7 Dec 2005

Million Dollar Home Page

News Blaze: These days, one college student in England is changing the world of real estate one pixel at a time. Sound strange? You bet it is and, in fact, it’s just strange enough to work. Alex
7 Dec 2005

Personalized Cookies

American Chronicle: Personalized cookies are the hottest new product in the highly competitive wedding, party favor, and personalized gift market – now available to dealers. Dealers and specialty Internet marketers looking for a unique new gift idea
6 Dec 2005

Social Networking in the Sky

BusinessWeek: Airline flights are one of the few situations where you find yourself wedged against a total stranger for hours at a time. It might as well be someone you like. With that in mind, a new
6 Dec 2005

Immortalized Leaves

DailyCandy: The apple may not fall far from the tree. But what about the leaf? Different story entirely. Tossed by the winds of chance, wrangled by the rakes of fate, the delicate foliage of autumn cannot know
5 Dec 2005

Lego Disks

Influx Insights: Young French designer, Ora-Ito who is being hailed as the country’s new Mr. Starck, has just designed a playful new stackable hard drive for Lacie The hard drives are shaped like Lego bricks and come
5 Dec 2005

Closer to the Consumer

SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER: Lynne Robinson’s home in Bellevue is like any other — ringed in flowers and shrubs, full of the sounds of a happy family of four. But inside, an experiment is unfolding. They call it reality
17 Oct 2005

Coloring Macs and iPods

DailyCandy: You were first on the block with a new PowerBook. Envied at work, admired in Internet cafes, and feted around town. But now that Macs are a dime (or a few) a dozen, your prized machine
16 Oct 2005

Blueberry Chocolate Coffee

TrendCentral: As research geeks, nothing gets us more excited than a good quantitative study. So when we saw that, according to a recent survey conducted by Dunkin’ Donuts, more adults would give up sex before coffee, we

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15 Oct 2005

Poster Decor

DailyCandy: You haven’t gone for the posters-as-decor thing since your rabid seventh-grade Depeche Mode obsession. And, generally speaking, this has been a positive development. But not so fast. Jason Munn has reinvented the wheel with his hand-silk-screened
12 Oct 2005

Wake You Up

Shiny Shiny: What is it with the proliferation of evil alarm clocks these days? First there was the you’ve – got – to – find – me – to – turn – me – off Clocky, and
11 Oct 2005

Pet Friendly Vehicle

Popgadget: The W.O.W. Concept, which stands for “wonderful openhearted wagon,” features a special crate for dogs in the glove apartment to allow owners to interact with their pets on the road. A bigger crate pops up from
10 Oct 2005

Mom ’n’ Baby Hikes

Iconoculture: Moms and babies head for the hills with Colorado Mountain Mamas hiking club. The group helps new moms get back on the trails – with baby on board. Each hike is led by an experienced guide