Software Options Comparable to Tableau

Tableau first hit the market in 2003 and has been a hit for large corporations and non-profits alike. The software is incredibly versatile in providing necessary data analysis for budgeting, implementing new products and even assessing a removal of products or services and how it could affect the company.

Tableau cornered the market and has stayed on top of necessary software updates ever since. However, as word got around, other companies have stepped up to the plate and have begun offering comparable services. Here are some top alternatives to Tableau:

Rapid Insight Veera – The main draw here is the ease of merging your data into an easy-to-use visual interface. So whether you need to take back control of your software or your website, the data will be much easier to understand utilizing this software. A few other big positives:

  • Perfect for any size company
  • Access the software from the cloud or download to PC
  • Incredibly affordable

One note: It’s only available for Windows PC.

SAS Business Intelligence – Another useful tool on the market is SAS Business Intelligence. If you desire increasing your customer base by adding an e-commerce site or adding more product, this is an excellent software for you to consider. With visualization tools and the ability to collaborate with other users within your corporation, it will be easy to research your data and know exactly which direction to go in. Other positives include:

  • Made for any size company
  • Access the software from the cloud or download to PC
  • Still affordable but considered a middle range product price-wise
  • Available for Apple, Windows, and Linux systems

Cloudera Enterprise – Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub touts itself as the fastest, most secure, and most flexible of big data software. Users certainly agree and rate it as one of the most in-demand products out there. With one product, you can use it in a multitude of ways. The analytical database helps for planning well into the future, an operational database allows you to see results in real time (no more waiting for the end of month or end of a quarter!), and you can make predictions using the science and engineering tool. Other positives include:

  • A welcome fit for any size company
  • Access the software from the cloud or download to PC
  • Available for Apple, Windows, and Linux systems

One note: it is a higher priced software, albeit not the highest of them all, and could be affordable for mid- to large-sized companies.

BIME Analytics – Our Tableau alternative is BIME Analytics, which is geared towards financial analytics. You can track your ROI on website ads in conjunction with Google Analytics and AdWords. It allows your e-commerce site to track a user from the moment they first land to the moment they become a customer. You can also collaborate with others by creating data dashboards. Other positives include:

  • Available for any size company
  • Available for Apple, Windows, and Linux systems

A note: this system is only available on the cloud and is a higher priced software. Larger corporations may enjoy this system more because of its exclusively cloud-based deployment (freeing them from downloads) and can afford the cost.

As you can see, Tableau certainly has its competitors, and it’s a good thing for those in the market with a need for data analysis. Do your research well and we are sure you will find a perfect fit for your corporation!