26 May 2005

Alpaca Farming

Iconoculture: Urban escapists looking for the perfect artisanal farm like the idea of raising animals for fun and profits that don’t involve slaughter. They’re cute as heck and they can fetch big bucks: One alpaca stud recently
26 May 2005

Toilet Restaurant

IOL: Displaying fancy toilet seats studded with flowers and shells, colourful bathtubs, faucets, mirrors and shower curtains, the well-lit window in this southern Taiwan city looks like a showroom for a trendy bathroom brand. But this is
24 May 2005

Smart Sleepers

New Scientist: Are you a real grump in the mornings? Do you wake up every day feeling tired, embittered, aggrieved, and all too ready to hit the snooze button? If so, then a new alarm clock could
24 May 2005

Be A Boardgame Boss

Entrepreneur.com: Playing games is an important part of every childhood–but for sisters Callie and Pam Weiant, the homemade game their mother created for them as children inspired them to become entrepreneurs. The game had been popular in
24 May 2005

Blink Contactless Credit Card

Reuters: JPMorgan Chase & Co. on Thursday introduced a credit card that allows a consumer to merely wave it past a sensor to make payments, a function already common at many U.S. gas stations. A top issuer
23 May 2005

Love Fakes?

Iconoculture: As fakes become harder to spot – and more expensive – taking the low road has become more acceptable. And Millennials just love to make a stylish statement. Dutch design boutique Mind What You Wear takes
23 May 2005

Sleeping Partner Music

We Make Money Not Art: Aura is a prototype background communication device that aims to create a sense of emotional presence between two people who are separated by space or time. An augmented sleeping mask records sleeping
23 May 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 16

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 16: 07/05/05 – 22/05/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: WIRELESS Bookmarking Retailers A Tokyo-based company TechFirm is launching a service that connects consumers and small retailers using RFID. GAMES Playing Pacman On

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21 May 2005

TV From The Internet

TechnologyReview: Cable television often boasts that it can deliver esoteric fare suiting nearly any taste. But it could be rendered obsolete by the likes of Bill Eason’s hog cooking class. The North Carolina cook’s program — self-described
21 May 2005

C28 Evangelists

World Magazine: At first glance, the narrow store near the merry-go-round at Parkway Plaza could be any of a dozen Southern California mall-chain clones, the kind that hawk stud-belts and double-entendre T-shirts to skater-punks and posers: Back-alley
21 May 2005

Playing Pacman On The Streets

New Scientist: The classic arcade game PacMan has resurfaced on the streets of Singapore using “augmented reality” technology developed by military-backed scientists at the University of Singapore. While virtual reality immerses a user completely inside a computer-generated
19 May 2005

No More Botox

Iconoculture: Ask Cleopatra. Empowerment through beauty is an ageless desire for both women and men. Bye-bye, Botox? Probably not, but acupuncture facials do offer a drug-free (albeit pricier) alternative: special tiny needles placed in the forehead, chin,