New Instagrammable Bobii Frutii

The Return Of The Taiwanese Bubble Tea craze in Singapore sees old players such as Gong Cha, Singapore brand LiHo and Taiwan’s PlayMade ??, all of them with difference in their areas of specialty.

Let’s just say Gong Cha is known for their Alisan Milk Foam, LiHo for Cheese drinks (which is now everywhere) and PlayMade ?? for their freshly made pearls.

Bobii Frutii will be opening its first store in Singapore at The Clementi Mall.

I first tried Bobii Frutii ?????? in Taipei which attracted a crowd initially due to its distinct coloured and “Instagram-worthy” layers.

Each cup is made using milk, tea and colourful pearls, with no artificial flavourings, man-made essences, creamer or preservatives.

The menu in Singapore features a total of 37 drinks in a single cup size and divided into 5 different categories – Tea/Au Lait aka “served with milk” in French ($2.50 – $3.90), Ice Blended ($5.90 – $6.90), Matcha ($4.90 – $6.50), Fruit Tea ($3.90 – $5.90) and Cheese Tea, exclusive to Singapore ($4.50 – $5.90).

Pearls aka bobii (Taiwanese slang for tapioca pearls) that are preservative-free come in 3 different flavours: Original ($0.60), Butterfly Pea ($0.90) and Brown Sugar ($0.90), are made in Taiwan and air-flown to Singapore to ensure freshness and consistency.

One thing to note, the bobii in each cup is considerably less compared to other competitor brands out there.

Apart from their aesthetically pleasing appearance, each of their signature items have funky names that made me wonder what the flavours are, so I gave up on their names and ended up ordering by colours.

Bobii Frutii Singapore – Colourful Bubble Tea From Taiwan Opening At The Clementi Mall [Daniel Food Diary]

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