15 Oct 2016

Room Hidden

This amazing wall of books is part of the apartment in Brazil, designed by architect Consuelo Jorge. And even though this particular space is not small, this element can work very well in a studio or other open-plan
14 Oct 2016

NoomiNoomi Baby Stroller Locker

Parents often rock their babies to sleep – as the rocking signals the cerebellum to slow down the baby’s heart rate and calms down the baby. In doing so, parents become their children’s sleep association and soon
13 Oct 2016

Power Toothpaste Launches World’s First Caffeinated Toothpaste

Power Toothpaste works like a normal toothpaste, but gives you an energizing boost as you brush that wipes away morning grogginess, working much faster than coffee or energy drinks. Power Toothpaste gives you a rush while you
12 Oct 2016

GoTouch Makes Any TV Instantly Interactive

GoTouch transforms any TV or projector into a giant interactive whiteboard in about one minute. GoTouch is portable, easy-to-use, and instantly turns any TV or projector into a giant interactive whiteboard you can write or draw on. GoTouch
11 Oct 2016

Ripple On-the-Go Wireless Phone Charger

A sleek cordless and wireless portable charger that charges your phone without having to plug anything in, neither the phone nor the charger, Ripple transforms charging from a nuisance into a pleasure, letting you charge elegantly and independently wherever you choose.
11 Oct 2016

Lasting Shelf Design For Life

Roberto Gil, of Casa Kids, decided to design a desk for children and when seeking inspiration, he looked to the works of Jean Prouvé, Mondrian, and Donald Judd. The DUMBO Desk is the perfect workspace for any
10 Oct 2016

Purismo Foldable Carbon E-bike

Mobility is one of the megatrends of the future. With Purismo, the folded carbon e-bike, it offers a unique solution for independent, sustainable and easy mobility – 40 km range combined with an easy folding mechanism. Handy folding mechanics
10 Oct 2016

Minimalist Shelving

Dutch designer Johan van Hengel created this beautiful minimalist shelving line for Scandinavian design brand MUUTO. Inspired by a play on layers and shadow, shelf’s unique shape is based on a seemingly simple bending technique involving a single sheet

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7 Oct 2016

Technology Stocks: A Lucrative Investment as Long as You Know the Ropes

Many big name investors like Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch were against investing in technology stocks. They were aware that they would miss many large winners, but were willing to make that trade off so they would
4 Oct 2016

Filling Your New Restaurant Shelves: A Mini-Guide for Using a Food Delivery Service or Vendor

When you’re setting up a new restaurant business, there will be a lot of things that you have to set up and organize. One of these things is familiarizing yourself with food safety and protection but an
28 Sep 2016

Beyond Casual Friday: Energizing The Workplace With Fun

The battle against boredom is one of the toughest that we fight in the workplace. The job that seems so fresh and exciting in our first years can grind its way into monotony as we move from learning
28 Sep 2016

5 Cool Ways Creative Talent Can Help You Market Your Business

It takes a village to grow a business. The creatives of the professional world bring an intangible element to a marketing campaign. Without their unique skills, brands wouldn’t be memorable and a logo wouldn’t be able to