4 Oct 2006

Drive Thru Coffee

Springwise: No other substance screams WAKE UP as effortlessly as coffee. Australian company Muzz Buzz has capitalised on the realisation that people want their coffee to be quick, convenient and satisfying. At Muzz Buzz, all consumers need
3 Oct 2006

Your Own Radio Station

TrendCentral: Commuters and road trippers already know that satellite radio makes gridlock more tolerable, and Sirius is still continuing to spread their innovation wings. Their latest development, D.I.Y. Radio invites listeners to create and host their own
2 Oct 2006


Popgadget: Scrapblog is a Flash application that allows you to create digital scrapbooks. The intuitive drag and drop functionality allows you to add pictures, text, video and audio onto a background (which is also editable), and once
1 Oct 2006

Happy Birthday Beans

DailyCandy: Greeting cards are so passé. E-cards? Totally tacky. Singing telegrams work only in the movies, and skywriting is bad for the environment. How in the world are you supposed to get your message across? Well, we’re
30 Sep 2006

Game Fitness

Engadget: One day in the future, we’re sure that everyone will be strong, good-looking and above-average. But today, given that 16 percent of American children aged 12-19 are overweight according to the Centers for Disease Control and
29 Sep 2006

Cellphone Watch

UberPhones: Just in case the m300 looks familiar, your brain probably remembered Samsung’s prototype cellphone watch instead which was never released commercially. The m300 GSM cellphone watch is the first one out in the market, with features
28 Sep 2006

USB Feline

Gizmodiva: It’s Kitty’s world, folks. We just live in it. Though for guarding purpose dogs are the best options over cats. The canines are alert and scary (at least when needed) as opposed to the felines who
27 Sep 2006

Touchscreen Menu

FutureWire: Bytes, a new cafe in the UK town of Canterbury (of Chaucer fame), is making a name for itself with its high-tech ordering system. Aside from helping Bytes save money on wait staff and menu printing,

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26 Sep 2006

Cool Dental

The Cool Hunter: Who would have thought a dental clinic could be this cool? The 10,180-square-foot clinic (called KU64 after its Kurfürstendamm address) is located in Berlin and was designed by the hot firm, GRAFT, the same
25 Sep 2006

Ads by Consumers

Post-Gazette.com: Maybe the writers finally ran out of ideas for the MasterCard “Priceless” ads. That’s what it looked like earlier this year when they sat an actor down in a chair and had him type out empty
24 Sep 2006

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 31

New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: SERVICES Artistic Babysitters Artist/sitters arrive (on time) toting toys and supplies, guaranteeing hours of creative play. The on-call babysitting service is staffed entirely by working actors, musicians and visual artists.
24 Sep 2006


Cool Hunting: Fruitree is a concept piece designed by Chia Shee Loh, Antonietta Fortunato and Elena Godenzi. They were motivated to solve the out of sight, out of mind problem with fruit that goes uneaten and spoils.