23 Feb 2009

P & G Simple Mobile Payment Solution

Fancy having a complete shopping cart website, and accept credit cards, PayPal, and mobile all at once? Now you can, thanks to the P & G mobile payment plugin for Joomla. If you are already running the
22 Feb 2009

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 81

Box-O-Box Surprise! Box-O-Box allows you to send your college student the most hip, unique and fun care packages, right to his/her doorstep! Care packages are specialized for exam time, holiday time, birthday time or anytime…. Continued in
20 Feb 2009

Be Part of an Independent Global News Network

People Web International (http://www.peoplewebinternational.com) is a global news social networking site with a purpose: to be the world’s biggest and perhaps its only totally independent news provider. CNN, AP, Reuters and the BBC combined have a little
19 Feb 2009

IKEA Home Planner

TrendCentral: With the recent announcement that Domino, one of our favorite magazines, will be folding, we were bracing ourselves for a future of uninspired interior decorating until we heard about IKEA’s latest offering. IKEA’s Home Planner Tools

Free Business Reports from CBI

18 Feb 2009


myProducer allows visitors to create a free profile and use established social networking tools to build friend, fan and business networks with those sharing a similar passion for film and entertainment content. Through their profile and networks,
17 Feb 2009


Box-O-Box allows you to send your college student the most hip, unique and fun care packages, right to his/her door. Box-O-Box is an independently owned and operated company that was started by Mike and Justin, former students
17 Feb 2009


examiner.com: There are so many thing which are going right for Peppod, an energy product produced by a small company in Boulder, Colorado. These little alka-seltzer-like tabs are perfect for so many people. They are not easily
16 Feb 2009

Brain Games

CScout: In the game Mind Flex the player wears a headset that measures the brainwaves to control a ball that floats on a cushion of air. The point is to navigate the ball through a maze of
15 Feb 2009

The Speak-er

Gadgetell: Novelty speakers are a dime a dozen these days, but this pair in particular is pretty amazing. The “Speak-er” is for the most part your average run of the mill speaker, except it looks like a
14 Feb 2009

Breath Mints for Dogs

PopGadget: As with most dog owners, we love our small “herd” ( three beautiful rescue doxies) but their breath is another matter. My husband uses that old expression, “It could stop the windmill on an old Dutch