13 Mar 2006

Redbox DVD

KIOSK: In late May McDonald’s unveiled plans to bring a taste of Hollywood to Denver by offering new release DVD movie rentals for just one dollar per night, plus tax. McDonald’s, long recognized for successfully bringing together
11 Mar 2006

Sapphire Inspired

Trendwatching: So let’s start with a slew of what can now be considered ‘traditional’ pop-up BRAND SPACES, many of them of the fast-fashion type, eager to surprise either random passers-by or those select few who were in
9 Mar 2006

Mobile Pet Grooming

Iconoculture: Pet hair out of control when owners don’t want to be? That’s the calling card for Aussie Pet Mobile, a franchise that home-delivers pet grooming services in a specially equipped van. With a grooming station at
8 Mar 2006

Sales Ranking

Springwise: We don’t mind spelling it out again: in an age of abundance, curators rule! Riding the CURATED CONSUMPTION trend in all its glory is Japanese Ranking Ranqueen, a Tokyo chain selling only the top 3, 5
5 Mar 2006

Hidden Clues

MSNBC: Psstt. KFC wants to share a secret. No, not that secret. Colonel Sanders’ herbs-and-spices recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken is still safely locked away, but the chain unveiled a new TV ad Thursday that allows viewers
4 Mar 2006

ChitterChatter Cellphone

Iconoculture: Hop-on’s ChitterChatter cellphone helps parents keep kids on a long leash – and within their virtual jurisdiction. The affordable, age-appropriate tot-tracker uses GPS tech, text messaging and graphical, one-touch buttons to pinpoint little ones’ locations within
4 Mar 2006

Night Delivery

Springwise: Kozmo! Urbanfetch! Food.com! Ordering a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a video from your East Village studio in your underwear. Ah, those were the days! But as predicted, beautiful flowers now grow on the graves
1 Mar 2006

Net Videos TV

CNet: Dirty secret or not, the Web has long been a platform for downloading and watching pirated clips of television shows like “Lost” and “The Simpsons,” much to the chagrin of the television networks. But now TV

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1 Mar 2006

Retro Refrigerators

Gizmodo: If your crib is getting to be a little bit too modern-looking, now it’s time to funk it up a bit with some retro-refrigeration. Oddly-named Brit company Smeg is offering these old-fashioned refrigerators with a large
28 Feb 2006


PRNewswire: AquaCell Media, Inc., a subsidiary of AquaCell Technologies, has tapped into the fast-growing out-of-home advertising segment with their patented self-filling water coolers used as in-store “billboards”. AquaCell installs their unlimited-use water coolers free of charge for
28 Feb 2006


Popgadget: Brookstone has these pillow speakers called (surprise, surprise) iPillow for those of you who like to listen to music in bed. Just plug in your mp3 player into the pillow. The pillow itself looks to be
27 Feb 2006

Room for Writers

Springwise: Paragraph (“providing an affordable and tranquil working environment for writers of all genres”) occupies a 2,500 square foot loft space near Union Square, divided into a writing room and a lounge area. The writing room has