How Your Can Use Technology to Improve Your Brick and Mortar Store


There is nothing wrong with using technology to take on some of the mundane tasks that would normally require your direct manpower. The more that you use automation techniques for these boring tasks, the more that your intellectual capital is free to strategize for the long term! Here are just a few ways that you can use automation to improve your brick-and-mortar store.

– Retail Robots for Inventory

Many brick and mortar stores have fallen out of favor with the average customer because of a popular item being out of stock. These inventory tasks are so boring that you almost expect a human to overlook something. However, using a robot for the task frees your manpower and improves your morale. It also protects your inventory from possible theft and lowers your cost – no more need for employee overtime during the holiday season!

– Automating Customer Service

There are many customers who ask the same question and take up your time. Common questions can be easily answered through an automated service. Today’s automation is much more personal, however. You can actually program a smart machine to answer repeated questions in ways that are relevant to the customer that is speaking. You can even program it to use certain inflections for a more human touch. Combined with a proper CRM software solution that can point out trouble customers, this workflow improves productivity exponentially when properly managed.

– Automating the Online Sales Process

People who buy online are looking for a quick solution. There is no need for small talk, and you should take full advantage of that so that you do not have to stay on the phone with online customers. Your focus should be on the customers that are in your store. Automating the sales process online is a great way to free your time for the people who are standing right in front of you. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest involves the combination of a reputable merchant services account and customized cart.

– Localize Your Online Marketing

More people come into local stores from online than ever before. However, they do not have to know that they responded to an automatic Facebook post. You can completely automate your online social media presence to synchronize your posts and syndicate content across as many platforms as you want with no hassle. Use this to your advantage so that you can keep your eye on the people who are already in your store. Facebook can also be adapted to work as a booking tool and even help drive sales by directing traffic to your website.