7 May 2005

Bookmarking Retailers

RFID in Japan: A Tokyo-based company TechFirm is launching a service that connects consumers and small retailers using RFID. Consumers having RFID-chipped phones can “bookmark” their “favorite” stores by showing their phones to RFID readers installed in
7 May 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 15

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 15: 24/04/05 – 07/05/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: MARKETING Star Wars In Action Star Wars is one of the all-time moneymaking franchises. Consumers are being flooded with Star Wars-themed goods. TRENDS
5 May 2005

T-shirts Made Fresh Daily

Springwise: Three great examples underlining that retail formats and shopping habits continue to blend, turning everything into easy-to-ogle, easy-to-customize and easy-to-buy: At The T-Shirt Deli in Chicago, unadorned shirts are selected from a deli counter and then
4 May 2005

PSP: The Next iPod

Red Herring Blog: At the risk of future embarrassment, I’m convinced that Sony’s PSP portable PlayStation is the harbinger of things digital to come. The current model of the PSP may not be the version that blows
4 May 2005

Film Downloads

BBC News: A UK website is to offer the internet’s first legal film download service. Wippit, which already sells music downloads, has announced plans to provide movies that users will be able to keep, from this summer
4 May 2005

Toast Your Design

Iconoculture: Playful parents and kids will eat up products that introduce whimsy into mealtimes. Now burnt toast delivers messages that aren’t just smoke signals. The Pop Art Toaster brands toast with whimsical designs like a coffee cup
3 May 2005

Vent It On Machines

We Make Money Not Art: Gametrak is a game controller in the form of a pair of fingerless gloves to strap on your arms. It captures your movements forwards and backwards as well as up, down, left
3 May 2005

Split Chores

Popgadget: A Spanish designer has come up with “Your Turn”, a washing machine which uses fingerprint recognition technology to ensure the same person is not using it twice in a row. “I thought it would be good

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1 May 2005

I’m Single

Yenra: Swedish lifestyle company Singelringen has launched a finger ring for singles. Meaning the single ring in Swedish, Singelringen is for a burgeoning number of singles who are keen to identify one another as romantically unattached. With
1 May 2005

TV On My Phone

BusinessWeek: Video-on-the-go has long been a dream of cell-phone companies worldwide. Carriers have spent the better part of a decade building networks capable of carrying fast video streams, partly in hopes of boosting profits by hooking customers
30 Apr 2005

For Sweet Tooths

Entrepreneur.com: When Victoria Malmer went online to research different diets, she noticed a common thread among the many different discussion groups: the desire for water that didn’t taste so plain. After discussing her findings with friend Paul
30 Apr 2005

Remix Culture

Trendwatching: Remix Culture is about clever programmers modifying Sony’s Portable PlayStation days after it hit the shelves Only days in the US this March; remix fanatics have added chat and TV to the device’s functionalities, cleverly capitalizing