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26 Apr 2010

Cool Search Engines

search engine land: Move over Google, Yahoo, and Bing; blended results or not, personalized search, Twitter results and OneBoxes … you guys are just too predictable for this article. There’s a new breed of search engines out
28 Mar 2010

Giddy Search

Iconoculture: Product reviews on They’re fine and all, but today’s consumers aren’t one-site shoppers. To meet their multi-site shopping needs, there’s Giddi, an aggregator site that pulls together reviews and recommendations from multiple e-retailers. Giddi lists
16 Nov 2004

Search Re-defined

Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft are trying to out-do each other in the search engine war. With these search giants in the limelight, how on earth are young start-ups with new search technologies going to compete successfully? Find