30 Apr 2015

Comcast Gives You a SIP of the Future

Lately, Comcast has been taking a beating in the press. Consumers have been unhappy on a number of fronts. And due to its near-monopolistic size and power, the company has had very little reason to care. In
30 Apr 2015

Business Idea: Where to Put Renovation Money in Your House

When you buy your first home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. When we bought our first house, my wife and I were overwhelmed with all the changes we wanted to make. Like many, we bought a fixer-upper,
30 Apr 2015

Three Reasons To Go Into The Healthcare Field

For most people, working in health care is more than just a great career opportunity. People choose to be in health care mainly because they have a desire to help people. That’s not the only reason why
28 Apr 2015

The Tailor-Made Benefits of Online Customisation

In order to give their online audience dynamic experiences, websites have started implementing special interactive features that let their customers get a better feel for the product they offer and allow them to customise, virtually build, view
28 Apr 2015

Ultimate Modern Foldable Lounge Chair

Designer Alexander Gendell and Folditure, creators of innovative space-saving furniture announce the launch of Star, a uniquely elegant and functional lounge chair. Like all Folditure products, Star is a beautiful piece of furniture that folds into a
28 Apr 2015

Folditure Stunning Folding Chair

Folditure designers team, dedicated to creating unparalleled space-saving furniture, announce the debut of their newest (folding) chair. An elegant mix of planar surfaces, curved edges and voids, forms a three dimensional sculpture around Folditure’s patented folding mechanism.
27 Apr 2015

Innovative Promo Cup Sleeve That Will Turn Heads

In a sea of promo items, novelty chotskies and trinkets, selecting the right one for your upcoming tradeshow, convention, event or festival can be a daunting task. It has to yield the right degree of “It” factor;
25 Apr 2015

Compact Essential Kitchen

Kitchen that is the size of a luggage? Yes, please. Perfect for studio apartments, this creation from Ana Arana provides an island for cooking and eating anywhere in your home. All essential components of a traditional kitchen

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24 Apr 2015

Volvo Invisible Paint Glows at Night

Volvo and a start-up made Life Paint – a wash-off reflective spray for bikes. The invisible spray covers anything in reflective particles and glows at night. It contains powder-fine reflective particles designed to react to a car’s headlights,
23 Apr 2015

Studypool Online Tutor Marketplace

Studypool is an online marketplace that connects students with questions with tutors that can help them. Basically, Studypool is like having thousands of friends who are expert tutors that can help you with any question at any
22 Apr 2015

Tiko – $179 3D Printer

You could dip your toes into the world of 3D modeling and print your very own designs with the Tiko, an upstart compact 3D printer unveiled at SXSW which brings the formerly cost-prohibitive technology well into the
21 Apr 2015

Paying Coffee With Your Cup

Tech-savvy Australians will soon be able to pay for their daily coffee as simply as tapping their reusable SmartCup, which is embedded with smart payment capabilities. Customers who purchase one of environmentally friendly SmartCups, designed by Australian