Reduce Eye Strain With This Glasses

Whether we like it or not, we’re living in a digital world. Not literally, of course, but we all probably spend more time staring at a screen than we’d like to admit — or is good for our eyes. With smartphones, computers, and tablets becoming commonplace at home and at work, you may have started to notice some of the negative side effects of technology.

Eye strain, headaches, and dry eyes are all symptoms of too much exposure to blue light. Though the obvious solution to this problem is to limit screen time, that just isn’t a viable option for those of us who work on a computer day in and day out. If you’re looking for a way to protect yourself from screen glare and blue light without having to compromise your digital lifestyle, what you need is a pair of non-prescription computer reading glasses.

These yellow-tinted computer glasses not only come with everything you need to protect yourself from digital devices, they also feature an ergonomic memory flex frame. You can choose between different levels of lens magnification depending on what you need to combat any vision problems.

You can pick up these computer glasses for just $13 on Amazon.

These deals on computer reading glasses will help you put an end to eye strain [Digital Trends]

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