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19 May 2010

New Raw Food Online Super Store

Go Dairy Free: Last year, I was introduced to Raw Power Protein Superfood, but the company has quickly expanded beyond their own product line. They have recently introduced the Raw Power Super Store with over 500 new
8 May 2010

Chocomize Your Own Chocs

Chocomize is the first company in the US that allows customers to create their ultimate chocolate bars. You start out with your favorite chocolate base – dark, milk, or white – and then add up to 5
25 Apr 2010


Food2Dorm was started by a former college student at the University of Kentucky who saw firsthand how little time students have and how hard it can be for students to shop off campus. There wasn’t a quick,
27 Mar 2010

Beef Boutique

The Cool Hunter: Didn’t think you’d ever end up window shopping for beef tenderloin? Get ready for a rethink, especially if you are on Queen Street in Woollahra, Sydney. In the well-established suburb, tree-lined streets offer a
24 Mar 2010

International Dinner Menu

The perfect gift for the foodie or traveler who has everything. Recipe Kits from Destination Dinners make cooking authentic dishes from around the world fun, easy and educational. Each Kit contains all of the pre-measured hard to find spices, sauces
8 Mar 2010

Healthy Seaweed Chips

TrendCentral: These seaweed chips from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables have become a popular mid-afternoon snack in our office. Although it does involve another pricey trip to Whole Foods, we think these chips may be worth fighting the
28 Feb 2010

The Neater Feeder

Dog Reflections: The Neater Feeder is a feeding station made of recyclable polypropylene plastic. It has high walls that keeps food and water inside the station and keeps your floors and home clean when your pet eats.
18 Jul 2004

Not Satisfied? Full Refund Available

Electrical goods retailers are known to offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, but we didn’t know that you could extend that concept to the Food & Beverage industry. Here in Singapore,