Fueled by Food Waste

A British supermarket chain has been combatting food waste in more ways than one. Waitrose, the sixth largest grocery retailer in the United Kingdom with 350 stores, began selling “ugly” produce—often discarded for their imperfectness—at a discounted price last year.

Before that, five years ago, the company also halted the practice of sending food waste to landfills. Waitrose also aims to donate as much food as possible to local charities and good causes that have passed the “best before” dates (for legal reasons, it cannot donate food that has passed the “use by” date).

And since 2012, Waitrose has used any unsold food that is not donated to create electricity through anaerobic digestion. Its latest endeavor goes a step further: ten of its new delivery trucks will use food waste as fuel.

New food waste-fueled delivery trucks will roll out for U.K. supermarket [Curbed]

  1. 10 months ago