The Sound of Energy

Global energy demand continues to surge and is set to double in the first half of this century, thanks to improved living standards and development in emerging economies. Many of the world’s remaining supplies of oil and gas are in harder-to-reach places such as under deep oceans or in the frozen Arctic. Shell is using new technologies to help us operate under challenging conditions and make the most of existing resources.

  • Natural gas. Natural gas is an affordable, environmentally acceptable way to power lives now and in future. Shell uses new technology to deliver more gas responsibly.
  • Deep water. Using advanced technologies to responsibly develop energy resources from challenging locations such as deep water.
  • Wind power. Shell is also using wind farms to harness one of the cleanest sources of energy available.
  • Unlocking energy with advanced technologies. The world will need a mix of energy resources to meet growing global demand. Some of the newer technologies include enhanced oil recovery, seeing under the surface drilling, water protection for wells, smart fields, coal gasification, etc.

For Shell, contributing to sustainable development means helping meet the world’s growing need for energy in economically, socially and environmentally responsible ways. Technology and innovation will be critical to producing enough energy to meet customer needs in the decades ahead — while at the same time safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Population growth and economic development are driving energy demand. All energy sources will be needed, with fossil fuels meeting the bulk of demand. At the same time CO2 emissions must be reduced to avoid serious climate change. To manage CO2, governments and industry must work together. Government action is needed and we support an international framework that puts a price on CO2, encouraging the use of all CO2-reducing technologies. Shell believes that the world can help secure a sustainable energy future by focusing on four main areas: natural gas, biofuels, carbon capture and storage, and energy efficiency.

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