Marshall Amp Fridge

If premium fabrication and innovation is design and technology wasn’t just enough, the Marshall Amp Fridge comes a perfect package for those, who really wish to listen to cool high-end audio. Combining the diverse functionalities an amplifier and a mini-cooler, the Marshall Amp fridge has taken a new turn in being cooler.

Ideal for one’s music room or party hall, chilled beers, ice trays and other beverage bottles can be tucked away inside, where as the front panel becomes the amplifier control center. All functionalities are on display, including the multiple knobs, which are to be tweaked as per preference, meaning working around it isn’t much of a task either. In other words, chuck away the beer inside, control your music on the outside, and have a gala time without using too many other devices in the set up. Minimal wiring and the actual speaker can be attached with no real pain.

Marshall Amp Fridge is meant for the cool audiophiles [BornRich]

  1. 6 years ago