31 Jul 2006

Child’s Ad

GUSH magazine: Buyjake.com is a website set up by a mother who thinks her child is so cute that companies will want to put their logos on his clothing or him for $100 000 a year. “I
31 Jul 2006

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 28

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 28: 01 July 2006 – 31 July 2006 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: TOURISM Mystery Threatre Part theatre, part scavenger hunt, part walking tour, Accomplice: New York is giving participants a whole
30 Jul 2006

Auto Cool

CBS TV47: Its a scorcher out there, and nowhere is the heat more searing than inside your car. A new product advertised on TV claims it can get you out of the hot seat. Auto Cool is
30 Jul 2006

Laundry Time

Mobiledia: Whirlpool today began testing “smart” washing machines and dryers, monitored and controled from computers and cell phones. The pilot project, called “Laundry Time,” is part of an open collaboration involving Whirlpool Corporation, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Panasonic
29 Jul 2006

Novels for Cellphones

IHT: In Japan, cellphones have become a tool for writing and reading e-mail messages. Now, publishers in Japan want mobile subscribers to read more than simple text messages. Publishers like Shinchosha and Kodansha and their distribution partner
28 Jul 2006

Mystery Threatre

TrendCentral: The latest hot show in New York isn’t in the Theatre District, or even in any theatre for that matter. In fact, audiences are more like “participants” as they’re on their feet for the duration of
27 Jul 2006

Missile Alert!

Globes: Israeli start-up Cellact, a developer of cellular messaging technology, has begun marketing a system to kibbutzim (collective communities), towns and factories in northern Israel that enables the issue of warnings of missile attacks. The system, which
26 Jul 2006

Tennis, Anybody?

Springwise: Mesh Tennis is a new social networking site just for tennis players, connecting the tennis community online. The website lets tennis players find other players of their own skill level, in their own area. It also

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25 Jul 2006


Business 2.0: Airline miles are nice, but wouldn’t you feel better about splurging on a new flat-panel TV if you were helping to save endangered species? That’s the idea behind Ecomiles, a rewards program where the points
25 Jul 2006

Wrist Bottle

Strange New Products: A company called HydroSport is marketing a new water bottle that fits on your wrist. Described as a “Wrist Water Bottle”, each unit holds 5.5oz of water or sports drink, for a total of
24 Jul 2006


Trend Hunter: It seems we’re running out of advertising space (or at least good/fresh space) so now companies are eager to increase their market share in space. In 1985, Coca-Cola and Pepsi seized an opportunity to test
23 Jul 2006

Youth Vacations

TrendCentral: In addition to jewelry and electronics, recent high school grads have been telling us the most sought after graduation gift isn’t actually a material possession, but rather an experience. Pre-paid trips from Contiki were the most