31 Oct 2006

Electric Cars

TrendCentral: While they might resemble luxe golf carts, this dealership’s LSVs (low speed vehicles) offer Austin area residents a new alternative to gas-fueled travel. At 50 cents per charge (power for approximately 40 miles), with a one
29 Oct 2006

ATMs for Church

LATimes.com: Baker came up with the kiosk idea a couple of years ago. He had just kicked off a $3-million building drive, but noticed that few people seemed to keep cash in their wallet anymore for the
28 Oct 2006

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 33

New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: HEALTH & BEAUTY Straight Up Hair Styling Machine Beautiful Vending, a UK company, has released a hair straightener vending machine. Their site describes, “We all know how frustrating the British
27 Oct 2006

Organic Levi’s

Daily Mail: For the first time since it started making trousers for cowboys more than 100 years ago, the famous clothing company is bringing out a pair of “sustainable” jeans to satisfy environmentalists. The cotton is organic,
25 Oct 2006

Laundry Packs

Brand Noise: Cotton Buds Inc. has been granted an exclusive license from P&G to produce, market and distribute Tide Liquid Detergent Travel Sink Packets. The new product offers consumers their favorite laundry detergent in single-use “sink” packets,
24 Oct 2006

Scent Branding

Times Online: The nostrils of consumers are to be assailed with a wave of artificial odours designed to lull them into parting with their money. The smells, pumped into shops and the foyers of hotels, range from
23 Oct 2006

Chemoluminescent Hair Gel

Popgadget: Voltage iGlow is a sulf illuminating hair gel. By mixing fluorophors with an appropriate catalyst a chemical reaction occurs that produces the byproduct of light. No bulbs or batteries are necessary to create the glow, and
22 Oct 2006

Straight Up Hairstyling Machine

Trendhunter: Beautiful Vending, a UK company, has released a hair straightener vending machine. Their site describes, “We all know how frustrating the British weather can be, the rain, wind and even the heat can cause perfectly styled

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21 Oct 2006


Shiny Shiny: Housework: bane of everybody’s lives. Fact. I mean, no one actually enjoys dusting and polishing do they? So this gadget is sure to bring much happiness: RoboMop is a battery powered 8.5 centimetre dusting machine,
18 Oct 2006

Green Info

Iconoculture: DailyCandy with content that’s totally green? That would be Ideal Bite, a daily publishing website with an eco-friendly hue that intends to be “a good source of advice for real people leading busy lives.” Like the
17 Oct 2006

Bossaball Phenomenon

Josh Spear: We have to admit that our adolescent desire for the inflatable “Moon Walk” has never really left us. A friend of ours told us about a sport, Bossaball that seems to be embracing this desire
16 Oct 2006

Temp Social Networks

TrendCentral: From giants MySpace and Facebook to niche sites Sneakerplay and SportsMates, it seems almost every group has a place to connect online. Adding a new twist to the basic social networking platform are the following temporary