17 Feb 2018

Food Waste Given New Life

In the U.S., construction is a big source of waste and pollution. The construction industry accounts for an estimated 39 percent of CO2 emissions in the country and 534 million tons of waste – more than twice the amount of municipal
16 Feb 2018

Sweet & Sustainable Lollipop?

Candy sales in the United States are expected to reach over $38 billion by 2020. As cravings for sugar surge, so does the demand for more naturally sourced sweets. California based company Amborella Organics has created a lollipop
16 Feb 2018

Eel-Style Electricity

  Scientists are always on the lookout for safer, more natural ways to power devices that go into our bodies. After all, who really needs toxic battery elements and replacement surgery? One organism that is pretty good
16 Feb 2018

Powered By Mustard Seeds

The world’s first biofuel flight between the United States and Australia landed in Melbourne after a 15-hour trip. The Guardian reported the blended fuel was 10 percent derived from brassica carinat, which Qantas describes as a “non-food, industrial type of mustard seed.” They said

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16 Feb 2018

Reusable Pixelated Flame Candles

I just moved into a new decade of life this week, and am feeling a bit long in the tooth – especially after seeing how many candles were on my birthday cake. I suppose I might not
15 Feb 2018

3D Printed Hearts Targets To Save More Lives

Heart cells grown in a lab and assembled in the shape of the organ will eventually start beating in unison–and create a heart for a patient that has a higher chance of success in a transplant than
15 Feb 2018

Growing Own Supply Of Mushrooms In Restaurant

A company called Smallhold is changing how restaurants procure produce. They’ve developed a hydroponic system that can be installed to suit most kitchen spaces, or even as an aesthetic addition to the dining room. Inside these glowing blue shelves
15 Feb 2018

Heating Up Food Without Fire

For years, the military has been using simple chemical-based heating systems as a way to quickly warm prepackaged rations. Now the YABUL Cook translates such systems into a light-weight silicone device that is foldable and easy to
15 Feb 2018

Amazon’s New Cool Workplace

Online retail giant Amazon has opened the centerpiece of its new US$4 billion headquarters in Seattle. Consisting of three giant interconnected glass and steel balls, the Spheres blur the lines between workplace and conservatory by combining an open work
14 Feb 2018

Reduce Eye Strain With This Glasses

Whether we like it or not, we’re living in a digital world. Not literally, of course, but we all probably spend more time staring at a screen than we’d like to admit — or is good for