Three Big Innovations Hitting Law Offices

When one thinks of the law industry, innovation isn’t typically something that comes to the forefront. However the world of law from the personal injury lawyer to the divorce attorney is changing drastically to keep up with the pace of technology and modern trends.

Here are some of the biggest trends to keep your on eye in the coming years.

New Softwares Keep Popping Up

The amount of tech out there now for law firms compared to a decade ago is mind-boggling. The field has more than doubled with client management programs, employee management programs, calendaring softwares, billing portals, video and text chat software. The list goes on.

Now law firms can pay for softwares which manage their entire firm from scheduling meetings with clients all the way to billing employee time. There’s even portals which clients can use to keep up to date on their case without having to contact their lawyer to do so.

Perhaps the biggest innovation of all is that of the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Client data is vital information that must be kept safe. The current common use among VPN’s by law firms builds a firewall to protect private client data from hackers. This tech train is only going to keep chugging along.

New Law Jobs Are Coming

The rise of technology in the law office means certain jobs such as the legal analyst may become jobs of the past. This doesn’t mean new titles won’t be created however. These jobs will cover a range of professions, but will directly relate to the specific needs of a law office. You’ll find more marketers, such as publicists and graphic designers, working for law firms.

There could even be new job titles such as “legal process analysts” and “legal technologist.” It’s unsure how this early trend could transform the law industry, but it’s bound to have an effect.

Adaptability and Cooperation

The world of law needs to be able to adapt and keep up with the modern times. If you were to peer back in history, law hasn’t changed much since the Roman times. In today’s world however, smaller practices are under threat who can’t compete against the wealthy big city practices whose commercials fill every other TV ad spot. This means they’re going to need to learn how to adapt to this new world in order to survive.

The world of law is changing now more than ever. In large part this is due to technological forces whose sole aim is to innovate marketplaces. The world of law a decade from now will look vastly different than it does now due to these innovations.

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