Lasting Shelf Design For Life



Roberto Gil, of Casa Kids, decided to design a desk for children and when seeking inspiration, he looked to the works of Jean Prouvé, Mondrian, and Donald Judd. The DUMBO Desk is the perfect workspace for any modern kid, while also working for an adult. This is a desk system that can take your kid from age eight all the way through adulthood.

Spanning 84? in length, and just 1? lower than your typical adult-size desk, the DUMBO Desk has plenty of room for working and drawing, while also leaving enough space for the largest iMac they make. The top portion provides plenty of storage and display areas and the lower part features cabinets and pencil drawers to contain the clutter. Wires can be thread through rear holes and there’s a shelf that helps keep the wires neat and tidy.

An Artist-Inspired Desk That Lasts From Childhood to Adulthood [Design Milk]