19 Nov 2014

Everykey Password Secure Wristband

Everykey is the wristband that replaces keys and passwords. Like a credit card, you can instantly disable your Everykey if it ever gets lost or stolen. Everykey utilizes AES 128-bit encryption, the same encryption that’s used by
18 Nov 2014

Smartlation Smart Translation Services

Using a patent-pending algorithm that analyses translator data from a vast pool of registered translators, Smartlation promises to give users the freedom to select the translation services that best meet their requirements and budget. What does this
17 Nov 2014

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 197

Top stories in the latest BIZNESS! Newsletter:
- Touchable Memories
- Togo Solar Portable Charger
- Fling The World
- Artificial Intelligence Restaurant Guide
- Bone-Conduction To Guide Blind
- GoGlove Remote App Control

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17 Nov 2014

5 Tips To Package Your Brand

Packaging is a branding opportunity waiting to happen. Although many manufacturers package their products in a bland way, a few smart manufacturers have learned the subtle art of making a simple box or can into a statement.
15 Nov 2014

Bone-Conduction to Guide Blind

While the act of walking down the street might be second nature to most of us, it can be a much more difficult experience for those who are blind or visually impaired. To combat the issue, Microsoft
14 Nov 2014

Touchable Memories

‘Touchable Memories’ by pirate3D, turns photographs into 3D-printed objects for people without vision. This hits home, as I have a close family member that has been slowly losing his eye sight over the past year. Touchable Memories
13 Nov 2014

Artificial Intelligence Restaurant Guide

Finding a new place to eat with a friend or that special someone often requires a trawl through Google search results or Yelp reviews, but they’re not very good at knowing the types of restaurants you already
12 Nov 2014

Fling the World

New app Fling is like a virtual message in a bottle service, allowing users to randomly send photos, videos, and texts to up to 50 people around the world. Senders can then access a map to see

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11 Nov 2014

Togo Solar Portable Charger

Togo Solar is a practical, efficient, high watt solar charger. With portable power sources being a thing of necessity these days, Togo Solar has made one of the best resources for power utilizing the sun, while making
10 Nov 2014

GoGlove Remote App Control

GoGlove is a wearable Bluetooth controller that can be used as a standalone remote, or built into a thin glove liner that can be used underneath any outer glove you may already have. It’s secret lies in
9 Nov 2014

BasisBank’s Business Club for SME Clients

BasisBank has launched a new unprecedented project, its Business Club, which is a combination of their Business Card and Business Portal. It is a product that assists SME clients in empowering their business with the support of
8 Nov 2014

Drone Sales and Training Store

Jay Day, who operates a drone store for hobbyists at in Cincinnati, is opening Dayton Drones at the Dayton Mall. Dayton Drones is a drone sales and training store and is possibly the first-of-its-kind in the United