26 Jul 2009

Sea Life Accent Lamps

The Sea Life Accent Lamps from Pottery Barn provide a hint of the beach life in your home. Crafted from pure white bone china for strength and translucence, these whimsical accent lights glow with shadow and light.
25 Jul 2009

Find LocalHarvest

LocalHarvest is America’s #1 organic and local food website. The people behind LocalHarvest maintain a definitive and reliable “living” public nationwide directory of small farms, farmers markets, and other local food sources. The search engine helps people
24 Jul 2009

Public Safety Urban Solution: The Interactive Moodwall

The Moodwall is situated in a pedestrian tunnel and interacts with people passing by, improving the atmosphere in the tunnel and making people happy and feel less unsafe. The interactive urban wallpaper was first installed in Amsterdam.
23 Jul 2009

Art + Nature

Inhabitat: While most of us are delighted by the idea of bringing the outdoors in, we are equally excited by the concept of bringing the indoors outside! These “lawnge chairs” get the job done. Designed by artist

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22 Jul 2009

Indoor Gardening Fun

Cool Tools: Green Toys’ Indoor Gardening Kit all made their way into our home as gifts and then won us over across generational lines. They’re constructed of recycled milk cartons (high-density polyethylene), have a clean, attractive, colorful-but-not-garish
22 Jul 2009

Rent or Swap Service

Springwise: Launched earlier this month, Creative Caravan is a property listing service for people working in the creative industries, devised to help film directors, make-up artists, painters, photographers, etc find a place to (sub)let or swap. The
21 Jul 2009

TV Dating

Shiny Shiny: Eastenders, Torchwood, the news and oh, that guy with the centre-parting who likes American Pie 1&2 ‘winked’ at you. Yes: meet the future. Match.com and BT are pairing up and bringing internet dating from the
20 Jul 2009

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 88

Craft Your Own Game Fancy being a creator and seller of your very own game? You can now do so at The Game Crafter! There are no up-front fees, and no contractual obligations. Just design your game
20 Jul 2009

Taga 2 in 1 Stroller and Bike

The unique and innovative design of Taga combines a premium stroller with a bike to create a new multifunctional mode of transport, turning any typical journey into an adventure. Use Taga in the bike mode to travel
20 Jul 2009

R2D2 Toilet Paper Dispenser

Topless Robot: R2D2 has done many things in his storied career. Carried Death Star plans. Slaughtered battle droids. Shot lightsabers out of his head. Served booze. But now, thanks to Japan, he can help keep your anus