6 Dec 2006

Scented Bus Stops

Strange New Products: Arcade Marketing Inc., in tandem with the California Milk Processor Board, is putting up a new type of advertisement at bus stops that emit the smell of chocolate chip cookies. The ad, which will
4 Dec 2006

Eco- Pots

Springwise: EcoForm pots are made from by-products of renewable and sustainable crops, namely grain husks and natural binding agents. Under average use and conditions, they’ll last five years and are freeze and thaw resistant. Once discarded into
2 Dec 2006

Inflatable Steam Sauna

Uber-Review: The Inflatable Steam Sauna is a sauna for the poor man. In 5 minutes you can be up and sweating in 160 degree Fahrenheit steam with the included pump and some water. The sauna does not
1 Dec 2006

Play iPod from Backpack

Popgadet: Nike has introduced the C.O.R.E. Backpack iD, a new customizable backpack that features integrated iPod controls. No more digging for that iPod. The backpack’s keypad, located on the right shoulder strap, has controls for volume, tracks
30 Nov 2006

Your Own Photostamps

Cool Tools: Vanity postage. This pretty-easy-to-use website will generate official US postage stamps featuring a photo or illustration of your choosing (works well with iPhoto for instance). When the service was first introduced two years ago it
28 Nov 2006

Convenient Reading Chair

Popgadget: The Bibliochaise is book storage with a difference. Apart from the fact that it has a higher than average creativity quotient, the Italian designers, nobody&co have thrown in an added utility factor by creating a literal
26 Nov 2006

Babyplanners Services

Springwise: As Babyplanners state on their website: “your dedicated babyplanner takes care of all aspects of life concerned with the upcoming arrival: we help you decide what you need and when you need it.” Think sourcing the
25 Nov 2006

Video Production On Youtube

Iconoculture: Entrepreneurial young South Florida Latinos post their creative homemade videos on YouTube.com. Four Latino twentysomething friends starred in a video they produced on the cheap called “Cuban Churro Salesmen,” a comedy which became YouTube’s second-most-watched comedy

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23 Nov 2006

Food Design

Cool Hunting: Minale Maeda’s “Table Manners Collection” is a clever exploration of the intersection of formal dining and fast food. Toasted directly onto a grilled sandwich, the porcelain pattern lends the refinement of fine china to eating
21 Nov 2006

Wearable Computing Devices

BornRich: If you want to be always equipped with your favorite personal computing devices all-the-time without carrying any external baggage then, how about walking down the street wearing all of them in a special outfit. Well, if
20 Nov 2006

Indoor Skate Board

Popgadget: No more yelling “Stop riding your skateboard in the house!” or “You just ran over the cat — go outside!” With the Tuck n’ Roll upholstered vinyl skateboards, you can safely cruise the hallways . The
18 Nov 2006

Doggy Diapers

Strange New Product: The STA-ON diaper harness is used to keep diapers on dogs, whether young puppies, untrained adult dogs, or elderly incontinent dogs. The idea is the invention of Dorrie Krenkel, who grew tired of diapers