24 Dec 2016

Why Use Unsecured Business Loans to Finance Your Retail Business

Why do businesses, especially start-up entrepreneurs love unsecured loans? Simply because this type of loan doesn’t require a collateral, so it’s perfect if you’re looking to separate your business and personal assets. Plus, online providers can approve
19 Dec 2016

Drug Testing Benefits In Growing Your Business

Company owners and those who manage understand that they have things to pay attention to when starting up a business. Ensuring productivity, employee satisfaction and quality of service are something that you should be mindful of to
18 Dec 2016

4 Ways Market Research Professionals Can Improve Your Business

Your company might have started experiencing a decline in sales despite being the market leader for the past two decades. If you don’t understand why this is happening, it’s time to employ the market research professionals. It
14 Dec 2016

Cool Tech is Great, but Only if You Protect Yourself

Here at Cool Business Ideas we’re all about finding the best new technology. Devices, gadgets and gizmos that make your life easier, more entertaining or more profitable are not only good for you, but your business, your
13 Dec 2016

How to Get Hold of the Cash You Already Have for New Business Ideas and Startups

As a new business owner, you might not have every business practice totally mastered. For example, your payroll process might need some retooling, and your POS system might benefit from a few upgrades. The most finicky of
12 Dec 2016

Business Ideas in Encouraging Employees to Get Moving

“60” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Fit Approach Staying fit can be tough when you work in an office, especially for those of us with kids or other time-consuming commitments outside work (I am totally not calling kids
12 Dec 2016

How to Sell Yourself and Your Business

Once you have set up a cool business idea, you need to building up your brand, and promoting it to as many people as possible. There are many ways you can do this and not all of
29 Nov 2016

7 Cool Smart Home Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Better

It seems you can’t buy anything these days that can’t be connected to the internet in some way. While not all of these items are useful or even practical, there are some Internet of Things and smart

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24 Nov 2016

4 Things You Should Do To Find Inspiration For Your Business

Perhaps you’re a budding entrepreneur or you’ve got a knack for creating new things. Even the most creative people sometimes find it hard to get the inspiration going. One of the best ways to find the motivation
23 Nov 2016

What to Look for in a Financial App

Regardless of what kind of investments you have, you need to keep track of your holdings to make sure that you are getting the most for your money. This means keeping an eye on the headlines, looking
18 Nov 2016

Are you Overspending on your Business Commuting? How to Bring Costs Down

If you drive a business vehicle and use it in your personal life, the chances are you’ll be racking up the miles and potentially having to spend lots on fuel. This latter point need not necessarily be
18 Nov 2016

The Pros And Cons of An Open-plan Office

The open plan office has become a fixture of the modern workplace. Private offices and cube farms have been replaced by flexible workspaces with little or no partitions. 60% of companies have now adopted open plan layouts,