28 Aug 2017

Green Tea Compounds to Power Devices

Scientists have used green tea compounds to develop a new flexible and compact rechargeable energy storage device which may power more comfortable wearable electronics such as heart rate monitors. The most prominent versions of wearable electronics are
24 Aug 2017

New To Management: How To Be A Better Boss

In many career progressions, becoming a manager is a significant step up. If you’ve just received a promotion to manager, congratulations! But if this is your first time managing staff it’s important to gather as much information
24 Aug 2017

Glass Block Producing Clean Energy

There’s a new building block in town, and it generates its own clean energy. Researchers from Exeter University developed new glass blocks that are embedded with small solar cells. Not only do the blocks generate energy, but they also provide
23 Aug 2017

Living In A Cube

How can a large piece of furniture safe space? By combining several rooms in itself. The piece called Kammerspiel (Intimate Theatre) is the largest piece of furniture the German designer Nils Holger Moormann ever created. And its role is to

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22 Aug 2017

Special Emma Wristwatch for Parkinson’s Disease

The inventor, Haiyan Zhang, 39, hands over the box. Then she holds her breath. Lawton, 33, smiles and tears open the wrapping paper. To her, the June day feels like a Christmas morning from childhood. Inside the box
21 Aug 2017

Gravity: The Weighted Blanket for Sleep, Stress and Anxiety

Gravity is a premium-grade, therapeutic weighted blanket that harnesses the power of deep touch stimulation to gently distribute deep pressure across your body. Engineered to be around 10% of your body weight, Gravity helps relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling
17 Aug 2017

Nucleus 7 Sound Processor

Cochlear, a medical device company at the forefront of the world’s hearing implant market, has announced the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor, the world’s first Made for iPhone cochlear implant sound processor, in partnership with Apple. Known for it’s Nucleus cochlear implant and
15 Aug 2017

Beet Sugar Car

Are biodegradable cars the next step in environmentally-friendly motoring? A team of students at the Eindhoven University of Technology just unveiled a biodegradable car made out of beet sugar and flax. Weighing just 684 pounds, the lightweight,
14 Aug 2017

Tiny House

As the Tiny House market grows bigger, the design of these dwellings becomes more and more elegant and lavish. Take for example this artisan little item, built by Handcrafted Movement. Beautifully laid out in a 24? x 8.5? trailer, the house
11 Aug 2017

Moggles Portable Virtual Reality Headset

Moggles is a truly portable VR headset with some smart features and a sleek design. It folds down into a 50 mm hard case and has a space for hand controller inside. Price is 69€ for a headset. Moggles, short