Virtual Fitting Room Through App

Zeekit took advantage of New York’s Fashion Week to announce their launch and the funding, with participation from fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff. The company has also been making moves for partnerships with media brands in the fashion industry, releasing that they will be collaborating with StyleWatch magazine to allow readers to “try on” 180 different items from the Fall Trend Report issue.

Co-founded in 2013 by Yael Vizel, Alon Kristal, and Nir Appleboim, Zeekit’s B2C service allows users to essentially try on items of clothing before they buy. Their app uses image processing technology to put layered images of the clothing item over the user’s body, taking into account factors like their body dimensions, figure, and the kind of fabric it is made out of.

In order to see how they look in a piece of clothing, the user uploads a picture of themself, allowing the system to make note of their measurements.

Vizel has told the press that she based her idea for Zeekit off of her experience as a captain in Israel’s Air Force. She cites the technology used for turning 2D landscape images of the ground into 3D images for aircraft as the core behind the app. She and her co-founders are graduates of Israel’s Technion University, which is renowned for producing many of the top technical minds of the Startup Nation.

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