How to Sell Yourself and Your Business


Once you have set up a cool business idea, you need to building up your brand, and promoting it to as many people as possible. There are many ways you can do this and not all of the methods are as obvious or as complicated as you may think. Below are some of the most effective ways you can sell yourself and your business.

Create a Popular Brand

Many business experts and business consultants like Sam Ovens believe you should ‘build your brand fast’. Once you have a brand people recognise, potential shoppers and customers trust your business more. Over time, your customers will trust your business so much so that many of these people will become loyal customers and even refer your products and services to other people. This is why Sam Ovens and other business consultants advise clients to use branding as a business tool as quickly as possible.


Some businesses treat their customers poorly and provide a terrible customer service and after sales service. This is unforgivable and something you should avoid at all costs.

Firstly, make sure your products and services are of a high standard and are exactly what your customers want. You and your employees should ensure that each customer is dealt with in an efficient and professional way. If any issues occur or you need to follow up with your customers; make sure this is done in the right way too.

Provide Proper Training

Proper communication skills and business skills are vital in today’s business world, especially if you are trying to impress new customers or other people who come into contact with your business. However, communication skills and business skills don’t come naturally to some people and you and your employees may need to receive training to develop these skills. Once this type of training has been completed, you should start to see some obvious improvements in your company.

Introduce Efficient Business Processes

It’s much easier to work effectively when you know exactly what you are doing. However, this is not always the case. A business can become disorganised and drop its standards. To counteract this problem, you should introduce efficient business processes that act as a roadmap for people who carry out certain tasks in your business. This efficiency will be noticed by people outside your business as well as those inside it and could result in a lot more sales and interest in the services and products you offer.

Network with the Right People

Sometimes the people you associate yourself with can say a lot about you and your organisation. If you network or build up business relationships with reputable people, there is a greater likelihood that many people trust them and will trust you too. In many instances, the people you network with can also introduce you to opportunities that would not have existed otherwise.

Become a Leader in Your Niche, Industry and Community

The more positive publicity and exposure your business gets, the easier it is to sell yourself and your business. Look at ways to establish yourself as a leader in your chosen industry or niche. You could do this by giving presentations, providing online advice, and creating educational videos. If you have a local business, getting involved in the local community could be an effective way to break down many barriers and enhance your image in your local area.

Using the ‘hard sell’ approach is not the only way to sell yourself and your business to other individuals. Each of the methods mentioned above are just as effective and have the potential to make your business a more trusted and popular organisation.