Kubebond Series The Ultimate Protection For Your Car

KubeBond can be applied on various surfaces within a car, such as metal, glass, leather, textile, wood, plastic, rubber to improve the performance of their products significantly.


KubeBond Diamond 9H ceramic glass coating is the revolutionary product that creates a superior protective layer to keep auto surfaces strong and shiny, just like a diamond. All it takes is just a one-time application followed up with minimal maintenance


KubeBond GlassShield keeps glass and metal surfaces sparkling and easy to maintain. With no visible finishing after application, it’s like a protective layer that has been there all along. Your customers will thank you when they see the effect of KubeBond GlassShield. Its ceramic molecular net enables a strong protection and creates a surface that stays cleaner for longer.


Impossible to remove spots on the leather seats? Tell your customers you can clean them out! With its coating based on ceramic molecular net, KubeBond LeatherShield protects your leather surface for a prolonged period with a strong protective layer that helps to keep it soft, repels water and lets you maintain it effortlessly. Surprise them with a clean, soft touch leather seats.


Based on in-depth research in the high-tech industry of semiconductor assembly for photoelectron, KubeBond FabricShield provides a strong, reliable coating for all absorbent surfaces. The coating dramatically reduces the surface energy of textile or suede, so that when liquids come into contact with it, they form beads and simply roll off. KubeBond FabricShield keeps surfaces like fabric and suede free of water, dust and other liquids without affecting the look or feel.

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