Interact With Similar Users With Phone Battery Dying

Your smartphone’s battery running out is very frustrating. We can never have enough power. We’re always topping off and charging up. It’s an endless cycle. Our smartphones are always on the cusp of dying. Well, if you want to chat with other people about your smartphone’s battery life, the Die With Me smartphone app will cost you a $1 and it only works when your battery life is less than 5%.

Once you have met that requirement, you can open the app and enter a chatroom with other strangers whose phones are also about to die. So you can all chat away and have a pre-death wake as your smartphone dies.

The app is available for Apple and Android devices. It’s worth a chuckle, but some people have expressed concern that this comical idea will morph into an app for people wanting to make suicide pacts. Of course, they don’t have long to talk before their phones die, so if that happens they better make plans fast.

Belgium artist Dries Depoorter and Montreal interactive developer David Surprenantworked together to create this app. I wonder if they did so when their phones were under 5%.

Die With Me Lets You Chat Only with Strangers Who Also Have Less Than 5% Battery [Technabob]

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