Food2Dorm was started by a former college student at the University of Kentucky who saw firsthand how little time students have and how hard it can be for students to shop off campus. There wasn’t a quick, easy and affordable way for both college students and parents to shop for food, school supplies, care packages, dorm accessories and more. The solution to the problem was clear and Food2Dorm began in the fall of 2009.

The user-friendly website allows students to quickly go online pick out everything they need and checkout without ever having to leave their room. This can be very appealing to students who don’t have a car on campus or do not live within walking distance to a supermarket. Food2Dorm started off servicing just a few schools in the Midwest, but the world spread quickly and now they are servicing over 1600 schools nationwide.

The site boasts several great features that appeal to both the parent and the student. One being, after students have created their personal account, parents have the ability to create an account where they can deposit money into their student’s account which can only be used on the Food2Dorm website. Parents also have the ability to see what their student is purchasing and even create and save shopping lists for future orders.

  1. 2 years ago