31 Mar 2007

Music Craftsmanship

The Cool Hunter: Techno craftsman Gresso (http://www.gresso.com) are better known for their African Blackwood mobile phones. The collection of phones are beautifully constructed out of 200 year old wood and have placed Gresso in a unique market
31 Mar 2007

Fatigue to Fitness

Domanic Tay is introducing his fatigue to fitness program, Ultimate “Fatigue To Fitness” which will teach and guide you along to kiss goodbye to fatigue and welcome a new toned body. You will learn: – Breaking out
30 Mar 2007

Laser Scissors

CoolBuzz: Talking about scissors is general but talking about it with laser is something good and new. Every time you cannot mark the area that you have to cut, with a marker. And, without marking it is
29 Mar 2007

Bottle Mag

Springwise: Coca-Cola Belgium will be the first soft drink company to use the Magazine on a Bottle concept. On Product Publishing, which created the innovative labelling technology, worked closely with Coca-Cola Belgium to adapt the labels to
25 Mar 2007


Iconoculture: Bingo’s kitschy appeal dates back to gay bingo nights that raised money for AIDS charities, which we told you about in 2002. Though drag queens still occasionally call the numbers at Mo’s, the only good cause
23 Mar 2007

PumpOne iPod

Popgadget: The clever folks at PumpOne noticed that a lot of people work out with their iPods, so they’ve designed workout programs that play on any model that displays images. (I may have to finally upgrade my
22 Mar 2007

Caffeinated Seeds

Strange New Products: Now they’re selling sunflower seeds laced with energy boosters like caffeine, taurine, lysine, and ginseng. The product named, “SumSeeds”, are described as premium roasted sunflower seeds supercharged with the same stuff found in “energy”
21 Mar 2007

TV Wardrobe

Fast Company: We’re talking about consumers who want to own the same pair of jeans that Meredith wears on “Grey’s Anatomy” or a dress that was seen on Gabrielle’s character on “Desperate Housewives.” The Times dubs this

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19 Mar 2007

Where’s my Starbucks?

CNET: Coffee behemoth Starbucks has launched a new cell phone-based service that lets you efficiently locate the nearest store and feed your addiction get your caffeine buzz on. Starting today, when you send a text message with
18 Mar 2007

Fashion Flu Masks

Iconoculture: Flu masks get some fashionista flavor with the creations of New Yorker Patricia Lamberti, who has taken her Fashion Flu Masks where no flu masks have gone before. Decorated with accoutrements like floral appliqués, leopard fabrics
17 Mar 2007

Zooppa Video Ads

BizReport: A new website gives advertisers the chance to brief online video ad developers for considerably less than the cost of a production agency. It’s a win-win situation for advertisers on Zooppa, a new website launched this
13 Mar 2007

Smashing Darlings

SmashingDarling.com: We are an online community/marketplace for indie fashion designers and buyers. With a focus on helping independent fashion designers market their talents in new ways, SmashingDarling offers a unique experience for buyers, sellers, and anyone interested