11 Feb 2006

Alfresco TV

Popgadget: If, for you, a relaxing afternoon on the lanai must include an hour with Oprah, you’re in luck. Perfect for patio, gazebo, or cabana, the SunbriteTV is protected from rain, dirt, and excessive temperatures. The flat-panel
11 Feb 2006


All Headline News: The days of baiting hooks with squirmy worms to catch fish may be over. A new product called Fool-a-Fish may make catching fish easier. Fool-a-Fish works like this: spray the product (which contains titanium
10 Feb 2006

Safe and Secure

DailyCandy: The big, bad world can be a very scary place. And sometimes we feel defenseless against things like war, disease, and people who wear socks with sandals. Horrific images, all. Thankfully, there are coping mechanisms: little
7 Feb 2006

Wrist-top Clinic

Iconoculture: WristClinic, made by Ireland’s Telcomed, monitors vital signs with a wireless wrist-top device that measures everything from body temperature and blood pressure to oxygen saturation and one-lead EKG. Patients activate the WristClinic at preset times, using
5 Feb 2006

LED Illuminated

The Cool Hunter: Illuminated dance floors are nothing new. In the seventies they where all the rage, the problem was that dancers flared hot pants would cover the floor panels and kill the effect. Now, flares or
4 Feb 2006

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 25

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 25: 01/01/06 – 31/01/06 New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: SERVICES Mobile Barbers Dena Kaufer, a 20-year veteran of the hair biz, has retrofitted three Winnebagos into full-feature salons on wheels. More than
3 Feb 2006

USB At Wrist

Shiny Shiny: Technology as fashion isn’t new. Years ago, I walked around with cannibalised computer chips dangling from bits of metal and called it “jewelry.” The rubberised, Imation Flash Wristband goes a step further by being not
2 Feb 2006

Nature Call

we make money not art: Some men avoid going to the public toilets due to the smelly atmosphere and, unable to find a wildlife tree, they go for street corners or the facade of your favourite bar.

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1 Feb 2006

Solar Golf Bag

Tech Digest: Technology and golf have never really crossed paths. Check trousers, a Ronnie Corbett sweater, some clubs, balls and a bag – that’s been sufficient for years. So why not ruffle a few feathers in the
31 Jan 2006

Moody Player

The Uber-Review: Walt Disney is working on a multimedia player that selects songs based on the owner’s latest mood via wrist sensors. The sensors, measure and collects body temperature, perspiration and pulse rate to build a profile
31 Jan 2006

Powerpuff Make-up Artists

The Sunday Times: Women have always treated the ladies like a no man’s land, a place where the barriers and bitchiness of womanhood come down and two strangers will bond over the texture of a Stila lip
30 Jan 2006

Megastar Campaign

Yenra: The spring television and print advertising campaign for Candie’s will feature four celebrities: Singer, actress, megastar Hilary Duff; Grammy nominee Ciara; and actresses Michelle Trachtenberg and Samaire Armstrong. This is the first time the brand has