22 Sep 2016

Artificial Intelligence Outdoors Billboard Advert

M&C Saatchi London coupled artificial intelligence with outdoor to illustrate how technology could enable advertising of the future to truly become customized to each consumer who encounters it. U.K. agency M&C Saatchi is experimenting with artificial intelligence
21 Sep 2016

Personal Body Unit Index

Personal Body Unit Index is a tool to sharpen your internal sense of physical scale. Personal Body Unit Index is a poster featuring a series of diagrams of the body in 17 useful positions for measuring things
20 Sep 2016

Reverence Tea Brewer

Reverence Tea Brewer designed as a sustainable tea brewer it is an energy and resource efficient teapot that combines traditional and modern elements in a harmonious way. The lower water pot is comprised of two chambers which
20 Sep 2016

Why You and Your New Business Idea Need to Embrace Reviews

“Peer Review” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by AJC1 So, you’ve come up with a cool business idea, given it an online presence and now the masses are starting to take notice. Things are going well, but as your business starts to
19 Sep 2016

Spino Solution for a Better Back

Back pain is one of the most common complaints among people of all classes, affecting both men and women. Studies show, people including workers of small and medium businesses do the sitting for around 8-10 hours daily. Bad
16 Sep 2016

New ink Made From Exhaust Emissions

Tiger Beer, in collaboration with MIT-spinoff Graviky Labs and agency Marcel Sydney, has launched Air-Ink; an innovative range of pens, markers and spray cans made from air pollution. To create Air-Ink, unique devices were developed to capture
15 Sep 2016

Built In a Single Day

This prefabricated family home in Princeton, New Jersey, by local architect Marina Rubina was conceived as an “experiment” in providing a high-quality residence that is sustainable and affordable. The L-shaped dwelling consists of a primary volume encompassing
14 Sep 2016

AU10TIX Releases Deep-Learning Face Comparison Beta That Can Handle Anything From an ID Pic to a Selfie

The standard security measures that were once created for identification cards, such as holographic layers and micro texts, are no longer as accurate as they once were. We live in a digital age where images for identification

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14 Sep 2016

Portable Generator

Estream is a new portable hydropower device that could convert running water into electricity that could be used to power smartphones and other USB devices. Developed by South Korean startup Enomad (Energy Nomad), Estream is about the
14 Sep 2016

Online Business Ideas: How to Undercut Your Rivals and Thrive

The digital revolution has not only made it possible for consumers to pay for goods and services more efficiently, but also more cheaply. Fewer overheads, bigger audiences and the ability to offer a more diverse range of
13 Sep 2016

Practical No-Nonsense Tips For Starting A Profitable Blog

With the Web 2.0 boom in recent years and the advent of social media, it is easier than ever today to start a business. And it is also possible to extend the marketing scope of your business
13 Sep 2016

iBand+ EEG headband that helps you Sleep and Dream

Imagine that while you are dreaming you could become aware of, and control your thoughts. You would have your own Inception like dream sequence – and could make the impossible, possible in your own virtual sleep reality.