10 May 2007

Free Letters

Springwise: Dutch Gratis-Post lets people order envelopes with free postage for mailing within The Netherlands. Like most of the free love concepts we’ve covered in the past (from free photocopies to free phone calls), the concept is
9 May 2007

Night Salons

Iconoculture: The city that never sleeps has another reason to stay up late: after-hours beauty salons. New Yorkers who want a glass of wine with their color treatment head to meccas like Frédéric Fekkai/Soho and Red Market
8 May 2007

In The Backseat

TrendCentral: In an effort to provide some entertainment for the kids while mom or dad is busy driving, DaimlerChrysler and Sirius teamed up to create TV programming specifically for the backseat. The service will initially be available
7 May 2007


Trendwatching.com: Finnish real estate site Igglo lets potential buyers ‘pre-order’ houses that aren’t on the market. Igglo has photographed every building in Helsinki and several other Finnish cities, and combines these photographs with satellite images and maps.
6 May 2007

Food for Health

TrendCentral: While organic and all-natural foods and beverages have become popular choices when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, another category of products that boast medicinal or healing properties is also growing. From digestive health products
5 May 2007


PRWeb: A quirky gift idea in the form of a wearable zipper pull and charm has just been introduced by CoolZips™, a company that has also launched a new fund raising program to benefit non-profits and other
5 May 2007

Gourmet Quick Food

Iconoculture: Canned peas. Jarred mayo. Even (gasp!) store-bought pie crusts. Once banished from the gourmet kitchen, they’ve come back with a Twist of the Wrist in a cookbook by famed chef Nancy Silverton. Her recipe for luring
4 May 2007

Lomme Pod Bed

These pod-like luxury beds infuse art and design into an otherwise mundane piece of furniture. Offering the ultimate in relaxed environments, the protective, egg-like design features “state of the art” light and iPod-ready sound therapy system which

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3 May 2007

Smart Coffee Lid

AMonline.com: Plastic coffee lids for take-out hot drinks, which turn bright red, are now available to all coffee lovers across America after Smart Lid Systems sign international license agreement, following global industry recognition. The multi-award winning color
2 May 2007

Barbie Girl Takes Kids Online

PCMag.com: Mattel Inc. is using technology to come up with a new twist on a toy launched in 1959 to appeal to today’s Web-savvy, multimedia girl shoppers. On Thursday, Mattel unveiled Barbie Girls, a doll-shaped MP3 player
1 May 2007

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 42

New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: CONSUMER GOODS Solar Bag Soon to be released in August 2007, the Picard Solar Bag picks up where Eskom left off by charging your gadget essentials like laptops and iPods.
1 May 2007


The New York Times: This past January, Anheuser-Busch rolled out a new product called Spykes. It comes in two-ounce bottles, in flavors like Spicy Lime and Hot Melons. The label says it’s a “premium malt beverage,” containing