27 May 2006

Scene-synchronized Scents

Iconoculture: Watch and sniff? Specially equipped Japanese movie theaters are enhancing the cinematic experience with scene-synchronized scents. The Fragrance Communication system uses NTT Communications’ seat-mounted machines to release preprogrammed aromas. The fragrant feature will make its big-screen
26 May 2006

Hook Them Up

CoolBuzz: You hang your clothes on a laundry pole after washingsun dries your car once you wash it…but what about your shoes and sandals? One cannot hang them anywhere. However, if sandals are somewhat like these Hook
25 May 2006

iPod Bag

Chip Chick: The Burton Solar Amp Pack is designed to compliment your iPod. It has an integrated Apple iPod control system with a SOFTswitch control pad on the shoulder strap. It also has a molded iPod storage
24 May 2006


Gothamist: Two of the biggest brands in the world came together today in New York to announce a partnership for a new product. Nike and Apple – who wasn’t content just with opening a store on 5th
23 May 2006

Toothbrush Tech

Gearlog.com: Leave it to the folks at MIT to develop high-tech…toothbrushes? And not just any toothbrush, but “toothbrush toys promoting good dental hygiene.” Instructor Barry Kudrowitz’s Toy Product Design course created protypes of kid-friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste
22 May 2006


Mainichi Interactive: Loincloths are being marketed by the Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo’s Ginza district as a feature product for the summer months ahead, it has emerged. A boom in the sale of loincloths has been seen
22 May 2006

Tilted Soup Bowls

Chicago Sun-Times: Willie Jacobs, a 69-year-old retired machinist, was doodling on a napkin while rehabbing from a heart attack when he came up with the concept for a tilted soup bowl. Seven years later, with a patent
21 May 2006

Funky Campers

Springwise: In keeping with today’s mobile theme, Escape Rentals is a New Zealand camper rental company that sets itself apart by letting artists turn camper vans into art on wheels. Taking something slightly dull – a camper

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20 May 2006


Brand Infection: Here’s one for Switzerland’s airline group Swiss Air, created by Artfield (website in german), a company shaping agricultural land into art but also advertising. Using fields between 50.000 and 100.000 square meters the company can
19 May 2006

Melting fats

Blissworld: Want the ‘outside’ skinny? This new water-resistant broad spectrum sunscreen actually helps you fight the look of fat while lying on the beach! With exclusive sun-activated spheres that release the visual slimming effect of caffeine molecules
17 May 2006

Pampered Doggies

Iconoculture: Would you make any much-loved family member sleep on the floor on a lumpy pillow? That’s the logic driving a new generation of high-end dog beds that feature not only frames, but luxe mattresses and decorator
15 May 2006


Treehugger: Here’s a little something for burgeoning urban gardeners and those without green thumbs alike. We featured AeroGrow’s aeroponics system back in the day, before it was available for sale; we’re happy to say that it has