RoomMe Gives Your Home the Sixth Sense With Its Smart Sensor For Connected Homes

RoomMe identifies and adjusts everything in your smart home to your specific likings by syncing directly with your smartphone for hands-free, voice-free smart home control.

We’ve all seen the videos with kids asking Alexa for a song and getting porno feedback. What if your Virtual Personal Assistant didn’t have to translate or decipher what you were saying and instead gave you exactly what you want by just sensing that you were in the room?

Imagine walking into your living room after a long day and your room thermostat automatically adjusts to 72?. RoomMe turns on the television to your favorite channel, dims the lights to your liking and stops the Next camera from recording, giving you the relaxing and private evening you prefer.

Once you set the rules on the RoomMe app, RoomMe’s home sensor syncs your phone and your preferences with the rest of the house.