Taga 2.0: The New Way for Soccer Moms to Transport Their Kids In Style


Many parents are looking for an easy, safe and enjoyable way to move around the city with their kids, whether it’s taking them to school, running errands, or simply riding.

Bikes are a good solution, but most family models are two-wheelers with child seats in the back and no additional features. This design lacks stability, makes communication with your child difficult, and can costs upwards of $1,500.

Taga Bikes, known for its convertible bike-stroller, is launching a second edition, Taga 2.0. The bike is a highly versatile, practical and safe family bike, that will soon be available on Kickstarter. Taga 2.0 combines the fun of a family bike, with the practical uses and features of a cargo bike, including: large cargo space, reclining front and back facing child seats, and an all weather canopy. It’s available in both a regular version as well as an electric version.