25 Apr 2005

Star Wars In Action

USATODAY: The force is already out in force as the May 19 debut of Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith nears. Consumers are being flooded with Star Wars-themed TV commercials, print ads, soft-drink promotions,
23 Apr 2005

This Phone Recognises My Speech

BusinessWeek: A wireless phone’s main function is converting human speech into digital signals and back again. So why not harness handsets’ speech-processing ability to solve a problem nearly everyone encounters when using cell phones for e-mail or
23 Apr 2005

Space Tourism Franchise

New Scientist: Space pioneer Burt Rutan foresees space tourism companies running like a fast-food franchises, with his company licensing spacecraft to tour operators. But he says he may have trouble cutting through federal regulations to get there.
23 Apr 2005

Learning Ecosystem Through Tech

We Make Money Not Art: Erez Kikin-Gil ‘s Eco Pod is a TUI-controlled system that mimics the growth of a plant and allows children to keep track of their class garden and learn how the different natural
20 Apr 2005

Party On The Go

Iconoculture: Airstream’s convertible RV, the SkyDeck, features a rooftop lounge with an entertainment center, wet bar, and beach umbrellas. It’s an ultimate party pad on wheels. For ultraluxe road warriors, every day has the potential to be
20 Apr 2005

Ha! Ha! Bar & Canteens

Brand Republic: Oral-B is pushing its new Brush Aways product with a sampling campaign at Ha! Ha! Bar & Canteens that is an unusual twist on the post-meal mint. From April 18, at the end of every
20 Apr 2005

Wearing the Game

Iconoculture: Baseball caps are de rigueur for Sunday afternoon games. Now the entrepreneurs behind GameWear have stitched together a baseball necklace they hope becomes standard attire. A fan can send GameWear a commemorative baseball for fashioning into
19 Apr 2005

Marketing With Aroma

Trendwatching.com: Who likes to wait? Help consumers overcome boredom and throw in some empathy as well! Last year, Senseo Coffee Machines installed coffee machines at a number of Dutch bus and tram stops, offering waiting passengers a

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19 Apr 2005

Biographies Online For Future Historians?

Global:Ideas:Bank: In an age when e-mail and text messaging are making letter writing obsolete one program is fighting to create an online permanent record for future historians and biographers. The website www.libraryoflife.org is the brainchild of Stephen
17 Apr 2005

Mobile TV

The Mobile Technology Weblog: Mobile TV is going to be a gold mine and errr…bigger than a big thing on Planet Big, if we’re to believe a new report by ABI Research. This will surely have mobile
17 Apr 2005

TV Advertising Trends

The New York Times: One of the great contradictions of modern American life is that almost everyone watches television while almost no one agrees anymore about what it really means to watch television. True, we know that
17 Apr 2005

More Than Just a Silver Spoon

The New York Times: Babies wearing emeralds? Well, why not? In the last year, two categories in retailing seem to be doing well: infants and luxury. Witness the success of Babies “R” Us, even as Toys “R”