Multifunctionality Wooden Apartment

The tenants of Patch22, the highest wooden apartment building in the Netherlands, can design and create their own floor plans thanks to the project’s impressive level of flexibility. Architecture firm FRANTZEN et al architecten designed Patch22 with multifunctionality in mind– the team anticipated different future uses so that the building can accommodate housing units or office spaces, depending on circumstances.

The building, located in Amsterdam, features a 98-feet high wooden load-bearing structure with wooden columns, beams and walls left exposed in the interior. It meets all the fire regulations and allows occupants to easily reach and reinstall their own installations and pipes depending on the chosen layout. Thanks to a high level of flexibility, Patch22 can be easily transformed from a residential project into an office building. The building generates its own energy thanks to solar panels installed on its roof. A carbon-neutral heating system uses pellets as fuel to keep the entire building warm.

The Netherlands’ highest wooden apartment building can change its function like a chameleon [Inhabitat]

  1. 11 months ago