Self Cleaning Fish Tank

Self Cleaning Fish Tank

Self Cleaning Fish Tank 1

Owning an aquarium can be quite enjoyable, but it comes with plenty of headaches. There’s a lot of maintenance that’s a part of owning one – maintenance that Aqua Design Innovations aims to get rid of with the introduction of its EcoQube C fish tank.

Fish tanks are generally fairly similar to one another, but this one stands out because it reportedly requires no cleaning. This is thanks to aquaponics – a symbiotic setup involving fish and plants – which creates a constant flow of clean water that leaves the tank waste-free. It actually uses fish waste to grow a plant on top of it, which sounds odd, but promises to be quite effective.

Basically, all the aquarium owner needs to do is feed the fish. From there, the fish creates waste. The aquarium water – containing that waste – is then pumped up top and filtered through the plant’s growing medium and roots to remove nitrates and ammonia, and cycled back into the tank as clean water. The cycle repeats, leaving a fertilized plant and a clean tank.

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