ToneX Resistance Workout Vest

ToneX fitness vest adds resistance training to any exercise. It also detaches to become a versatile fitness system. For those of us who would rather Netflix than Crossfit, ToneX provides an all-in-one wearable workout device that allows the laziest of us to get a full-body workout during the simplest physical activities, such as walking.

Imagine that you could just go for a walk, and at the same time, work out your upper body, tightening your abs and core, improving your posture, and raising your heart rate. With no need for a gym, an instructor, or expensive equipment, your workouts could be done wherever you want, and whenever you want.

This is possible with ToneX. ToneX is a wearable workout device, utilizing adjustable resistance strengths, enabling people to work out their upper body while performing traditional lower body exercises, such as walking, jogging, and running. ToneX also reduces pressure on wearers’ lower backs and knees while they work out, and can be used to strengthen relevant muscles for sports such as kickboxing, baseball, tennis and pilates, during warm ups and practices, in natural settings.

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