2 Mar 2005

Pro Podcasting

IHT.com:The primarily amateur Internet audio medium known as podcasting took a small, hopeful step on Friday toward becoming the commercial Web’s next big thing. That step was taken by Odeo, a five-person start-up that is based in
2 Mar 2005

Premium McDonald’s Coffee

Smartmoney.com: McDonald’s is testing high-end coffee in restaurants, and analysts say it’s a matter of time before that company and other U.S. fast-food chains start offering a better brew. Profits on specialty coffee, a nearly $9 billion
2 Mar 2005

Real-world Gaming

The New York Times: The first advertisement appeared in USA Today a week ago, right on schedule. People from around the world had stayed up all night waiting for it, talking in chat rooms and online forums.
26 Feb 2005

Targeting the Teens

TheStar.com: When it comes to marketing to youth, it’s usually worse to aim at the demographic and miss, than it is not to advertise at all. When McDonald’s launched the “I’d Hit It” online advertising campaign in

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26 Feb 2005

Presents of Mind

Entrepreneur.com: Bored by the idea of giving her husband a traditional gift basket to celebrate his promotion, Kate Dyer-Seeley made her own by filling a sleek, plastic box with treats including brainteaser games, mints and other cool,
26 Feb 2005

Soulmates Online

Yahoo! News: Lycos is making it easier for lonely hearts to find their soulmates online. The company will launch on Wednesday a search engine that only indexes dating Web sites, giving users links to personal profiles found
26 Feb 2005

Branded ingredients: the Path to Growth?

FOODnavigator.com: The news this month that the world’s number one drinks giant Coca Cola has linked up with Tate & Lyle’s Splenda sweetener in a new branding venture could signal the beginning of a new wave of
26 Feb 2005

Ice-cream that won’t drip…

CEE-Food industry.com: A Russian dairy company has created a new ice cream brand called UFO whose extra-terrestrial name reflects its ‘unearthly’ ability to avoid melting. Produced by dairy processor MyasoMolTorg, based in Reazan, UFO is a cherry-flavoured
26 Feb 2005

USB speakers

eCoustics.com: iFun, Jazz¡¦s latest USB mobile theater, is especially designed for women and young-aged notebook users. With its compact size, stylish shape and fancy color, iFun features not only its hi-tech design but also easiness to carry
24 Feb 2005

Personalized Toys

Wired News: Picture an Elmo or Winnie the Pooh plush doll that knows a child’s name and favorite food, and tells stories and sings songs incorporating such personal details. Or a new version of Furby that recognizes
24 Feb 2005

You’re Warned

We Make Money Not Art: When threatened, animals often display physical warnings; e.g. porcupines or puffer fish both erect their spines as a physical defence and warning, snakes rattle their tales or expand their body, chamelions change
21 Feb 2005

Sony Ericsson’s Mobile Kiosks

InfoWorld: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB is readying a series of multimedia kiosks that it hopes will save operators, retailers and users time and money when it comes to fixing common phone faults. The company showed an