9 Feb 2007

Nike Trial Vans

Trendwatching: Nike Trial Vans are currently touring the UK/Ireland, France, Italy and Spain, stocking 1,000 pairs of shoes. It’s a free trial, no strings attached. To deliver on the crucial element of TRYVERTISING, total relevance of placement,
8 Feb 2007

Nerjyzed Entertainment

Iconoculture: Nerjyzed Entertainment is developing games for the PC and videogame platforms, featuring the perspective of African American consumers. Nerjyzed is working with the state of Louisiana to help train young game developers in the four-year college
7 Feb 2007

Charitable Advertising

BRAND INFECTION: Over and over again funny amazing what kind of ideas companies have. This time it is all about toasts and raising money for charity organisations like World Vision, Save the Children or others you can
6 Feb 2007

V-Lodge Club

V-Lodge is an online business-to-business marketplace for smarter, more civilized product placement and advertising weaved into video games. The new company will facilitate direct contacts between interested parties and contribute to more informed decision makings. In-game advertising
5 Feb 2007


CellBlock: Every minute of the day, countless millions of people walk around with camera phones in their pockets. The photo quality and phone networks improve daily. Yet relatively few people use their cell phone camera feature because,
4 Feb 2007

Surfing on the Go

Iconoculture: Finally, the rolling office gets WiFi. Autonet Mobile’s Autonet Mobile Unit brings mobile, wireless, high-speed Internet access to vehicles. The $400 unit (plus $50 monthly service charge) plugs into a cigarette lighter. Pretty much turn it
3 Feb 2007


Janice alerted us to a new online film community Spout.com: The DVD market is, and has been, in constant flux since the talk of video streaming, Netflix and others. In tandem, community sites like MySpace and Friendster
3 Feb 2007

t+ diabetes Mobile Phone

Mobile Digest: When you thing of the extra functionality a mobile phone offers, it’s usually in the area of entertainment. But a new diabetes management for mobile phones could change that. Around three million people in the

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2 Feb 2007

Central Fridge

BornRich: If cooking is one of your hobbies, but you think it devoid you of all the entertainment at times, then Whirlpool brings you all the entertainment your way, right in your kitchen with the new Whirlpool’s
30 Jan 2007

Virtual Makeover

Endgadget: Although some women do indeed prefer an in-store (human) professional when looking for a new lineup of cosmetics to try, those independent ladies who’d rather take things solo just might prefer this method. Mitsukoshi, Shiseido, and
29 Jan 2007

Smelly Ads

Media Life: The Wall Street Journal is smelling out a new way to advertise. The newspaper, which recently debuted a new design, is gearing up to offer advertisers the ability to run scented ads. These ads would
28 Jan 2007

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 37

New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: MOBILE Mobile Phone Ads Cellular phone carriers like Verizon, Sprint and Cingular, now the new AT&T, are beginning to test and roll out advertising on mobile phone screens and their