11 Jun 2005

Adsense Middlemen

The New York Times: Consider this somewhat strange development: search engines like Google and Yahoo have become so proficient at attracting advertising that even competitors, like newspapers and yellow pages publishers, are now selling ads on their
11 Jun 2005

Selling Houses

NetImperative: Tesco has announced it plans to sell houses over the Internet, claiming it will charge customers as little as £50 to sell their house online. The supermarket giant is targeting home sellers who do not wish
10 Jun 2005

Everything DIY

DailyCandy: Some would find your attitude negative. But you take comfort in accepting that there are some things you won’t do in this lifetime. Piloting a space shuttle, passing the bar, and swimming the English Channel are
8 Jun 2005

Retro TVs, Once More

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: It’s back to the days of Sputnik and the Jetsons for a small company that makes retro televisions for people who could afford the latest in plasma-screen technology. With their funky shapes and stained-wood
8 Jun 2005

Business Continuity Challenges in the IT Field

Continuity Central: A Gartner report has highlighted five issues which are leading a paradigm shift in the way that organisations use and manage IT. Gartner believes that voice/data convergence; service-oriented architecture; IT utility; global sourcing; and the
8 Jun 2005

Natural Foods

PorkMag.com: Coleman Natural Foods, the largest natural meat company in the United States, is offering a new line of all natural beef, poultry, lamb, pork and sausage products to the conventional grocery stores. The new “Coleman Purely
8 Jun 2005

Chic Appliances

Iconoculture: Adding chic styling to old standbys lets stylish homeowners mix spicy, utilitarian elements throughout the home. Jenn-Air added glitz to fridges. Now the Maytag division’s Attrezzi line adds pizzazz to stand mixers, blenders, and toasters. Touted
8 Jun 2005

Bottled Water for Women

BocaNews.com: A businesswoman from Boca Raton is about to take the plunge into the bottled water market. But she’s targeting a group that’s been largely left high and dry by specialty beverage firms. In late June, she

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7 Jun 2005

(Virtual) Cave Exploration

BusinessWeek’s The Tech Beat: I remember when the Google boys came to visit BW the first time, hopped up on ideas, pitching a new way to search the Web. Boy were they right. The folks from a
5 Jun 2005

Clean Gardening

Cool Hunting: About this time of year green thumb urbanites are struggling to find corners of land, or more realistically window sill space, to grow a few little herbs or vegetables. Garden in a Bag, available at
5 Jun 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 17

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 17: 23/05/05 – 05/06/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: AGRICULTURE Clean Gardening About this time of year green thumb urbanites are struggling to find corners of land, or more realistically window sill
4 Jun 2005

Chicken Fries From BK

USAToday.com: The national obsession with snacking has finally come to this (health-food activists, hide your eyes): chicken fries. Hungry to lure in customers at all hours, Burger King is tentatively planning the launch this summer of a