Spacebase – The Sharing Economy Hits The Meetings and Events Industry

Everyone knows that work meetings are boring, so Berlin-based startup Spacebase has employed the sharing economy to offer unique meeting and workshop rooms around the world. The venues range from highly professional to artistic to completely out of the ordinary, making it easier than ever for companies to host interesting and audience-specific meetings. You wouldn’t want to use your dingy, dusty meeting room to impress business clients, nor would you want to use it to brainstorm creative solutions from your employees. You can now host your new project meeting in a room with a view, or have your team-building in a boxing gym. Going off site and finding a room that matches your objective is a great new way to bring inspiration and innovation to your meetings. The site also makes meeting and event planning easier, as technical equipment, catering and other extras can be booked directly through the platform.

Check out NYC’s portfolio of venues to get an idea where the meetings and events industry is headed (hint: it’s definitely a game changer).