29 Apr 2006

Self Steady Bike

Engadet: Besides learning to use the toilet properly, the ability to ride a bicycle is one of the most important early-childhood accomplishments, but unfortunately, the current use of training wheels for practice does little to prepare kids
28 Apr 2006

Gifts of Experiences

Entrepreneur: In recent years, research shows consumers are looking for gifts that are unique–not your run-of-the-mill department-store gift cards. As one of the first companies to catch on to this trend, Xperience Days lets customers give an
27 Apr 2006

Art Hotels

The Cool Hunter: The trend in hotels with themed rooms seems to be spreading like a rash, with hotels in Denmark, UK, Berlin, Paris & Madrid. The clever concept sees different artists and designers commissioned to fit
26 Apr 2006

Foreign Tunes

DailyCandy: Q. What do the following lyrics have in common? a) I would walk 500 miles. b) Who let the dogs out? c) You oughtta know. A. There’s a really good chance they are now going to
25 Apr 2006

Pewter Works

thestar: Featuring beautiful pewter works, modern and clean designs that fit seamlessly into contemporary lifestyle, this new collection is suitable not only as wonderfully functional pieces for home use, but also as gifts, fashion accessories and delightful
25 Apr 2006

Give Ordinary Products a New Life

Entrepreneur.com: A stapler that staples up to 60 pages with even the lightest touch of a pinkie finger, a transparent tea tin lid that keeps out damaging UV light, a diaper bag that’s runway-ready–they all point to
24 Apr 2006

Tasty Room

Shiny Shiny: A room made of chocolate may sounds like a crazy, wonderful, tasty fantasy – but for £2500+, Food Is Art will turn it into a crazy, wonderful, tasty reality. Their life-sized chocolate rooms – inspired
24 Apr 2006

Movie Smells

TrendHunter: Movies will now be a treat for the eyes, ears… and nose. A Japanese cinema screening Colin Farrell’s latest film, The New World, will enhance the film by filling the theatre with a variety of fragrances.

Free Reports from CBI

23 Apr 2006


vnunet.com: Levi Strauss is to introduce a new range of ‘iPod jeans’ featuring built-in headphones, joystick and docking cradle. The RedWire DLX range is designed for men and women, and has a special side pocket with a
22 Apr 2006

Stylish Laptop Bags

UpTownBella: It’s a common problem for stylish women on the go—they have the cute outfit, the cute luggage…and the not-so-cute laptop bag. UpTown Bella ends this dilemma with a collection of laptop bags that combine fashion and
21 Apr 2006


Chip Chick: USB connectors have been turning up everywhere these past few months – on beverage chillers, plastic frogs, and other unusual places. In recognition of this trend, a bunch of industrial designers got together and created
20 Apr 2006


Iconoculture: A front pack for a furry baby? The PetPocket straps to a pet owner’s shoulders just like a baby pack, to tote Mr. or Ms. Fluffball wherever their adventures take them. For owners who can’t get