11 Sep 2015

TO-DO Watch Organizer

«To-Do» watch organizer philosophy is simple and clean: with a help of liquid chalk marker and chalkboard paint surface you can write down all necessary tasks and make important notes on the go.  All you need is to
11 Sep 2015

Holga Creator Restyles Camera for Digital World

Mr. T.M. Lee, the 84-year-old creator of Holga cameras, has recently launched Holga Digital, revolutionizing the retro camera without the necessity of 35mm film. The new line not only reintroduces the iconic toy camera to the world
11 Sep 2015

6 Strategies That Can Help Greentech Start-Ups Win At Business

Life for any start up can be difficult. Government policy can change and any company entering the greentech arena has to be aware of all these policy decisions. Greentech start-ups will also have to research tax breaks
10 Sep 2015

Four Cool Business Ideas For Hospitals Entering The Future

The future of technology calls for changes and growth no matter what business you are in. You don’t need to just go along with the trends though, you can personally come up with some cool business ideas
9 Sep 2015

Gaudi Inspired Modular Wine Rack

  GustaVino is a stylish and versatile Gaudi inspired modular wine rack made from renewable materials that can be reproduced in any 3D printer. The light organic form was inspired by the work of Gaudi, in particular
8 Sep 2015

Music in the office: is it a good idea?

Some yearn for music to aid creativity when others need complete silence. Certain companies blast music through their office while many have a ban on earphones. Music in the workplace, it’s a hotly debated topic. Should your
8 Sep 2015

5 Occasions When Your Business Will Need A Banner

  You might have never deliberated the prospect of designing and printing your very own banner for your business. Perhaps you’ve never considered there to be an opportunity for such a thing, but there are certain occasions
8 Sep 2015

Solar Battery

What if future solar cells can capture and store solar energy at the same time? Researchers at Kogakuin University in Japan strive to do just. Their translucent lithium-ion battery-solar panel recharges itself when exposed to sunlight, fusing

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7 Sep 2015

Feeling In Tiny House

Wonder what it’s like to live in a tiny house? You can rent one and find out! Getaway co-founders Jon Staff and Pete Davis with the help of some Harvard Design School students, built vacation tiny houses
7 Sep 2015

Gaming Sector Innovation Gives Birth To New Jobs

The gaming industry in the UK is worth an estimated £3.9bn and is constantly undergoing periods of evolution and that trends looks set to continue in the coming years. Whether it’s the growth of the mobile gaming
4 Sep 2015

Sanitizing Smartphone

Here’s a fact that will make you want to wash your hands: Studies show that there are up to 7,000 types of bacteria living on every smartphone. Considering how often (and in how many places) people use
3 Sep 2015

Clean Energy to Power all Railways by 2018

When its citizens demanded clean energy, The Netherlands responded in the best possible way. Following a ruling earlier this year when 886 citizens sued their government to reduce CO2 emissions, a court at the Hague ordered the