21 Mar 2007

TV Wardrobe

Fast Company: We’re talking about consumers who want to own the same pair of jeans that Meredith wears on “Grey’s Anatomy” or a dress that was seen on Gabrielle’s character on “Desperate Housewives.” The Times dubs this
19 Mar 2007

Where’s my Starbucks?

CNET: Coffee behemoth Starbucks has launched a new cell phone-based service that lets you efficiently locate the nearest store and feed your addiction get your caffeine buzz on. Starting today, when you send a text message with
18 Mar 2007

Fashion Flu Masks

Iconoculture: Flu masks get some fashionista flavor with the creations of New Yorker Patricia Lamberti, who has taken her Fashion Flu Masks where no flu masks have gone before. Decorated with accoutrements like floral appliqués, leopard fabrics
17 Mar 2007

Zooppa Video Ads

BizReport: A new website gives advertisers the chance to brief online video ad developers for considerably less than the cost of a production agency. It’s a win-win situation for advertisers on Zooppa, a new website launched this
13 Mar 2007

Smashing Darlings

SmashingDarling.com: We are an online community/marketplace for indie fashion designers and buyers. With a focus on helping independent fashion designers market their talents in new ways, SmashingDarling offers a unique experience for buyers, sellers, and anyone interested
11 Mar 2007

Outer Skin for SmartPhones

Gadgetnutz: The new trend in SmartPhones (Windows Mobile ones, anyway) is to encase the brains of the phone in a nice, smooth and rubbery outer skin. The Blackjack, the Dash and the Black Motorola Q all have
11 Mar 2007

Allowance 2.0

TrendCentral: With much of tweens’ entertainment—and thus their spending—happening online and now even through gaming consoles (PS3 games cost $8 per download), it has become more difficult for parents to track what their kids are charging to
10 Mar 2007

Maximum Protection Umbrella

Popgadget: American industrialists try to build better mousetraps, but northern Europeans apparently need better umbrellas. The SENZ Umbrella has been designed to directly fill a need – to prevent a strong wind from turning an umbrella inside

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9 Mar 2007

Easy Veins

Shiny Shiny: Young and old, nobody likes needles. But we all have to put up with them from time to time, whether you’re doing ‘something amazing today’ by giving blood, or just having a plain old blood
8 Mar 2007


DailyCandy: If it were up to you, you’d wrap yourself in pizza and eat your way out. But since there’s a little thing called manners, settle for a Knork instead. Inventor Mike Miller thought of the idea
7 Mar 2007

I’m Not a Plastic Bag

The Independent (Online Edition): It’s just a bag. All right, so it’s a tote bag designed by Anya Hindmarch, the queen of Bagland. A bag that retails for £5 but is now changing hands for up to
4 Mar 2007

Tune-In Bed

Shiny Shiny: Remember when an iPod dock was a clever idea? Since then, we’ve seen iBelts, Inflatable iChairs, iProjectors, iLoo Roll, you name it. What on earth is next? Why, the Tune-In Bed, of course! This is