22 Dec 2005

Selling the Retailing Experience

BusinessWeek: Light years apart in brand image and market appeal, both shops are targeting “the to die for” position which retailers the world over are striving to reach, the point at which a store becomes “a destination,”
22 Dec 2005

Scented Phones

Iconoculture: Your phone is reeking. Japan’s Keitai KunKun smelltones release subtle (yet unmistakable) aromas like Berry and Wild Nature. There’s even a special blend for Hello Kitty. The smelly celly accessories are triggered by the signal of
20 Dec 2005

Labour Free

The Green Head: I don’t think anyone likes mopping floors, but it appears that robots do! iRobot, maker of the cool robot vaccuum Roomba, have developed the perfectly named Scooba – Floor Washing Robot. The Scooba is
20 Dec 2005

Custom Walls

Springwise: There isn’t a single industry that’s immune to innovation. Taking this very literally is German Single Tapete (‘singles wallpaper’), which sells photographic wallpaper, featuring photos of whoever/whatever. Customers upload an image via the company’s website, which
19 Dec 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 23

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 23: 05/12/05 – 18/12/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: MARKETING Closer to the Consumer Reality marketing – observe eating habits, jotting down notes, compiling video clips and examining neurolinguistic word maps. FASHION
19 Dec 2005

Kid Tracking

Shiny Shiny: Hang on a minute, this looks strangely familiar. Remember those Mymo mobiles that were withdrawn from the market after everyone suspected that phones turn children’s brains to frappuccino? Well, mTrack’s i-Kids phone certainly bears a
19 Dec 2005

Custom-ers Made

Yenra: Consumers spend hundreds of dollars for custom jeans that shape the body to show off their best features. “Ten years ago premium denim was anything over a hundred dollars a pair, today it starts at anywhere
18 Dec 2005

Walking Music

Popgadget: Remember when people carried huge boomboxes on their shoulders before walkmans were invented? You don’t see that too often and now it’s all about how small your mobile music device can get. The Digital Sound Bag

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16 Dec 2005

Unique Flavours

Yenra: Pearl Persephone super-premium pomegranate-flavored vodka combines the balance and smoothness of Pearl Vodka with the flavor of the pomegranate. The resulting flavored vodka has a fresh bouquet and subtle sweetness that makes it a satisfying discovery
16 Dec 2005

Within Home

Iconoculture: The Welcome Home program trains bilingual veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces to become mortgage brokers so they can help Latinos buy homes. The free online program awards a Mortgage Banking Achievement Certificate that certifies veterans
15 Dec 2005

Heart Sensor

Shiny Shiny: Not the first, and we’re sure it won’t be the last, but this Textronics NuMetrex sports bra has a built-in heart rate monitoring system for keen running types. The sensors pick up your heartbeat and
15 Dec 2005

Farming For Gold

we make money not art: Online gamers who lack the time and patience to work their way up to the higher levels of gamedom are willing to pay the young Chinese to play the early rounds for