Kids Camper Van Bed

Kids Camper Van Bed

Kids Camper Van Bed 1

I never thought a few of my favorite things (sleeping + VWs) could come in one complete package, but they have in the form of a VW Bus-inspired bed. Sure, it’s for kids, but I don’t care! Circu has made all of my dreams come true with their limited edition Bun Van bed, which is bound to make sleeping super fun!

The van’s exterior is made of fiberglass with chrome-plated finishes and the inside is made of palisander wood veneer. The interior comes with pretty much everything you would need – a bed, a TV, a secretary, a mini bar, and a sofa. WHY LEAVE?! I bet no kid will refuse to go to bed anymore if they get to sleep in one of these!

A Limited Edition, VW Bus-Inspired Kids Bed [Design Milk]

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