New Startup Goes Old School By Launching Analog Tool To Improve Digital App Design

Fusability Apps launched an app sketchbook officially titled Build Apps Sketchbook though Kickstarter. Exciting features of the sketchbook
include 120 app screen templates, a full-sheet dot grid on every page, an embossed cover, and a double-coil loop binding to allow for a true lay-flat experience. Designers can use the Build Apps Sketchbook as a starting point for creating mobile apps. The sketchbook lay-out allows users to quickly iterate between app screen templates and refining details of icons, logos, and iterations using the dot grid.

The Build Apps Sketchbook helps users organize thoughts and ideas, prevents loose-leaf sketches, adds a professional touch when presenting concepts to clients, and gives a starting place for the daunting task of creating digital experiences. Ultimately, the sketchbook enables designers to create better apps.