Giifa Job Creation

Giifa is a platform that connects non-profits willing to create jobs, to donors willing to donate and help create this job. Giifa works with the unemployed, and the non-profit profit organization, and create a short description of the two. You can then go, and choose to give to a person or give to an organization. This way, you finally get to choose where exactly you want your money to go, when you are donating, and you get to create jobs at the same time.

The best part, you don’t need to be a millionaire to support jobs (or be the 1%); all you need is the willingness and $8, and voila, you have just donated somebody an hour of job. It’s about starting a revolution to get America working again.

All the money from it will go to the non-profit to pay the particular person at the non-profit of your choice.

Its common knowledge that non-profits always have a lack of money, and many of them don’t really manage them well. We remove the inefficiencies created by non-profits, and add a whole level of transparency into donations that has never been seen before. Add to that a layer of social sharing, and we have recognition build right into the software.

Thanks Pratyush Agarwal for tipping us!