Wearable Band


DrumPants lets you play (music) with yourself by arming (and legging) you with sensors that can be programmed to play more than 100 sounds. It’s you as musical instrument.

With the advent of the iPhone and iPad there’s over 300 music apps available but musicians and DJ’s are still using these large, bulky hardware pieces. For the companies producing the hardware, their version of innovation is just a smaller version of what they already have. So DrumPants founders Tyler Freeman and Lei Yu wanted to attack the problem from a different angle. Building off of what Tyler and his friends had hit upon in grad school they saw that tapping on your body is a really natural way to control midi sounds and use the motions of drumming without the equipment. When Freeman and Yu said what they needed, hardware prototyping platform Fictiv knew exactly which machines and which types of plastics to use.