Never Worry About Your Packed Lunch Getting Cold Again!

This portable box is a lunchbox that is equipped with a built-in oven that lets you eat your meals hot, just like if they were prepared fresh. Reheating food in the office microwave means standing in line, and it won’t heat it evenly. HeatsBox makes it more enjoyable to bring your meal to work, gradually warming your food in about 15 minutes while you sit at your desk.

HeatsBox uses an 85 watt oven-type heater to warm food, and can be charged up via USB. It also comes with the same self-cleaning system found in many newer oven models. What’s not clear at this point is how it will keep your food from spoiling in the hours leading up to lunchtime.

There’s no word yet on when HeatsBox will ship or how much it will cost, but you can sign up for more information on their website. Assuming it works as promised, this is the kind of thing that will make your day.

HeatsBox Is a Lunch Box That Warms up Your Food [Technabob]

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