23 Aug 2009

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 90

Sunglass Contact Lenses Imagine the soccer ball aiming straight for your eyes instead of the net. It sure is not the best way to show-off your new Armani designer shades. Easy remedy anyone? Safer and wiser to
22 Aug 2009

Stitch a Tweet

TrendCentral: Youheart.us blogger Juile Zidel, an avid Twitter fan and talented cross-stitcher, felt the tweets she was following were too good not to sew them into permanence. Thus Tweet Stitch was born as a way to immortalize
22 Aug 2009

Climb my Pimples

The Cool Hunter: Have fun with your pimples! That was likely the thinking of Gideon Amichay, Chief Creative Officer and partner at Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive in Tel Aviv, Israel, when he created a campaign for Clearex
21 Aug 2009


Ecocard is the brand new family of environmentally friendly plastic card products from The Plastic Card Shop. The Ecocard range is the result of three years of extensive scientific research and development, and demonstrates the future direction

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20 Aug 2009

Pepsi on Twitter

Sporkings: PepsiCo, the owner of Mountain Dew soda brand has rented a bowling alley in Brooklyn to throw a “taste test” party. They were testing the brand new “Ultraviolet” diet soda. Most of the guests were Twitter
19 Aug 2009


PackageTrack allows you to track your package being shipped via Twitter. Here’s how: 1. Follow packagetrack on Twitter, within a few minutes packagetrack will begin following you. 2. You can now Direct Message packagetrack with the nickname
18 Aug 2009

Sunglass Contact Lenses

Yanko Design: Imagine the soccer ball aiming straight for your eyes instead of the net. It sure is not the best day to show-off your new Armani shades. Crash, Bam and broken shards of designer glasses! Easy
17 Aug 2009

Digital Scales

Digital Scales 2 U is a specialist retailer that focuses only on digital scales. Digital Scales 2 U is a UK based company with big, but clear, ambitions. Digital Scales 2 U aims to deliver quality digital
16 Aug 2009

Swimwear Vending Machines

Frillr: Quiksilver and The Standard have collaborated on a series of boardshorts based on an original retro design from Echo Beach era (early 80s/new wave/post punk style with colorful wetsuits & flashy surfboards, pioneered by pro surfer
15 Aug 2009

Healing Power of Pie

PieLab | We’re Open from The Office of PlayLab, Inc. on Vimeo. Iconoculture: Pie Lab — a pop-up dessert shop in Greensboro, Alabama — serves pie, with a little hope on the side. Hale County, where Greensboro