1 Aug 2005

Jelly Belly Wine Bar

DailyCandy: When it comes to describing your ideal mate, you’re never at a loss for words. Finding a lifelong companion? That’s another story. Which is the exact opposite of your relationship with wine. Finding a bottle you
1 Aug 2005

Tech Pets

we make money not art: Gen-pets, by Canadian sculptor Adam Brandejs, consists of 19 plastic packages hung by hooks within a mock store set-up displaying streamlined, mass produced bio-engineered life. Each package consists of 3 layers of
29 Jul 2005

Scandinavian Trends

Sonomanews.com: Sonoma’s new Scandinavian Trends offers a bright assortment of gifts and collectibles as sweet as a Christmas kringle. Launched earlier this month by Danish natives Chris and Merete Bendtsen, the shop brims with Norwegian trolls, Swedish
29 Jul 2005

Mashed Music

WBOC.com: Mash-up Music: it’s a trend that gives new meaning to the term “music mix.” It’s taking two different songs – and mixing them together. One popular one these days is the blend of Alicia Keys’ vocals
28 Jul 2005

Laundry Rug for Lazy Bums

Iconoculture: If you can’t fight the sloth, embrace it. Making up for – not necessarily fixing – our bad habits gives lazy homeowners a fun Ready, Set, Go! kick. Wahoo! There’s an easy cleanup cure for dirty
26 Jul 2005

Kitchen’s Helper

We Make Money Not Art: Peter D’Alessandro’s Magnetic Mixer is a concept for a kitchen work surface and mixer. The work surface is embedded with magnets and a heating element, when the magnetic mixer is placed on
26 Jul 2005

Two Minutes Mobile TV

InternetNews.com: It’s the end of attention. The few crumbs of spare attention anyone has left over from the barrage of daily media will soon be eaten up by “video snacks,” little chunks of content delivered to cell
26 Jul 2005

Personalized Postage Stamps

SignOnSanDiego.com: Have a great photograph of yourself you’d like the world to see? Maybe a picture that proves you really did reach the top of Mount Whitney, or catch a 50-pound King salmon in Alaska, or hang

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25 Jul 2005

Movie Goodies on Cell

Phonemag.com: This summer, moviegoers walking through theater lobbies in three cities might have felt a sudden vibration in their cell phones, the work of a nearby Bluetooth promotional kiosk. Last month, 20th Century Fox signed a deal
25 Jul 2005

Cool Packaging

Yahoo! Finance: Wooed by flashy advertising and promotions, kids are now drinking three times more soda than milk. Not surprisingly, childhood obesity rates also have tripled in the last 20 years, and schools are leading the charge
23 Jul 2005

Male Business

Springwise.com: More beauty-based ideas, of the Metrosexual kind no less (ah — how 2004), as male beautification continues its waxed & plucked victory march. Male grooming salons and spas are seeing brisk business (as Springwise reported before).
23 Jul 2005

Scrolling Belt Buckles

Independentcollegian.com: A new accessory has wrapped its way around the waists of New York City’s trendsetters. Scrolling LED belt buckles in vibrant colors allow hipsters to display personalized messages in rhinestone-studded frames. The battery-powered buckles hold six