8 Aug 2007

Lyro Cards

? Lyro: Lyro is a service that helps people expand their individual-level professional identity on the Internet. In today’s global economy, it is more important than ever that each of us is discoverable online. Using technology, innovation,
8 Aug 2007

Big Green Egg Cooker

BornRich: Now, it?s time to take a look at the Big Green Egg ceramic grill, which is derived from an ancient clay cooker called ?kamado? with some modern perfection. The Big Green Egg is a smoker, a
7 Aug 2007

New from Pay By Touch – Rapid Enroll

EARTHtimes.org: Pay By Touch, the leader in integrated biometric authentication, personalized marketing and payment solutions, today announced that four separate retailers will pilot its internet-based Rapid Enroll kiosks to facilitate loyalty program customer sign up. All four
7 Aug 2007

Cheaper Together

TrendCentral: Users first select a product from NetHaggler’s list of stores that includes everything from Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s to Best Buy and Circuit City. They then specify a preferred price at which the site can aggregate demand
6 Aug 2007

Sticar Statement

DailyCandy: Sticars is here to unleash the idea of accessorizing your car. The new line of magnetic art allows you to make a statement without having to commit to a neon pink paint job. Totally affordable (just
5 Aug 2007

Cellphone Advertising

BizReport: The study was commissioned by Ball State University and found that just over 55% of college aged kids are open to receiving ad messages on their cell phones as long as they get something in return
5 Aug 2007

World’s First Foldable Electric Guitar

DeVillain Guitar Company: The world’s first folding electric guitar will be introduced at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt on March 28 2007. The Centerfold guitar solves a transport problem that every guitarist has experienced. ”The ’magical’ thing is
5 Aug 2007

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 49

Growing A Winning Company Scaling a company requires both the discipline to follow sound strategic processes and the courage to take bold, yet calculated, risks. If you are too aggressive, your company might make imprudent choices and

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4 Aug 2007

MFG Ebay

The Next Net: Remember all of those B2B exchanges that were supposed to change the industrial landscape before they evaporated at the tail end of the last dotcom boom? Well, at least one of them survived—a small
3 Aug 2007

Silicone Lemon Squeezer

Smart Stuff: A silicone version of the lemon squeezer, and it is made in just one piece. This lemon squeezer ball comes from American kitchen stuff shop Sur La Table where it is a reasonable USD 5.95.
3 Aug 2007

Foodie Timer

Iconoculture: The fridge can be a graveyard for random doggie bags. Now a device called DaysAgo Digital Day Counter seeks to save those yummies from an untimely demise. Don’t know when you opened those hot dogs? Forgot
2 Aug 2007

Secure Demo

Adpunch: This is an exceptionally brilliant and intelligent ambient campaign launched in Canada to promote security glasses. In a unique and impressive advertisement campaign in Vancouver, 3M firm, deals in security glasses, wanted to create a solid