Team Toasters Everyone seems to be talking about these new toasters at the Shop. They are hot. They toast your bread, your English Muffin, your frozen waffle – and the best part is that it produces your favorite Major League Baseball team’s logo on one side.

“You don’t have to be a fan to love this,” said Josh Fink, CEO of Pangea Brands, but since we are all fans here and we eat, sleep and breathe baseball, we had to know more about the latest rage. So we bought one of our own, tried it out at home, and found it to be a little too … fun. We made more toast than we really had appetite to eat, because, frankly, we were just having a great time putting a particular team’s logo on food.

“The market is saturated, all the same stuff – enough T-shirts and caps,” Fink said, referring to the popular standards at the Shop. “When it comes to the novelty market, we are all looking for the most creative thing. You look at the Silly Bandz and think, ‘Why?’ It makes no sense to parents. But things hit. This is utilitarian, yet whimsical. It’s a product that can live and breathe in any house. You don’t necessarily have to be a fan to love this. It’s not the most expensive toaster in the world, and in some ways, it’s a toaster, but not a toaster; it’s fun.”

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