LiftUp Smart Home Gym using Resistance Bands


Boston’s LiftUp launched a Kickstarter for the world’s first smart resistance with a question: “Why can’t Fitbit – and other wearables – track our strength workouts?”

To solve this, the LiftUp team had to think beyond the wrist and integrate the technology into the equipment itself. This led to their LiftUp band, the first smart resistance band. It marries the convenience of a resistance band with the automatic tracking of a wearable to create a new type of workout.

As a resistance band, LiftUp offers an effective way to strength train without the 2-hour gym commitment. It’s also portable and easy-to-store, perfect for business travelers.

As the first smart resistance band, though, LiftUp wirelessly connects to a mobile app for guided workouts, real-time feedback, and automatic tracking of reps, strength, and calories. This adds insight into strength training workouts that wearables like Fitbit can not provide.