The First Interactive Audience Award – Disappearing Trophy

Technology manufacturer Lenovo got the opportunity to support Humo’s Rock Rally, Flanders’ major battle of the bands. As the main partner they got to hand out the Audience Award. “We didn’t want to give away one of those oversized checks and we couldn’t find any trophies that someone would actually want to have on their shelf.” says Ruben Juninck, Lenovo’s Marketing Manager for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. “So we decided to bring together two young progressive minds and challenge them to create a remarkable trophy.”
“The first insight that came out of our brainstorming sessions was that the trophy itself should be useful to the winning band and at the same time carry a strong message: you got the trophy because you had the best connection with the audience, so don’t forget to cherish and nurture that connection. Your fans are the foundation of your current and future success.” says Koray Sels, who was responsible for the technological aspects of the trophy.
After weeks of designing, hacking and prototyping, De Ceulaer and Sels left the workshop with an oscar-like statue of two fans cheering, but with an unexpected feature: “The trophy retracts into its base when the winning band isn’t engaging with their audience on social media; acting like a reminder to get back on Facebook and start sharing more with their fans.” say Sels.