18 Aug 2007

Retro Arcade Gamble

Iconoculture: One-armed bandits make way for the one-paddle bandit — Bally Technologies is rolling out a video slot machine based on Atari’s 1972 table tennis-based game Pong. Luck still needs to be a lady; gamblers must spin
17 Aug 2007

Mobile Content Sharing

Springwise: Commuters, students and others who rely heavily on mobile devices but may often find themselves with time on their hands can now tap into a free online source for stories, essays, jokes and other text files
16 Aug 2007

Feeling Cool

Popgadget: My poor dog, Zach, has been mostly indoors for the last couple of weeks due to the heat wave. He just loves to come everywhere with me, but I dare not leave him in the car
15 Aug 2007

Taste Worth Dying For

TrendHunter: The Heart Attack Grill, located in Phoenix, Arizona, features everything that’s bad for you. The menu is full of heart clogging food, plus dangerous combos like cigarettes and beer with your meal. The staff is dressed
14 Aug 2007

Over The Limits

Ubercool: Tongue-in-cheek references to the illegal is a trend propelled by Generation X-tasy. First there was Cocaine Energy Drink, which caused a stir earlier this year, leading 7-Eleven to pull the drink from its shelves. Then there’s
13 Aug 2007


Deliverthat.com provides a venue for buyers and sellers of goods not available within ones country to have another user deliver that product to them. Ah, that Yorkshire Pudding I loved while I was in England. Wait! thats
12 Aug 2007


TrendCentral: Designed by mother-daughter team Joan and Emily, Baggus are sleekly designed, easily portable, reusable bags that come in a number of funky colors. Meant to be used as an alternative to paper and plastic shopping bags,
10 Aug 2007

Instant Beauty

The Cool Hunter: It’s Saturday night, the music is pumping and you are on a hot date . Everything is going down fine until the humidity in the club suddenly turns your hair from Cher to Macy

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10 Aug 2007

My DNA Fragrance

TrendHunter: A company called My DNA Fragrance claims that it can develop a perfume for women or cologne for men based on your DNA. The customer submits a swab of saliva to the company and there you
9 Aug 2007

Women Power

TRENDWATCHING.COM: Barbara Kavovit (a.k.a. Barbara K) is a former head of a major New York City construction firm. Her business in her own words: “do-it-yourself home repair and home improvement tool kits take away the ‘fear factor’
8 Aug 2007

Organic Chocolate

Scientific American.com: Organic chocolate sales are booming as more U.S. consumers seeking untreated natural ingredients are choosing the sweet treat to satisfy their cravings, and mainstream companies are entering what was once considered a high-end market. Chocolate
8 Aug 2007

Lyro Cards

? Lyro: Lyro is a service that helps people expand their individual-level professional identity on the Internet. In today’s global economy, it is more important than ever that each of us is discoverable online. Using technology, innovation,