3 Jul 2014

Creative Pet Feeder

True to its name, PetsForPets is a pet feeder specialized for cats, dogs and birds. It is composed of waste PET bottles integrated into the main plastic structure. Serving as a sustainable simple food reservoir and a
2 Jul 2014

Super Fast Nano Particles Charging

StoreDot’s technology for energy storage can be applied in batteries for mobile devices, providing a sustainable solution that can replace lithium-ion batteries. Due to the size of StoreDot nanodots, the electrode capacitance is increased, resulting in next-generation
1 Jul 2014

Explora Smartphone Rental Service in the US

Founded and run by travel enthusiasts, Explora smartphone rental service aims to improve the experience of travellers by making mobile telecommunication and connectivity ubiquitous, cost effective and convenient – all for $8.00 per day. Delivered directly to your hotel
30 Jun 2014

Bamboo Compact Charger in the Kitchen

Bamboo Compact smart assistant workstation in bamboo docks and charges your tablet or smartphone while you cook up your favorite dishes.  It neatly cradles your devices, cookbooks and utensils in beautiful eco-friendly bamboo.  With its ingenious cable
30 Jun 2014

Creative Wooden Creatures Toys

Creative Wooden Creatures kit allows children to create a wide range of animals by combining various body parts. Designed for children above the age of 5, it is a universal toy that children from different cultural backgrounds
28 Jun 2014

Cool Marketing Strategies for Start-Ups

A company in possession of a good product must be in want of marketing. After all, if no-one knows about your product or service: no-one’s going to pay for it. In fact, the only time when a
27 Jun 2014

Employee Uniforms: Hot or Not?

Uniforms for employees have become pretty rare in recent years; most clothes shops simply have their staff wear brands that they sell, workmen tend to wear whatever they want as long as it meets regulations and the
26 Jun 2014

House Printing

The 3D printing revolution is almost at the point where there can be a printer in any home. But what about using a printer to build the house itself? The Dutch company DUS Architects is working on

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25 Jun 2014

Sustainable Water Kettle

Twist is a sustainable water kettle with zero water loss. It preserves water by inner circulation, therefore provides water, energy and time efficiency. With water kettles, water efficiency is a problem where %25 of the water is
25 Jun 2014

Cool but Pricey Business Ideas

Starting your own business will always entail some initial costs, but some ideas are considerably more expensive than others. It takes a brave person to go into such a venture, knowing that there’s always the possibility they
24 Jun 2014

The MindRider

While many people will tell you that commuting by bicycle is less stressful than driving, the fact remains that it can still be … well, stressful. While you could try to determine the least-taxing route by jotting
24 Jun 2014

Starting a Business without Experience

A large number of new business owners set up companies with only a very limited knowledge of the field they propose to work in. This may come as a surprise and it may even sound foolhardy. Yet