HONGi Takes Modular Design To Bed With Its Customizable Mattresses

Imagine waking up each morning and not having to drag yourself out of a standard, boxy bed, but instead feeling rested and energized to start your day.

With HONGi mattress, the sleep of your dreams is as easy as filling out a quick questionnaire. Just tell HONGi:

  • Solo or a Set: For couples especially, mattress shopping can be hard. With its ability to set two different preferences on one mattress, couples no longer have to compromise. Each dreamer can own their side of the bed.

  • Late Night Add-ons: If you have children or pets (or both) who come in middle of the night to sleep in your bed, HONGi can be customized to accommodate them as well with the addition of foam layers to account for extra weight.

HONGi allows dreamers the opportunity to sync automatic heart rate sleep trackers directly into their beds, giving deep sleep-insight to their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The finished mattress arrives in a box with a collapsible bed frame that fits perfectly through any door. The mattress is made of non-bonded, non-slippery, adjustable layers all of which can be replaced and adjusted at any time.