11 Apr 2009

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10 Apr 2009

Chemical to Prevent Tooth Decay

Press Association: Dental scientists have claimed to have discovered a way to prevent bacteria that causes tooth decay from forming in the mouth. BASF, the world’s largest chemical maker, said its formula could be seen in toothpaste,
9 Apr 2009

Building Business Tweet by Tweet

BusinessWeek: Entrepreneurs are finding the fast-rising microblogging site to be a useful tool for reaching out to customers. Here’s what happened when Chris Savage, the chief executive of Wistia.com, searched for the phrase “private video sharing” on
8 Apr 2009

Not Facebook but Face Watch!

Yanko Design: The UNI watch has a customizable digital face. You can choose fonts, colors, backgrounds and hand designs with just a few clicks in the included software. It’s made of that weird soft touch plastic. Something

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7 Apr 2009

Nano Tattoo That Monitors Blood Sugar Levels

Neatorama: Diabetics monitoring their glucose levels may soon put the days of painful finger-sticks behind them. Instead, they can go through the one-time ordeal of getting inked with a nanoparticle tattoo. Heather Clark, a scientist at Draper
6 Apr 2009

Self Service Bars

Springwise: The establishment, Minibar, is set to open soon. How it works? Customers leave a passport or driver’s license with a staff member and are given an ice bucket and a key to their bar. The numbered
5 Apr 2009

New Website to Help Save Money at the Grocery Store

ktul.com: You likely know you can comparison shop stores and brands online to find your best buy. Now for the first time, you will soon be able to compare deals when it comes to grocery stores –
4 Apr 2009

Crowdsourced Ideas Connection

IdeaConnection.com are all about innovation and creative solutions. Solutions to corporate problems and solutions to problems that will benefit the Common Good. Companies have problems solved by select groups of great minds that work collaboratively in IdeaConnection’s
3 Apr 2009

Effective Ads from WidgetBucks

Silicon Valley Watcher: Online advertising is becoming less and less effective. Eric Clemons has some ideas on why this is happening, and there are many startups trying to fix the problem. And it is a very significant
1 Apr 2009

Slow Cooking Crock Pot

ProductDose: One thing I’ve been wanting to do this year is to make more food at home instead of eating junk out for most of my meals. Problem is I can’t cook. At all. Then a friend