15 Feb 2005

Attractive Toilet

Yenra: Kohler will use its sponsorship of Olympus Fashion Week to introduce the Purist Hatbox toilet, a product that redefines common perceptions of what the traditional American toilet should look like. “Like the fashion industry, design is
15 Feb 2005

My Own Podcast

USATODAY.com: After getting a taste of the radio business in college, software designer Craig Patchett never lost his interest in broadcasting. But without a job in radio, it seemed likely to remain one of those unfulfilled passions
15 Feb 2005

Froehlich’s Pickled Green Pear Tomatoes

Cool Hunting: Shaken, stirred, gin, vodka…enjoy your martini (or a bloody mary) even more with these pickled green pear tomatoes from Froehlich’s, a small store in Three Oaks Michigan. Most everything they make is from their own
15 Feb 2005

Dolls That Get Sick, Curable By RFID

RFID in Japan: Bandai announced a new toy doll for kids that responds to RFID’d objects. The toy doll, which is called Naoru-kun, acts almost like a robot: it speaks 150 different phrases including “Let’s play!” and

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15 Feb 2005

Hugms: Hugs Over SMS

Popgadget: You can’t but this (yet), but Mark Argo’s Hugms would be popular today. Another great thesis from ITP, Hugms sends a text message when you squeeze your Bluetooth-connected, light-up sensor. The message varies depending on how
15 Feb 2005

Archimedes: Chia Pet Meets Tamagotchi

Cool Hunting: Like the Tamagotchi, Archimedes is a little friend from Japan brought to you as a way to care for and consider the meaning of life. Unlike the Tamagotchi, which was digital, Archimedes is analog. You
13 Feb 2005

World’s First Natural, Zero Calorie Sweetener

Business Wire: There’s ‘sweet’ news for sugar lovers this Valentine’s Day! Introducing Shugr — the world’s first truly natural, zero-calorie, diabetic-safe sweetener. Shugr is a remarkable new sugar substitute that tastes and cooks like sugar, is tooth
13 Feb 2005

Voice Over ial-Up Internet Service

Seattle dBusinessNews: Ecuity, Inc.,a leading enhanced Voice over Internet communications company serving the small-to-medium business and residential markets, and Azatel Communications, a manufacturer of integrated SIP and MGCP related products, announced the joint development of Voice over
12 Feb 2005

Mobile Kamasutra

IndiaDaily: Over 34 million mobile phone subscribers in Russia can now add colour to their sexual life the Indian way, albeit by listening to passages from the “Kamasutra” on their mobile phones. An advertisement for Russia’s largest
12 Feb 2005

Soup, Mobile Phones, and Video Games

Yahoo! Finance: Young adults have a loyal attachment to mobile phones and a distinct passion for video games. Recognizing that, VIRTU MOBILE has used the Campbell’s® Soup at Hand® 3D Snowboarding game as an innovative way for
11 Feb 2005

Coming Soon: Space Tourism

BBC News: Space tourism is less than three years away, Sir Richard Branson has claimed. There are already 13,500 potential passengers for the £100,000 ($190,000) “Virgin Galactic spaceliner” trip, Sir Richard told the BBC. The entrepreneur is
10 Feb 2005

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day

Adverblog: Chocolate brand Ferrero celebrates Valentine’s Day in Italy with a dedicated web site. The site presents Ferrero’s products Valentine’s special edition (Mon Cheri, Rocher, Raffaello), a love trivia, and some editorial content with excerpts from famous