an advertising service that connects online searchers with your business by phone. You place an Internet ad, and Internet surfers who respond to the ad call you on the phone. You pay
22 Sep 2005

Animal Business

Entrepreneur: The saying goes, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. In Patrick Meiering’s case, what’s good for the owner is good for the pet. In 1995, Meiering was out on a four-hour hike
21 Sep 2005

Bio Wear

Popgadget: UK-based designer Diana Irani is working on the Re_Medi fashion label that not only makes you look good on the outside, but also makes you feel even better on the inside. The clothes will be made
21 Sep 2005

Mobile Food

Springwise: Benjys Delivered is a service that definitely delivers: it’s a fast growing ‘mobile pop up’ business owned by Benjys, one of the biggest sandwich retailers in the UK. Fully equipped vans unfurl into actual sandwich and
21 Sep 2005

Cafe Concept

Ubercool: When the first Hard Rock Café opened in London in 1971, it set the stage for using restaurant venues for both infotainment and shopping, a trend that grew with such concept plays as Planet Hollywood, Rainforest
19 Sep 2005

Carvertising 2.0

Springwise: We reported on nearly-free short term rental cars in Europe a long time ago; leave it to entrepreneurs and marketers from around the world to add some really interesting twists, turning a new corner in Carvertising.
18 Sep 2005

Nutritional Intake

Springwise: MyFoodPhone and Nutrax are LIFE CACHING based diet services: with their cameraphones, users take pictures of everything they eat, and send them to their own Registered Dietician. Once a week, on a personalized web page where
17 Sep 2005

Web Business

Entrepreneur: Give me $1,000, and I’ll give you results.” Those were the words David Aitken used to convince the owners of The Heritage Group to invest in his idea. Aitken, 30, was a call-center manager for the

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16 Sep 2005

Online Machine Shop

TRENDWATCHING.COM: Taking it one step further is US-based eMachineshop.com, which lets ordinary consumers download free, easy-to-use software which they can use to design objects like car parts, door knobs, in metal or plastic. They can then get
16 Sep 2005

Slim Cans

bizCommunity.com: Beverage packaging manufacturer Nampak Bevcan has introduced a new slimline can which hopes to put the ‘cool’ back into the can by appealing to today’s image-conscious consumers. Managing director John Moyes says: “Changing the familiar look
16 Sep 2005

Truck Drivers Agency

Western People: A Ballina man who is already one of the most successful businessmen in the West of Ireland is embarking on a new venture to match potential employers with qualified drivers who are available for work.
15 Sep 2005

Skulls and Bugs

Iconoculture: Shiny, colorful, and, oh yeah, bugged out. Still, Weevil Bangles boast a certain creature charm. The Lucite bracelets feature real bugs as design elements. Maxilla and Mandible specializes in gruesome “museum specimen” delights, like skull beads,