TReGo Multifunctional Trolley

TReGo is a multifunctional trolley, made to carry heavy things anywhere you go. But what makes it unique, is that it’s the first trolley that connects to the front of your bike in seconds.

TReGo is unlike anything you have ever seen.
1. Connects in seconds: Thanks to our patented connector it’s never been easier to turn YOUR ride into a practical cargo bike.
2. Fun to ride: Equipped with tilting wheels, so you can lean into curves and have a blast while you are carrying your goods.
3. Size matters: No need to buy a big and expensive utility bike, just upgrade yours and start carrying.

Everyone that sees TReGo appreciates the transportation capabilities. The patented FAST-Connector is brilliantly easy to use and makes the trolley a practical partner for any urban commuter.

But what sold the concept to just about everyone, is the fun riding experience! Our tilting wheels turn this functional trolley into a dynamic driving machine. The benefit: more motivation to take your bike and leave the car behind.