10 Jun 2005

Everything DIY

DailyCandy: Some would find your attitude negative. But you take comfort in accepting that there are some things you won’t do in this lifetime. Piloting a space shuttle, passing the bar, and swimming the English Channel are
8 Jun 2005

Retro TVs, Once More

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: It’s back to the days of Sputnik and the Jetsons for a small company that makes retro televisions for people who could afford the latest in plasma-screen technology. With their funky shapes and stained-wood
8 Jun 2005

Business Continuity Challenges in the IT Field

Continuity Central: A Gartner report has highlighted five issues which are leading a paradigm shift in the way that organisations use and manage IT. Gartner believes that voice/data convergence; service-oriented architecture; IT utility; global sourcing; and the
8 Jun 2005

Natural Foods

PorkMag.com: Coleman Natural Foods, the largest natural meat company in the United States, is offering a new line of all natural beef, poultry, lamb, pork and sausage products to the conventional grocery stores. The new “Coleman Purely
8 Jun 2005

Chic Appliances

Iconoculture: Adding chic styling to old standbys lets stylish homeowners mix spicy, utilitarian elements throughout the home. Jenn-Air added glitz to fridges. Now the Maytag division’s Attrezzi line adds pizzazz to stand mixers, blenders, and toasters. Touted
8 Jun 2005

Bottled Water for Women

BocaNews.com: A businesswoman from Boca Raton is about to take the plunge into the bottled water market. But she’s targeting a group that’s been largely left high and dry by specialty beverage firms. In late June, she
7 Jun 2005

(Virtual) Cave Exploration

BusinessWeek’s The Tech Beat: I remember when the Google boys came to visit BW the first time, hopped up on ideas, pitching a new way to search the Web. Boy were they right. The folks from a
5 Jun 2005

Clean Gardening

Cool Hunting: About this time of year green thumb urbanites are struggling to find corners of land, or more realistically window sill space, to grow a few little herbs or vegetables. Garden in a Bag, available at

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5 Jun 2005

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 17

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 17: 23/05/05 – 05/06/05 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: AGRICULTURE Clean Gardening About this time of year green thumb urbanites are struggling to find corners of land, or more realistically window sill
4 Jun 2005

Chicken Fries From BK

USAToday.com: The national obsession with snacking has finally come to this (health-food activists, hide your eyes): chicken fries. Hungry to lure in customers at all hours, Burger King is tentatively planning the launch this summer of a
4 Jun 2005

Period Balm

DailyCandy: Okay, Drama Queen: You’re crying at commercials. Your face looks like a polka-dot bikini. While inhaling obscene amounts of Chubby Hubby, you decide you’re a total train wreck. Period. Period? Clearly your monthly visitor is to
3 Jun 2005

Aesthetic Counts

Springwise: As we’re rapidly moving towards Dan Pink’s right-side brain, design-loving, aesthetics-driven economy, an abundance of opportunities has opened up for smart designers. One sector ripe for the picking: computers. After all, Apple is pretty much the