Wuu Sharing Love Network

Wuu’s ethos is all about creative expression in the interest of sharing love without the worry of being seen. “A lot of the reason social media makes us feel unhappy is that you feel like you’re losing because someone always has more likes than you,” says the app’s creator, Vermont resident and serial entrepreneur, Paul Budnitz.

Wuu is simple—when you launch the app you see a feed of photos, videos and text made with clever filters and bold colors. These Wuus, as they’re called, are sent directly to you and can be acknowledged with a reply Wuu or simply an Emoji response. After 24 hours, each Wuu fades from the app and is deleted from Wuu’s servers. Creating a Wuu is a matter of writing some text and/or adding a photo or video and swiping to layer in colors or filters. Some text can trigger surprises in your feed, designed to make you laugh or smile.