GrowAm’s Innovative Product Winners

After four weeks of submissions and voting, Grow America is pleased to announce the winners of the Innovative Product Competition presented by Fishbowl Inventory and Intuit. Companies throughout the nation entered their innovative products in hopes of winning a portion of the $35,000 in cash awards ($20,000 for first place, $10,000 for second and $5,000 for third). ZBoard, Owlet Baby Monitor and Slickynotes are the top three winners.

Grow America’s first place winner, ZBoard, entered a weight-sensing electric skateboard. Used for short commutes, it’s top speed is 17 mph and has a range of 10 miles per charge. Zboards aligns with Grow America’s mission of creating jobs and stimulating the economy by manufacturing their product in an old ammunition factory in the middle of an economically depressed area of California.

The second-place winner, the Owlet Baby Monitor, detects whether your baby is breathing at night through a sensor attached to your baby’s foot. The sensor wirelessly transmits information to your smartphone allowing you to see the baby’s vital signs.

And lastly, the third place winner, Ecostatic’s product Slickynotes, provides a type of whiteboard and notecards that uses an electrostatic charge to stick to any smooth surface. Companies are able to have a whiteboard anywhere in the office and then can stick, re-stick and slide the notes anywhere indoors.

  1. 5 years ago