Performance Tracking While Swimming

Numerous connected sports watchesheadwear and goggles designed to provide performance stats are now available to serious swimmers and professional athletes. But there’s always a danger of forgetting to take such so-called smart devices to the pool. One thing you’ll always remember is your swimsuit, which has prompted and Spire to join forces and create a smart swimsuit that keeps track of watery workouts.

The smart swimsuit is a marriage of’s-based workout and swim training platform and Spire’s Health Tag wearable. A number of swimsuit designs will be made available, which will come with a Spire tag custom-bonded to the inside, at the beltline.

The collaboration reckons that the tag’s embedded battery will be good for the life of the swimsuit, so there’s no need to plug the swimsuit into a wall charger. Once a user has paired the swimsuit so an iOS/Android app running on a smartphone – this only needs to be done once – automatic Bluetooth syncing means that swimmers just need to put on the swimsuit and the tracking kicks into gear.

“Swimmers can keep track of their progress, just by wearing their favorite swimsuit,” said’ssident Davis Wuolle.

Performance tracking starts when you put on your swimsuit [New Atlas]