14 Apr 2006

Mobile Music Studio

Playfuls.com: If music truly is the universal language, then millions of music hopefuls are sure to be talking about the new Cingular Mobile Music Studio available exclusively on MySpace. Announced at CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2006,
14 Apr 2006

Viral Videos

TrendCentral: You may have heard about YouTube and the viral video craze that’s become one of the hottest Internet trends since the birth of social networking sites. Two major viral video portals you may not know of
14 Apr 2006

Flower Rings

TrendHunter Magazine: Designed with the fun, colour and passion that life offers in mind, omondieu!’s saucy line of floral jewelry has been making waves with the style set since its inception in 2004. Worn by such celebrities
13 Apr 2006

Shower Curtains

DailyCandy: You like it hot. Hot and steamy. Spine-tingling, really. So much so that it takes you to a place far, far away. Mind out of the gutter, please. Focus. We’re talking about a shower, here. Namely,
13 Apr 2006


Entrepreneur: Beasley is the creator of table golf, a new game that combines golf and billiards into one. Beasley dreamed up the game in 1999 while serving a sentence. As he watched a golf tournament get rained
12 Apr 2006

Ethical Beauty

News & Star: For those dismayed by Anita Roddick’s “sell-out” to L’Oreal and who have sworn never to darken the Body Shop’s doorstep again, the hunt is on for alternatives. There was a time when “ethical beauty”
12 Apr 2006

Read Without Flipping

AVING: If you drop by a show house for an apartment in Korea, you will see that you can read a book without turning pages using RFID technology. If you have a book, desk, and a display
11 Apr 2006

New Cigar Flavours

Born Rich: Dutch cigar producer, Royal Agio Cigars is adding two of their new products, Panter Coffee and Panter Coffee Wooden Tip to their royal range of cigars. The new products will be launched at the TFWA

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10 Apr 2006

High Above

INDYSTAR.com: Like a growing number of homeowners paying extra attention to the space over their heads, Cronin likes to incorporate the ceilings into his room design. “It’s the biggest space you have to work with,” says Cronin,
10 Apr 2006

Tag it and Share!

Trendwatching.com: Codes for consumers, not producers, is one thing, but in an open source, CUSTOMER MADE world, what about codes by consumers? Check out Singapore based Tagit, who have developed a universal decoding engine which runs on
9 Apr 2006

Jiffy-tite Quick-Connect Fluid Fittings

Truckblog: Those of you who actually take your truck down to the tracks on the weekend will certainly appreciate Jiffy-tite® Quick-Connect fluid fittings. Their lightweight, high flow valve technology in the plug and socket assembly automatically interrupts
9 Apr 2006

Safe TV

Iconoculture: TiVo is going even more consumer-happy by offering TiVo KidZone, a “safe” place where kiddies can connect only with programming that meets parental approval. TiVo’s offering isn’t just a no-brainer blocking service. KidZone automatically filters TV