Unlimited Dose of Coffee

In the mood for a cuppa? How about being able to have a cup of coffee anytime you want — all day, every day — for free? That’s the business model adopted by Alon Ezer, CEO of CupsTelAviv, a high-tech twist on the traditional store loyalty program — and he’s making money from it, he told The Times of Israel.

Created in September 2012, CupsTelAviv indeed lets coffee lovers drink all they want at one of the 40-plus Tel Aviv-area coffee shops enrolled in the program. The program actually has two tracks; unlimited coffee, any time of the day or night, for NIS 169 (about $45) a month, or a cup a day for NIS 99 (about $27) per month. The shops in Ezer’s program, the subscription, and the loyalty card subscribers present at the shop are all contained in CupsTelAviv iPhone or Android app.

There are no limits on the kind of coffee that subscribers can order — they can order all the fanciest cream-covered concoctions they want — and, said Ezer, tea lovers can get their favorite drink if it’s on the menu of member shops. The shops themselves range from small, out of the way places with a strong “cool” factor (“Those are very popular among Tel Aviv coffee lovers,” said Ezer) to units of franchises.

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