14 Jul 2015

FoPo Food Powder

With retailers, importers, and producers throwing a lot of food due to strict regulations on expiration date, it will make more business sense for them to sell their fresh produce having only 1 day left. FoPo will
13 Jul 2015

Z-Charge – Phone and Tablet Bedside Storage with Charging

Z-Charge is a neat bedside solution that can charge and store up to six devices from one wall plug socket! It is made from fire-resistant fabric, which is placed under the mattress, and provides storage pouches on
13 Jul 2015

Healthy Offices: The Wave of the Future

A couple of years ago, Richard Branson–of Virgin Group fame–unveiled what felt like a brand new idea: that employers should actively care about the health of their employees. Breaking at a time when The Affordable Health Care
13 Jul 2015

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 212

Top stories in the latest BIZNESS! Newsletter:
- Bartesian Cocktail Machine
- Self Driving Luxury Cars
- 3D Printed Office
- Talkspace Text Therapy
- Mcbike Takeaway Carrier
- One Wheeled Electric Scooter

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13 Jul 2015

Smart Steering Wheel to Detect Drowsiness

We’ve already seen systems that detect driver fatigue via steering wheel movements or by analyzing drivers’ faces. German engineering firm Hoffman and Krippner, however, has developed what its designers believe is a better alternative – a fatigue-sensing
10 Jul 2015

Communication without Signal for First Responders

Reachi is a dedicated response device designed to let the 1.8 million volunteers send information directly from their affected communities to the Red Cross organisation. The system utilizes a matured mesh technology, guaranteeing signal without need of vulnerable,
9 Jul 2015

Self-Driving Luxury Cars

True to its nature, Mercedes-Benz’s self-driving car is “luxury in motion.” The automaker is creating a high-end vehicle that not only pilots itself but also functions as a mobile living space that allows owners to relax and
8 Jul 2015

Potentially Pay With Your Face

MasterCard announced on Thursday that it’s looking to add a layer of biometric security to its credit cards and all user will need to do is simply take a selfie. The system will create a digitized map

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7 Jul 2015

Ways to Improve Productivity with Video Communication Tools

There are many ways to improve productivity in your company with the number of tools and resources available to us today. Bottom line is, no matter what industry your company is in, improving your productivity is essential
7 Jul 2015

Mixed Wall Elements

Ontwerpduo designed a series of wall elements for Vij5 that are not just decorative, they’re functional. Elementiles is made up of mirrors, magnetic tiles, cork tiles, chalk tiles, oak cabinets, and wire frames that you can mix
6 Jul 2015

Hoseless, Maskless, Micro-CPAP for Sleep Apnea Sufferers

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is typically caused by a blockage of the airway when the soft tissue in the rear of the throat collapses during sleep. Untreated, OSA causes a number of serious health problems, including high
6 Jul 2015

Free CBI Report – Latest Innovation & Start-up Business Ideas of 2014

This free 33-pages PDF ebook (worth $38), Latest Innovation & Start-up Business Ideas of 2014, is a special feature report on the latest and innovative business ideas seen in the world in the past year 2014. In the