Four Business Ideas to Make More Money with Your e-commerce Site

Having a great brand presence is a great goal, but averaging more orders than the previous year is what the scoreboard will display. The best way forward is to achieve both. eMarketer stated that e-commerce is the single trillion-dollar industry that is experiencing a double-digit percentage growth each year, so you have a lot of room to grow your e-commerce income by attracting new customers and making the existing ones buy more.

Even if your online store has a plethora of competitors, there are a few measures you can take to make more money with your website while delivering a better customer experience than others. Below are the proven recommendations:

  1. Recommend More Products

E-commerce product recommendations can increase your overall revenue by delighting your store visitors with item suggestions that predict exactly what they’re looking for. Also, delivering relevant upsell and cross-sell opportunities will allow you to maximize the value of each buyer for bigger shopping carts at every turn. Advanced solutions provide tailored recommendations that learn from the customer’s buying behavior in real-time. The result is a suggestion that’s a perfect fit as a complementary or supplementary item.

  1. Get the Language Right

Translating your e-commerce shopping site in its whole, including all the content, video descriptions, etc. is obvious, but doing it in the right manner is less so. If you’re selling overseas where English isn’t the main language, translation should be done with the help of the native speaker, and not simply done via an automated translation service. The phrasing and wording of the content is as important as the written words themselves. If you go for direct translation, there could be a tone or phrase that is misinterpreted by a customer. Native translation will deliver your unique selling proposition in a way that encourages overseas customers to buy.

  1. Remind Customers of Abandoned Carts

What is the best way to reduce abandoned shopping carts incidents? Recovery emails. A recovery email campaign can be set up with a message that convinces potential customers to return to their carts and complete the transaction. So don’t wait to craft a good email message that tempts customers to return to their respective carts. Online shopping solutions like Shopify enable their users to do this from within the dashboard. Then there are apps like Abandon Aid that make the process automatic without needing any manual triggers. Use the solution appropriate to your needs to recapture some of your lost sales.

  1. Display Customer Reviews

User reviews have a significant impact on whether your site visitors browse and leave or seriously consider the purchase. They can turn the tide in your favor, and bad reviews don’t necessarily put people on the fence. Therefore, integrate an e-commerce app that enables customers to leave reviews, even video testimonials as they are the most effective form of communication. As for negative reviews, if you stay on top of them, and apologize / provide an appropriate solution, it shows others that you have great customer service; you’re doing everything in your power to resolve the customer’s problem / concern as soon as possible.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your income, or your revenue has plateaued and you’re looking for tips to reignite sales, trying out these measures wouldn’t hurt.