22 Jul 2007

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 48

This Issue’s Top Stories: MARKETING Reaching Her We introduce you to SheSpeaks, a national network of smart and insightful women who have a special opportunity to test products and influence them. SheSpeaks gives you a forum to
22 Jul 2007

Cool Cop

KESQ.com: Officer Don Dougherty with the Palm Springs Police Department considers himself a “cool cop” and he says he owes it all to a little device. The officer’s device is called, rightfully so, the Cool Cop. It’s
21 Jul 2007

Free Phone Shopping

Iconoculture: Tired of sifting through the bargain bins for a great deal? Try Slifting instead. Slifter is a free mobile phone application that enables users to search for products at both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Simply key
20 Jul 2007

Bring Some Over

Springwise: Created by a Dutch IT specialist based in the Czech Republic, bringsome.com hopes to create a loose-knit social network of people who are willing to ‘bring some’ over for others. Some in this case means anything
19 Jul 2007

Credit Card Wallet

CNBC: Anthony & James Tiscione are the father/son inventors behind the ACM Wallet – a specially designed wallet that allows you to protect & select up to 12 of your favorite credit, ID and membership cards at
18 Jul 2007

White Cane Label

TechCrunch: Two Rochester Institute of Technology students, Jaimen Brill and Asmah Abushagur, are launching an online clothing site for the blind and visually impaired. The site, White Cane Label, is a non-profit effort to help blind people
18 Jul 2007

New MP3 Concept

Crave: Why is it that the best designs almost always seem to be just concepts? Oh right, they don’t have to work. Still, that won’t stop us from admiring this lighted, cylindrical MP3 player, which looks more
17 Jul 2007

Easy Car Buying

Springwise: Americans who are in the market for new automobiles, but don’t want the headaches of searching or haggling for the best price, now have an alternative that can help them sidestep the usual dealership woes—No Haggles,

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16 Jul 2007

Free Report: 2006’s Best Business Ideas

You’ve always wanted to start your very own business. You dream of coming up with the next BIG thing that will change the way business works. You want to spread your evolutionary idea to the world. If
16 Jul 2007

Chew For Babies

Iconoculture: These pendants by Smart Mom Jewelry look good enough to eat, which is the whole idea. Colorful heart- or donut-shaped pendants of food-safe, phthalate-free, federally approved silicone adorn the mom and satisfy her teething baby at
15 Jul 2007

All-Natural Worcestershire Sauce

Response Source: Enjoyed by the British since the reign of Queen Victoria, Worcestershire Sauce is surely one of our more versatile and well-loved “secret ingredients”. So when Geo Organics decided to produce a version that is not
14 Jul 2007

Zoopa 2.0

Update on Zoopa.com, featured on CoolBusinessIdeas.com on March 17, 2007: Zooppa.com is revolutionizing advertising by involving the consumers themselves in the creative process. Companies partner with Zooppa.com to sponsor online commercial contests where users( who are the